Bakkt Opens its Bitcoin and Crypto App for Early Testers

Bakkt Galaxy Digital
Bakkt Galaxy Digital

After announcing the launch of the Bakkt Bitcoin and crypto app earlier this year, the Bakkt mobile app is now ready for testing. The company sent an email on November 11 expressing its readiness to launch the mobile app.

According to the information in the email, the firm asked users to provide valuable feedback on the app’s functionality when they start using it.

Free $10 for early access users

The Bakkt team told its users they will be getting access to the Bakkt App, making them an early adopter of the much anticipated Bakkt App.

The Bakkt app is a digital wallet that enables users to send, spend, and track their digital assets. The developers have promised users $10 when they sign up on the early access list.

One user is only allowed to create one account, and the $10 bonus will be available for the first 50,000 customers. However, the app is not yet available to customers in Hawaii or New York.

New features to come later

The Bakkt app development team also said it will be launching more new features on the app in the next few weeks. However, the early access users can still enjoy the already available features such as Bitcoin (BTC) trading, aggregation of participating and rewards accounts, as well as withdrawals and deposits (plus $20 reward when they link a bank account).

The additional features to be added include Bakkt Cash experience with Starbucks mobile app, purchase, and aggregation of supported gift cards, as well as instant USD cash deposits).

During the announcement, the Bakkt and crypto app was supposed to be launched in the summer. But the present global coronavirus pandemic delayed its launch, just as it delayed several other scheduled launches in the industry.

Users won’t mind that the app’s launch was slightly delayed, especially for the early users who signed up to start enjoying the app.

Major moves made this week in the crypto industry

This Bakkt mobile app is coming barely 24 hours after PayPal made a major move in the digital currency industry by granting users access to purchase Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies on their accounts.

Both companies will now provide traders and investors with the opportunity of investing in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It’s one of the major news for the cryptocurrency community who have been hoping for more crypto adoption from the mainstream. And there are few companies with a wider reach to influence more cryptocurrency adoption than PayPal. Bakkt’s move has also been hailed in the industry as a step in the right direction for the crypto community.

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