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Bad Idea AI Price Prediction: BAD’s 10% Drop on the Horizon?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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BAD Idea AI (BAD) is following a noticeable bearish trajectory after a price surge that initially garnered substantial investor interest.

The token has recently encountered a resistance barrier at $0.00000012322, and it continues to experience a downward bearish movement beneath its initial market entry point, which also serves as a support level. 

The BAD token trades at $0.000000109387 as of 8:10 am EST, marking a significant 31.7% decrease within 24 hours. 

BAD boasts a circulating supply of 500 trillion tokens while maintaining a daily trading volume of approximately 85% to $11 million. 

Despite the recent downturn, traders can find optimism as BAD’s performance remains relatively strong over the week and month.


BAD appears to have breached the support level at $0.00000011027, opening a few candles below this mark. 

On the other hand, the resistance level at $0.00000012322 remains a significant barrier that bulls need to overcome to achieve additional gains.

Despite a rebound in price indicated by the relative strength index at 54, more buying pressure is necessary to drive the price beyond the support level. Additionally, the price is currently trading below the 50-day simple moving average, and the bulls need to push the price above this average to establish sustained bullish sentiment.

Based on the analysis, there is potential for a short-term bullish movement in BAD leading toward its former resistance level of $0.00000012322. 

Furthermore, a more substantial surge could occur if the price surpasses this resistance level. Conversely, given BAD’s notable volatility, there’s a chance of a further downturn, with the critical level to watch being $0.00000010246.

For traders and investors involved in BAD, exploring the newly emerging meme coin SONIK might be worthwhile.

Sonik Coin – Potential 100X and Selling Fast

Sonik Coin ($SONIK) is the newest addition to the meme coin landscape, creating ripples across the cryptocurrency sphere. With a rapid-fire drive to achieve a $100 million market capitalization, $Sonik holds the allure of remarkable profits.

Positioning itself as the imminent sensation in the world of meme coins, $Sonik aligns its aspirations with the audacity implied by its name. 

Setting its sights on emulating the success of previous low-cap coins, $Sonik is poised to replicate achievements like PEPE but in record time.

$Sonik Presale Rapid Momentum

The $Sonik presale is currently in full swing, drawing significant interest from the public. The presale has gained rapid momentum as it reserves 50% of the total supply of 299,792,458,000 tokens, symbolizing the speed of light for early-bird investors. 

$Sonik tokens are currently selling for $0.000014 per token, promising huge returns for investors who enter now. 

With a presale hard cap of $2,098,547, Sonik has already sold $27,041.29 and is selling out fast. 

Experts predict that this presale will sell fast in its bid to break records as the fastest meme coin to reach $100 million in market cap. 

Jacob Crypto Bury, a YouTube crypto analyst, came out quickly to give a 10x price forecast, with Sonik further amplifying the coin’s appeal and potential for success. 

Earn Passive Income through $Sonic Staking

Unlike typical meme coin initiatives, $Sonik introduces a staking mechanism for earning passive income. 

Taking inspiration from the rapid Sonic the Hedgehog character, $Sonik assures swift rewards to investors engaging in token staking. 

Investors who stake their Sonik tokens will earn rewards with a high annual percentage yield (APY) while at the same time contributing to the project’s security and stability. 

This is not synonymous with many meme coin projects, which sets $Sonik apart. 

According to Sonik’s official website, 939,460,994 tokens have already been staked at an APY of 2553% as of the time of writing. 

This APY percentage will decrease as more investors continue staking their tokens, so you should act fast to get the best rate. 

The substantial annual percentage yield (APY) adds an enticing quality to this opportunity, while the staking process bolsters the project’s stability and security. 

How to Buy Sonik


$Sonik stands out as a distinctive opportunity within the meme coin domain, supported by an ambitious team on a rapid trajectory. 

As the presale gathers momentum and experts provide their insights, the coin’s growth potential becomes too compelling to disregard. 

If you’re keen on becoming part of this exhilarating journey, take prompt action to secure your position in this promising venture.

Buying $Sonik is a straightforward process. Visit the official $Sonik website, connect your digital wallet, and choose your preferred method for acquiring $Sonik tokens. 

You can exchange your ETH or USDT once your wallet is linked. 

You can decide between the “BUY NOW” or “BUY & STAKE” options.

 If you opt for the latter, you can immediately earn passive income.

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