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5 Days Until Battle Infinity get listed on Pancakeswap

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IBAT Cares Community Security Initiative

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Every once in a while, a cryptocurrency comes along that has everything. It is a metaverse token to boot and has all the ingredients that can quickly turn it into the crowd’s favorite. Battle Infinity (IBAT) is one of those cryptocurrencies. After the immensely successful presale round, only five days remain until Battle Infinity gets listed on the Pancakeswap.

Battle Infinity is one of the most successful crypto presales of this year.

Two things that make a cryptocurrency tick with the audience: the first is the hype, and the second is its connection to the metaverse. However, the crypto winter started to make people reason that they can’t only bank upon crypto assets that are all style and have no substance. That is, they need a crypto that has a future. And what aspect gives a token its future? The utilities.

That is why the crowd was immensely pleased when Battle Infinity came along with its presale. Launched on July 11th, 2022, the Battle Infinity presale was supposed to last 90 days. Users were told to buy IBAT for BNB with maximum and minimum limits.

The developers set the soft cap at 2,000 BNB, hoping the project would gain quick attention. And it did. Within the first week of the presale, token sales surpassed that soft cap limit.

And then it was only a matter of time to reach the hard cap limit. Every day, over 200 BNB worth of tokens started to go off the shelves. And by the time the sale raised $1 million, the crypto crowd became more excited.

And what was supposed to be a 90-day presale ended 66 days early, with all the 16,500 BNB hard cap requirements fulfilled within 34 days.

With this milestone, Battle Infinity became one of the biggest and most successful presale launches.

Why is the Battle Infinity Presale Success Significant?

There are many who say, “So what?” Many presale tokens have witnessed success this year. What makes Battle Infinity so special?

The one aspect differentiating Battle Infinity from the rest is that it is a utility token. IBAT is the native crypto powering the Battle Infinity – a metaverse gaming ecosystem that weaves multiple metaverses together and finally brings fantasy sports to the blockchain.

Another factor that differentiates this play-to-earn token is it powers a blockchain gaming ecosystem that pays special emphasis on gaming. Because let us face it – blockchain games, while good for the wallet, haven’t always been fun to play. Take the case of the oldest game, Axie Infinity. Economy-wise, this game is great. But when it comes to gameplay, it doesn’t have what it takes to increase the blockchain gaming adoption rate.

Battle Infinity, on the other hand, does have what it takes. For one, the games featured on the platform will be built on the unreal engine. To those who don’t know, the unreal engine is responsible for some of the most graphically intensive games on the market. Many games are built on the unreal engine, from Stalker to Hellblade to the uber-popular Fortnite.

And the second reason the crowd is very bullish about Battle Infinity is the integration of DeFi. In addition to the standard NFT marketplace common with many metaverse cryptos, Battle Infinity sports Battle Swap, a decentralized exchange for players to buy IBAT or swap it for other cryptos.

Such a unified approach to blockchain is one of the primary reasons this cryptocurrency has attracted so much attention quickly.

Battle Infinity is Coming on Pancakeswap on August 17th

Battle Infinity had already stated in its whitepaper that as soon as the presale completes, the token will be available to purchase on Pancakeswap. And now we have a date. It is August 17th.

Pancakeswap is one of the most secure DEXs in the market, with over billions of dollars worth of liquidity. And we have no doubt that once IBAT gets listed, it will become one of the most successful cryptos on the platform.

Is LBank next in the cards for Battle Infinity?

Our sources say that the developers are in talks with the LBank exchange for listing IBAT. If that happens, IBAT would likely be able to replicate the success of LBLOCK – native crypto of the world’s leading NFT competitions platform that became the fastest crypto to reach a 1 billion market cap.

And having IBAT on Lbank will allow CEX traders to buy the token – which is always a plus.

More cryptos should be like Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is setting the precedence for cryptocurrencies. It has utilities and is actually worth more than a novelty purchase to the holders. The same is the case with Tamadoge, another cryptocurrency with its own take on memecoins. These are the signs that the crypto world is changing and better assets are emerging in the blockchain. Will it motivate the emergence of better cryptocurrencies? We don’t know. But what we do know is that we are witnessing a transformation phase of blockchain and are excited about what happens next.

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