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Battle Infinity Presale is rapidly closing its Presale target – about to reach 50%

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Bullish Streak for Battle Infinity
Bullish Streak for Battle Infinity

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The Battle Infinity presale has been a hit. The blockchain gaming platform is rapidly closing in on its presales target. 

The Gaming Crypto that’s here to change the ecosystem

Gaming has always been one of the greatest use cases of blockchain. Platforms like Decentraland and Sandbox understood it outright, leading them to become the most valuable cryptocurrencies in the ecosystem. However, the high entry point has always been a deterrent – leaving these games to be enjoyed by only a few who can afford them. 

And the second issue that plagued the crypto gaming space is the lack of playable games. Games like Axie Infinity have a large winning pool, but the gameplay is uninteresting, which leads to many non-crypto games staying away from space.

Battle Infinity, a multiverse of the metaverse, is a blockchain gaming platform featuring multiple games and an underlying DeFi mechanic. It introduces two attributes to resolve the issues. 

  1.  Providing many tokens during the presale
  2.  It is paving the way for games with graphic fidelity and great gameplay to turn the play-to-earn ecosystem that’s fun to play in. 

The Battle Infinity Presale Launched with a Huge Success

Battle infinity launched the 90-day presale of its native IBAT tokens on 11th July 2022. Bullish branding and an interesting gaming crypto use-case quickly grabbed people’s attention, and within one week of the launch, the token crossed its 2000 BNB soft cap. 

Battle Infinity is currently into the third week of the presale, and Battle Infinity has already raised 7180 BNB, equaling $2.04 million. With this, Battle Infinity has closed nearly 44% of its presale target. 

What is Battle Infinity, and Why is the Crypto Crowd drawn to it?

Battle Infinity is a crypto gaming platform focusing on creating a multiverse of metaverse – a persistent virtual world within the ecosystem featuring different games for players, each with its own virtual space. Battle Games contains a collection of other games and game worlds. The ecosystem consists of 3 gaming components:

  • Battle market, the in-game marketplace featuring different in-game assets to trade,
  • Battle Arena, where the players can equip their gear,
  • IBAT premier league, a fantasy sports league where players can get involved with real-world matches. 

What sets this crypto gaming platform apart is the addition of underlying DeFi mechanics that includes a DEX exchange and a staking platform, known as Battle Swap and Battle Staking, respectively. 

On Battle Swap, players can buy IBAT or exchange their winnings for other crypto assets. Battle staking allows players to lock their IBAT tokens and earn rewards. 

The crypto crowd is bullish about this crypto asset because of the following reason:

  1. Better play 2 earn platform
  2. Potential for better games
  3. Underlying DeFi mechanic

The above three factors can increase crypto adoption in the future – something that has always been a major pain point for most crypto games. 

Battle Infinity is an Advantage for early Movers

The current presale has a huge early mover advantage. The speed of the presale tells us that the crowd is bullish about IBAT. That enthusiasm will likely pump the IBAT price once it gets listed on major cryptocurrency exchanges. 

Furthermore, the token is affordable, making Battle Infinity an inclusive gaming ecosystem. 

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