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Base Dawgz Surges Past $1m In Presale, On Track To Surpass BRETT As Next Big Meme Coin On Base 

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Base Dawgz
Base Dawgz

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Just a week after launching its presale, Base Dawgz ($DAWGZ) has raised more than $1 million from eager investors.

Base Dawgz is the new meme coin to watch on the Base chain, ready to give Brett (BRETT) a run for its money.

Imagine if you had invested $500 in BRETT on 27 February, when it listed on decentralized exchanges for $0.0001308. Today, you would be sitting on $634,938. Base Dawgz could easily perform just as well, if not better.

More than a meme coin, Base Dawgz leverages advanced blockchain technology to make its token interoperable across Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, and Avalanche chains.

It also features share-to-earn functionality, enabling users to accumulate points by sharing Base Dawgz content on social media. After the presale concludes, these points can be exchanged for its native token, $DAWGZ. 

One $DAWGZ token is currently priced at $0.00502. Early investors can secure the price at this current rate before it jumps by 5% to $0.00528 in the next stage in five days’ time.

Meme Coin Mania: Is Another Brett-Like Eruption On The Horizon?

In 2024, it’s no secret that meme coins have taken center stage in crypto conversations, and their surge in price is evidence of that.

As popular meme coins reclaim a strong foothold and new listings flood CoinMarketCap, all indicators point to this crypto market sub-sector as the prime catalyst for the coming summer bull run, with already $56 billion in market capitalization.

Meme coins have evolved beyond mere jokes. They now offer enhanced utility and functionality, with Base Dawgz being an excellent example of that. This evolution could be the driving force behind their resurgence this year.

Take, for example, $BRETT, the leading meme coin on Base. It’s not just Pepe’s (PEPE) friend living on another chain—Brett has the capacity to integrate DeFi features like staking, yield farming, and DEX trading in the near future.

Brett has witnessed a price surge of 76% to $0.1572 since the beginning of June. 

And with the hype around it, $BRETT was able to reach the $1 billion market cap in a record time of three months—much faster than the years it took for the OG meme coin Doge (DOGE).

And then there’s Base Dawgz’s feature set, which includes Wormhole and Portal Bridge technology to make $DAWGZ tradable cross-chain.

Of course, enhanced utility is an added bonus. Ultimately, however, the success of meme coins hinges on support from their community.

So, while Brett may lack a roadmap, its loyal community has its back.

In fact,  the strong support it received from its community propelled it into the Base chain limelight, crowning it as the chain’s semi-official mascot.

As for Base Dawgz, the community support has been nothing short of overwhelming, as evidenced by the capital it has raised in the ongoing presale.

Furthermore, both coins share a common advantage: they are built on the rapidly growing Base chain, which has seen significant growth since last year.

The Ethereum Layer 2 (L2) offers cost savings and faster transactions, all while maintaining the underlying security of the Ethereum blockchain.

The buzz around Base continues to grow and is significantly benefiting both Base Dawgz and Brett.

Base Is Catching Up To Solana And That’s Great News For Base Dawgz 

In under a year since its launch, Base is already nipping at Solana’s heels. Solana’s market cap sits at $73 billion currently, while Base’s valuation isn’t far behind at $54 billion.

Another factor catalyzing the growth of Base is the fact that it is developed by top US exchange Coinbase. 

Coinbase has approximately 98 million users as of 2022, providing Base with a huge ready-made audience.

While Solana remains home to top meme coins like Dogwifhat (WIF), Bonk (BONK), Book of Meme (BOME), and Cat in a Dogs World (MEW),  the emergence of Base, notably propelled by Brett and the recent presale surge of Base Dawgz, suggests a potential shift in dominance.

Just take a look at the Total Value Locked (TVL) in the Base chain—it has been trending upwards since its inception last year.

Solana has about $4.45 billion in TVL, while Base already has $1.79 billion.

And when compared to other chains, it is the only one gaining solid traction lately. Other chains have been moving sideways in TVL, while some are even trending lower. 

Source: DeFiLlama

Bullish Month For Meme Coins Places $DAWGZ In The Frame

Many top meme coins by market cap have experienced significant value declines in the past week. 

However, there’s a good chance that the market is simply taking a breather and gearing up for major purchases as momentum builds for summer.

Still, there are positive signs that June could be a strong month for meme coins. For instance, Cats in a Dogs World is up by 25.40% and SLERF has seen a 53.6% increase.

Celebrity meme coins are also gaining considerable traction, suggesting that we could soon see a market high. MAGA (TRUMP), Zack Morris (ZACK), and Mother Iggy (MOTHER) are among the best-performing meme coins this month.

Considering all of the above, the present market setup shows a significant opportunity for Base Dawgz to really shine this month.

Indeed, YouTuber No Bs Crypto, with 86,700 subscribers, believes that Base Dawgz is one of the top meme coins for this month.

$DAWGZ ICO: A Fifth Of Tokens Up For Grabs For 10x Or Even 100x Returns

Base Dawgz is all over the crypto and tech media right now. ReadWrite, for example, pencils $DAWGZ for a 10x return on investment  (ROI) at launch, while Tech Report thinks 100x is in the mix. Meanwhile, 99Bitcoins selects Base Dawgz as one of a dozen coins that could 10x in 2024.

Base Dawgz allocates 20% of its 8.45 billion tokens for its presale, approximately 1.69 billion tokens.

Additionally, the project will soon offer staking opportunities, with staking rewards accounting for 20% of its total supply.

Investors can find assurance in the fully audited Base Dawgz contract by Solid Proof, providing peace of mind regarding its security.

Solid Proof’s audit of the smart contract has revealed no major issues, so token buyers need not worry about nefarious backdoors in the code. 

To participate in the presale, visit the project’s website and connect your wallet. Then, select the network from either Coinbase, Ethereum, Solana, Avalanche, or BSC.

Users can purchase with Base (ETH, USDC), ETH (ETH/USDT), SOL, BSC (BNB/USDT) and AVAX.

Base Dawgz is poised to become a leading coin on Base. Don’t miss out – stay engaged with its community on X and Telegram

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