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Bitcoin (BTC) Price Prediction: Will BTC Cross the $30,000 Milestone?

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Bitcoin Price
Bitcoin Price

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As September ended and Q4 2023 officially began, Bitcoin started this week and this month with a bang. The coin surged from $27.2k — a resistance that held it from progressing for half a week — to $28.4k in less than 24 hours. This rapid surge took place on Monday, October 2, but by the end of the day, the coin nearly dropped back to where it started.

This is unsurprising, as an equally sharp correction almost always follows a sharp price increase. In this case, Bitcoin dropped back toward $27.2k, but this level started acting as a support rather than a resistance. On the plus side, BTC did not reach $27,200, ending its drop at around $27,260.

It fluctuated between this level and resistance at $27.65k over the past three days.

Bitcoin Chart 1 Oct 5

In the last 24 hours, BTC price dropped to $27.4k, only to bounce back up and reach the height of $27.87k. The resistance at $27.9k rejected it, sending it back to $27.6k.

At the time of writing, it tries to go back up, but it still lacks the momentum to breach the mentioned resistance. The coin now sits at $27,664 — about 5% higher than one week ago but only 0.5% higher on a daily chart.

Bitcoin Chart 2 Oct 5

Bitcoin price predictions: Experts in disagreement

Currently, the market is filled with speculation regarding what the coin will do next, and opinions vary from expert to expert.

For example, BitMEX’s former CEO, Arthur Hayes, made a bullish prediction, claiming that the coin could reach anywhere between $750k and $1 million by 2026. This is a highly optimistic prediction that has outpaced almost all other forecasts out there right now.

Hayes believes Bitcoin could go this high because he anticipates a financial crisis that could see rates crash to zero. Alternatively, he noted that the opposite might happen, where the rates would go even higher, just not as swiftly as governments’ spending rates.

If people start switching to BTC, he expects the coin to return to its ATH and even exceed it by hitting $70k by the end of 2024.

Meanwhile, a recent K33 report says that it is time to pull the brakes on Ethereum and go back to BTC, with one of its senior analysts, Vetle Lunde, stating that the crypto industry’s gravitational pull is still with Bitcoin.

The report concluded that the initial trading volume of Ether futures ETFs only accounted for 0.2% of what the ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF amassed on its first day, back in October 2021.

It is worth noting that some have pessimistic predictions. A recent publication by FXStreet says that the BTC price could revisit $10,000 amid a growing correlation with the US Dollar Index.

The report cites the increasing correlation of the US Dollar Index with Bitcoin, which reached a 10-month high at 0.73.

The last time this happened, Bitcoin started a rally. However, the report notes that it is unlikely that history will repeat itself. Regarding Q4 of this year, the $30k mark will be a critical goal.

However, the report says that if BTC fails to reach and breach this mark, its chances of going higher will be drastically reduced. Instead, a potential price drop could lead the coin down to $10,000.

With several other predictions saying that Bitcoin might see a significant price drop shortly, Glassnode’s co-founder emerged, claiming that a substantial price crash is improbable.

Glassnode’s Yann Allemann believes that the price drop after this week’s surge is partially attributed to the less-than-stellar performance of Ethereum futures ETFs.

At the same time, another part of the equation includes growing apprehensions regarding an imminent economic downturn.

But, despite these factors, Allemann is optimistic due to a specific indicator — Bitcoin Risk Signal, which suggests optimism, dropping sharply below the high-risk threshold.

Bitcoin Minetrix presale hits $500k raised

Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX), the newest hit altcoin to launch a presale, hit a significant milestone earlier today by raising over $500,000 in less than a week.

The project has already managed to raise $526k as of the time of writing, and interest continues to build up as users are buying the BTCMTX  token in exchange for ETH, BNB, and USDT, while some are even buying directly with their credit cards.

Bitcoin Minetrix is a project that aims to address Bitcoin mining and make it safe and decentralized. In doing so, it hopes to help Bitcoin fans gain new faith in cloud mining — a method of mining BTC that became popular due to its availability but also infamous for all the scams.

By taking the decentralized route, Bitcoin Minetrix aims to liberate would-be miners from such fears moving forward.

The way it works is simple — users purchase the BTCMTX token, stake it, and receive credits, which they then use for mining Bitcoin and receiving rewards.

That way, those interested in mining BC don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment and resources; the tips will still come to them.


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