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“Apolitical” Coinbase CEO Promotes Political Article Rife With Misinformation

coinbase ceo
coinbase ceo

Brian Armstrong had made a lot of waves declaring Coinbase should act apolitically, being focused on its mission and its mission alone. This occurred less than a month ago, and has garnered a lot of controversy as a result. Now, however, the man managed to break his own agenda, posting out a tweet promoting a political post, doing so in business hours of all things.

“Epic Post” Promoting Kanye West

A tweet was made on the 23rd of October, 2020. This tweet was from Armstrong’s personal account, and linked a blog post written out by Rob Rinehart. This blog post detailed Kanye West and his presidential run, with Armstrong claiming that it was an “Epic Post” in his comment.

Left Vs Right Vs West

Rinehart no longer has a Twitter account available to be viewed, for reasons unknown. Even so, the absence could potentially be linked to the outright falsehoods and inaccuracies that the blog post itself had contained. There were so many falsehoods in that blog post that many believe it to be satire, but the lines blur too much to be certain.

The lies are quite extensive, and frankly impressive in their scope. The most prominent was that Beau Biden, the son of Joe Biden, the Democratic presidential candidate, had committed suicide. The fact of the matter was that Beau Biden had succumbed to brain cancer back in 2015. Twitter is shamelessly Democratic, as well, having already locked several accounts. One of the most prominent of such cases is locking the account of the New York Post, as the media outlet has made unverified claims about Hunter Biden.

A Proper Blunder

The article itself is titled “Why I am Voting for Kanye West.” As one would imagine, this certainly contrasts with Armstrong’s previous affirmations of going completely apolitical as a firm.

It was back in September when Armstrong wrote the article, claiming that Coinbase will be impartial, and refrain from advocating any candidate or cause, in particular, that isn’t related to the exchange’s mission.

As one would imagine, many members of the crypto community considered Armstrong’s act of promoting a political article to be hypocritical.

To add insult to injury, he did this post on 12:12 PM PST on a business day, working with the assumption Armstrong works typical business hours.

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