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Best & New Meme Coins On CoinMarketCap, Uniswap, PancakeSwap To Watch December 26 – IDO & ICO Calendar

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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InsideBitcoins regularly provides a rundown of the best meme coins to buy now. They take into account their recent price performance.

Meme coins inject a playful and community-driven spirit into the crypto market. They impact trading volumes and market sentiment and challenge traditional financial paradigms. We’ve seen the likes of Pepe and Shiba Inu surge beyond imagination, yielding substantial returns for investors in the past.

This success proves that meme coins are making their presence known in the crypto market. Others like Bonk and FLOKI experienced bullish trends in the past few weeks.

Best Meme Coins Now and New Meme Tokens ICO Calendar

With this progress in the meme coin sector, investors focus on meme coins. Some, like Bonk mentioned earlier, are set for another bull run in the coming weeks. This article outlines some of the best meme coins to invest in now.

1. Cybertruck (TRUCK)

Cybertruck is a distinctive cryptocurrency project. It combines automotive inspiration from Elon Musk’s Cybertruck with the dynamics of the crypto realm. It positions itself as a community-driven meme coin on the Ethereum blockchain.

It is notable for its 0% tax and frictionless yield protocol. It offers investors a playful yet secure environment. The emphasis on security is through a locked liquidity pool and a renounced contract. This adds an extra layer of protection against potential risks.

Cybertruck price chart

Beyond its lighthearted approach, CyberTruck aims to promote widespread cryptocurrency adoption by fostering accessibility. The recent surge in trading volume on Uniswap V2 underscores growing market interest.

However, potential investors should exercise caution. They should recognize the inherent risks associated with meme tokens. They should thoroughly evaluate the sustainability of CyberTruck’s security measures and community engagement.

The current price decline prompts careful consideration. It urges a discerning approach. This approach aligns investment decisions with individual risk tolerance and objectives.

The price of Cybertruck (TRUCK) is $0.00029017 today with a 24-hour trading volume of $44,443.85. This represents a 32.00% price increase in the last 24 hours and a -4.80% decline in the past seven days. Today, the market cap of Cybertruck is unavailable because the circulating supply of TRUCK tokens is not reported.


FLOKI CEO (FLOKICEO) is a community-driven meme token in the BSC ecosystem. It draws inspiration from Elon Musk’s story about a digital character called Floki. FLOKI CEO operates on a decentralized model. It sets itself apart with a unique feature. It distributes 7% of each transaction among its holders.

This fosters a community characterized by mutual support. The token’s transparent operations contribute to its reliability. AnalytixAudit performed a smart contract audit. The FLOKI CEO envisions a versatile ecosystem.

Potential use cases include Web3, gaming, NFTs, and decentralized exchanges. Its commitment to accessibility and usability aligns with the broader mission. The mission is to enhance social engagement within the cryptocurrency space.

floki ceo price chart

The token’s history originates from Elon Musk’s humor-infused post. It has a distinctive narrative that has propelled its rapid growth. While trading on platforms like Poloniex, FLOKI CEO has demonstrated resilience.

Its 5.90% price increase in the last seven days showcases its potential within the BNB Chain Ecosystem. However, as with any investment, careful consideration of risks is crucial. It is also essential to align with individual investment strategies.

The price of FLOKI CEO (FLOKICEO) is $0.000000000011007 today with a 24-hour trading volume of $90,547.14. This represents a decline of -0.10% in the last 24 hours and a 5.90% price increase in the past seven days. Today, the market cap of the FLOKI CEO is not available. This is because the circulating supply of FLOKICEO tokens is not reported.

3. Bear Inu (BEAR)

Bear Inu is a play-to-earn meme coin on the Ethereum blockchain. It takes a distinctive approach by centering its focus on bear market dynamics. The project is verified and audited by CertiK. It aims to create a supportive community for individuals who have faced losses during bearish trends. It provides them with a platform to share their stories.

bear Inu price chart

The unique aspect lies in its play-to-earn model. It offers users the opportunity to recover losses. They can do this by actively participating and earning BEAR tokens. The recent price decline of -11.90% in the last seven days prompts caution. However, addressing bear market challenges adds an intriguing layer to Bear Inu’s mission. Fostering a supportive community also contributes to the mission.

The project is committed to transparency, verified by CertiK. Its play-to-earn model could appeal to those seeking a unique angle in the crypto space. As with any investment, potential investors should carefully assess individual risk tolerance. They should also conduct thorough research before considering involvement.

The price of Bear Inu (BEAR) is $0.000000001970 today with a 24-hour trading volume of $204,637.93. This represents a 70.80% price increase in the last 24 hours and a -11.90% price decline in the past seven days. Today, data for Bear Inu’s market cap is unavailable. This is because the circulating supply of BEAR tokens is not reported.

4. Sponge V2 ($SPONGE V2)

Sponge V2 is the upgraded version of the $SPONGE meme coin. It marked a significant milestone by catapulting from a $1 million market cap to an impressive $100 million in 2023. Sponge V2 has a strong market presence with over 11,500 holders and a $16 million cap. The company is poised to build on its success and offer current and potential investors new opportunities.

The innovative Stake-to-Bridge model takes center stage. It enables $SPONGE holders to seamlessly transition to V2 by staking their V1 tokens. Emphasizing loyalty, it has a four-year lock-in period and a compelling minimum APY of 40%.

Sponge V2 introduces a captivating Play-to-Earn (P2E) game. It enhances utility and interactivity. The total supply is 150 billion tokens. They are strategically allocated to support the ecosystem and engage the community. Sponge V2 plans to list on major exchanges. It aims to replicate or surpass the success of its predecessor. Leveraging its massive 30,000-strong community, it presents promising prospects for exponential growth.

$SPONGE can be traded on both centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges. OrangeX is the most popular exchange for Sponge transactions. It has a highly active $SPONGE/USDT trading pair with a substantial trading volume of $179,607 in the last 24 hours. Explore alternative options like & Uniswap V3 (Ethereum) and Bitget for your $SPONGE trading needs.


The price of Sponge ($SPONGE) stands at $0.00039410 today. The 24-hour trading volume is $1,067,005.92. This reflects a price decline of -2.37% in the last 24 hours and a decline of -2.90% in the past seven days. Please note that information regarding Sponge’s market cap is unavailable today due to the unreported circulating supply of $SPONGE tokens.

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