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Alpha Sigma Capital Acquires AirWire Token Platform

Bitcoin Association Switzerland Launches New Token On Tezos Blockchain
Bitcoin Association Switzerland Launches New Token On Tezos Blockchain

Alpha Sigma Capital, a self-described “pioneering digital asset fund investing in emerging cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies” has completely acquired AirWire.

We don’t know how much it was for, but the acquisition includes “AirWire’s intellectual property, source code, user base, and WIRE tokens” as well.

AirWire will now conduct a buy-back program of the WIRE tokens already listed right now on Sistemkoin.

“All former users and account holders will be able to access their accounts and wallets on the platform. In the first half of 2021, AirWire will conduct a swap for the classic WIRE tokens in order to facilitate a migration to its new blockchain protocol, currently under redevelopment, migrating from the original PIVX blockchain that WIRE currently uses,” the release continues.

AirWire will be launching a beta this October, which will include the following features:

  • Technology that allows Clients Transmission of tokens on a targeted basis.  AirWire’s platform allows anyone to transmit tokens directly and securely through text, email, QR code, social media, or custom links, utilizing their Patent Pending technology.

  • Reward Earning System (Gig Economy) AirWire provides features that reward users and influencers with tokens listed on the platform when an activity is completed, such as retweeting a specific message provided by the token. Other earning activities are on the roadmap and will launch in 2021.

  • Advanced Advertising Reward Features. Advertisers can gain efficiency by offering rewards to users who accept and watch 100% of online video or message before the reward can be claimed.

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