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2 Top Grossing Cryptocurrencies That are Set to Explode This Month – And the Next

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Top Grossing Cryptocurrencies
Top Grossing Cryptocurrencies

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Even during the current bear market, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and fans have been staying updated about the movements of digital assets. While there has been a huge shift in the perception of cryptocurrencies by major organizations and government bodies, too, there are some parties who stick to criticisms about the sector.

Despite these criticisms, the industry has managed to grow drastically and seems to be creating investment opportunities for the masses while also providing real-life value. Some of the top projects in the space have been publicly investing in other projects within the blockchain sector, too, helping them bring more utility to the table.

However, since the market crashed, there has been a decent amount of skepticism from investors too. Several projects that were launched and were performing well during the bull run crashed and weren’t able to sustain their business thereon. This not only puts pressure on other projects to deliver unrealistic results but also puts a bad light on the industry as a whole.

This state of the industry is now being changed slowly again, as projects seem to be building aggressively in order to be ready for the next bull run. While high volatility in the market has been recorded time and again, there are still some projects that can be speculated to perform extremely well in the upcoming weeks.

Two of these projects that investors have been keen on parking their funds on recently are-


Announced earlier this year, Tamadoge is one of the most popular cryptocurrency projects in the space right now. Built by a team of professionals in the tech and blockchain space, the project has been featured on several major media platforms like CNBC already. Since its inception, Tamadoge has managed to gain a massive community, thanks to the variety of offerings it brings to the table.

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Tamadoge is a P2E gaming platform that is set to host several NFT-based games. It is completely integrated with the metaverse and is expected to explore more within the domain. The metaverse, or Tamaverse as the project calls it, shall unlock a huge number of earning opportunities for users along with chances for interaction with others.

It features a Tamadoge NFT, which players can purchase from the marketplace. Once purchased, they can feed, nurture and take care of the NFT or Tamapet. This Tamapet can then be used to battle against players within the platform. The developers have mentioned that several other newer blockchain-based concepts like Move-to-earn games may also be included in the platform in the coming months.

Tamadoge has an ambitious roadmap, which it has successfully been following since its launch. After its highly successful presale that raised over $19 million in just eight weeks, Tamadoge has managed to gain its IEO or Initial Exchange Offering. It has partnered with OKX, one of the most popular exchanges in the world to make this happen.

With the contract code fully audited by SolidProof and the team verified by Coinsniper, investors have been participating in the project without worries. These factors and the recent listing which may provide the project even more exposure may act as major catalysts for TAMA, the platform’s native token to shoot up in price in the upcoming weeks.

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Battle Infinity

Battle Infinity is also a recently launched project, that has one of the most innovative concepts as its focus, in the crypto space currently. Created by Suresh Joshi and an Indian team comprising tech professionals, much like the popular project Polygon, Battle infinity too has gained quite a large number of users within a short span.

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It is the world’s first decentralized blockchain NFT-based fantasy sports game. Fully integrated with the metaverse, Battle Infinity is the blockchain version of one of the most liked genres of gaming- fantasy sports. With an extremely successful presale round, the project has already kickstarted its plans for the year as per its roadmap.

Battle Infinity boasts mainly of six product offerings-

Battle Swap is a platform exclusive decentralized exchange for users to buy or sell IBAT, the platform’s native currency.

Battle Market, which is the NFT marketplace for the platform. Players can buy accessories and other NFT items here.

Battle Games is the game store for Battle Infinity. Players will be able to choose from a wide variety of games to play from.

Battle Arena will act as the gateway to participating in the metaverse and interacting with others using avatars. Clothes and accessories for one’s avatar can be bought directly from the Battle Market.

Battle Staking is one of the recently launched features, where users have been enjoying high APY for their IBAT tokens.

IBAT Premier League is currently the chief offering of the platform and is an actual game where players will be able to build teams and win rewards based on the points they earn.

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As both projects have high utility and a dedicated community to rely on, the chances of Tamadoge and Battle Infinity shooting up in terms of price are very likely. As these projects have continued building and introducing developments despite going through the crypto winter, investors, too, have started to see the projects as promising investments.

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