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40% of Blockchain Employees Work at Crypto Exchanges: Report

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Nearly half of all employees working in blockchain industries are employed by cryptocurrency exchanges.

This is what the latest research from The Block, an industry-focused publication revealed recently. The article showed that results from their recent research study had 42% of people working at exchanges.

A large scale international survey was done which listed employees within the cryptocurrency industry. 158 digital currency exchanges were analyzed in their research.

A total of 7,700 people working across different exchanges were the subjects of the research. These companies analyzed included cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

Bitmain, Huobi, Coinbase, and OKEx took the lead in the number of people employed in the research.

10% of these surveyed employed people coming from various cryptocurrency governing foundations.

These include TRON, Ripple, IOHK and Block One. Many of the big named players featured strongly, however some smaller players seemed to immerge as well.

Top Places to Work Include Blockchain and Crypto Firms

LinkedIn named blockchain as one of the most important employee skills to have in the Asia Pacific region.

APAC’s version of The Future of Skills had blockchain as one of the most looked for abilities for employees to hold within the next few years.

This skill set includes setting up, managing and distributing public ledgers for decentralization.

Other areas included compliance and artificial intelligence. These skills are all intricately linked to the blockchain. Rising skills are used to see where industries are moving in the immediate future.

Blockchain and blockchain related businesses are frequent features on LinkedIn’s list of top businesses to work for.

This global list of countries had the likes of Singapore, China, and South Korea featuring strongly.

Their governmental organizations backing cryptocurrency with a strong need to formally introduce the technology.

Meanwhile, Coinbase was the only US-based company to feature on the list.

Perhaps an indication of how governmental backing plays a huge part in where a company ranks.

Within the Asia Pacific area, Singapore leads the race in revolutionizing the industry. A statewide initiative dubbed Project Ubin seeks to bring blockchain into the mainstream market as early as 2020.

With the woeful performance of United States blockchain companies on the list, it was hardly a surprise that Coinbase and Ripple dropped out of LinkeIn’s top 10. Robinhood, however, retained its position in the top 10 moving from sixth place to seventh place.

Inside the borders of the US though Ripple is still topped as one of the best employers within the technology industry.

91% of employees who participated in the research study said that Ripple is a top company to work for. A further 95% saying that they took pride in their company and would refer it to others.

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