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Apple Forces Brave Browser to Scrap Rewards Feature from iOS Devices

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The Brave browser is set to cap off an incredible year. However, the service could also have to disappoint several of its users following a change to Apple’s policies. Yesterday, Ouriel Ohayon, the chief executive of crypto wallet and exchange ZenGo, shared on Twitter that Apple had cracked down on Brave’s digital rewards.

Apple’s Final Word

Ohayon’s tweet included a screenshot of Brave’s update on the Apple App Store. Most prominent is that the browser has taken out its tipping feature and changes its rewards structure for iOS users. In a company announcement, Brave explained that it had made changes to the new version, 1.22, to comply with Apple’s app marketplace policies.

Brave pointed out that it will restrict users on the iPad and iPhone from earning rewards from their browsing activity. Tip creators will also be cut out. Previous versions of the browser included a model where high-quality content creators could get rewards and tips in the Basic Attention Token (BAT). Users also used to get rewards for browsing, and they could give bonuses to their favorite content creators.

Sadly, Apple changes its app store policies following the release of iOS 14. Part of the company’s changes included cutting out these features. in its statement, Brave explained:

“Apple’s guideline 3.1.1 prevents apps from allowing users to give to, or tip a person, company, or service — unless what is given is purchased via an Apple in-app purchase. Brave users who had opted into our Brave Rewards system could give their BAT to a verified creator and support their content via a feature we call Tipping, but going forward this won’t be possible on iOS. “

The update was in line with Apple’s desire to cut out apps’ ability to ask users to give them five-star ratings for access to incentives. The tactic, dubbed “tasks for cash,” implies a mutual relationship that hackers and malicious developers could exploit to improve their apps’ reach.  

A Dent in an Otherwise Stellar Year

Brave explained that this wasn’t the case with its rewards structure. Still, the Apple team linked its rewards structure with the illegal act and asked for it to be taken out. The browser added that iOS users who have managed to accumulate BAT through the rewards system can still transfer them to desktop versions. The rewards feature also appears to still be available on the Android platform.  

The move is sure to affect Brave’s iOS customers, especially with the service gaining some momentum. Last month, Brave confirmed in its recent transparency report that it had reached 20 million active monthly users – up from 8.7 million in November 2019. The browser’s daily active users have also grown, moving from 3 million in November 2019 to 7 million this year.

The number of verified content creators on Brave has jumped from almost 300,000 to 1 million in the same period. Since the inception of the BAT rewards program, participants were reported to have paid out 26 million tokens.

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