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Bitcoin Prices Fly Up, Don’t miss Out on Affordable NuggetRush

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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  1. Bitcoin trading volume rises to 12% this month as more and more people are investing in this cryptocurrency.
  2. For those who want to invest In place of Bitcoin, NuggetRush will be available at just $0.020 per token.
  3. NuggetRush is getting popular day by day because of Play-to-Earn gaming.

Bitcoin was trending at $73,000 a few weeks ago at an all-time-high value. But things didn’t last long and it fell again to the $67,000 levels recently. This shows that investing only in high value coins can’t give you guaranteed profits. Therefore, it’s essential to look for money making schemes that give you an extra edge over others.

Have you ever thought that playing online games to earn real rewards  is possible after investing in a crypto coin? Well, it is pretty much possible with the latest P2E gaming model adopted by a few coins in the market. 

One such notable name in the industry is NuggetRush (NUGX) that has surprised everyone with its strong debut. It is one of the best crypto investments you can rely on to earn money by showing your gaming talent. It is only priced at $0.020 per token which makes it affordable for every user.

Now, let’s find out more details about the cryptocurrencies and what makes them strong altcoins this year.

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The Rise of Bitcoin and What if it Falls Back?

We all know that Bitcoin is the most famous cryptocurrency and it was launched way back in 2009. With a crypto market cap of $1.3 trillion, it is looking unstoppable to steadily rise year by year. People consider it a safe crypto investment because of its reach and acceptance everywhere. You can buy anything from a needle to a car using Bitcoin. 

It has made the crypto blockchain network popular among the younger generation and has risen significantly this year. It has had a 57% increase in its price this year alone. This rise is due to the Bitcoin ETF approvals in the United States by the SEC. But don’t forget that high value investments come with risks and this is also true for Bitcoin.

The price of Bitcoin has recently dropped to $67,000 levels from its peak value. Many crypto experts believe that it could even go back to $60,000 levels in the coming months. This is the reason many people are not investing all their money in it and looking for some other coins too. 

Is NuggetRush the Alternative Investment Option?

NuggetRush is basically a Play-to-Earn crypto coin that has become famous for providing real rewards to gamers on the platform. It is one of the top altcoins to watch out for with features like NFT staking, zero taxes, and timely audits. 

The online game is all about virtual gold mining and your task is to find the hidden minerals in the land. You are allowed to play alone or join teams with other players as well. As you move forward in the game, you can exchange the items for real rewards like gold. 

It is priced at only $0.020 per token and has already raised $3.75 million in the presale investment rounds. So, it’s a win-win opportunity for those who are really good at online gaming. It has a low risk investment because of the NFT staking feature that offers 20% returns every year. This way, you can easily get the dividend income just by staking your digital collectibles at their NFT gaming marketplace. 

It is a suitable crypto for beginners because it has no taxes for purchasing or selling the tokens online. This way you can invest your entire money without giving away taxes to the blockchain exchange.

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As we have seen that Bitcoin is the best cryptocurrency so far, investors are confident in getting good returns. But there is always a scope for newcomers in the crypto market that offers real value to the users. This has been true for NuggetRush which has given so many features that it is difficult to ignore its importance in the meme coin sector. With a modest price of $0.020, it is on the right track to become the next Dogecoin in the crypto market.

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