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2 Reasons Why Cryptos Are Currently Bearish

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The factors responsible for the bearish position of most cryptos are fundamental, however, firstly, we will be examining BTC as flagship crypto since it has always been prone to fluctuations having effects of up to 200% appreciation and also depreciating by almost half in value later on in the year. Though there still exists the possibility of a larger appreciation in 2019-2020, especially in a bullish market.


Cryptocurrency Can Cause Positive Disruptions

U.S Fed Chairman, Powel had expressed his fears relevant to the recent launch of Libra coin by Facebook. This is because the social media giant is creating its digital form of money. The concerns relate majorly to Facebook’s inability to prove beyond reasonable doubt it can curtail security concerns such as privacy breach, money laundering, consumer protection, and financial stability.


However, Libra is not a product from Facebook but that the C.E.O of the social media giant is also the founder of Libra crypto. And the product has the support of fin-tech service providers such as Visa, Paypal, eBay, Lyft, Uber and Spotify.


While speaking on these issues, Mark Cuban had stated that in some African countries its apparent that some resistance to utilizing cryptos by the public from dictators may be seen due to fears of losing control over monetary policies if the public adopts the use of cryptocurrency as against the use of local currency in their domain.


US President Donald Trump has also also declared his dislikes for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies because he feels they can’t properly replace physical money as a result of its high fluctuating tendencies, its likely use for unlawful activities and lack of governmental control over its operations, stating that if facebook wants to store money just like traditional banks, they ought to apply for a banking license and be subjected to institutional monetary regulations such as the banking charter.


Essentially, it’s only up to 1-2% of transactions on BTC that ever has to do with unlawful activity while the majority of illegal transactions for unlawful activities involve the U.S dollar cash payments. This short analysis depicts the fact that the authorities are creating a false and invalid impression to disqualify the use of cryptocurrency by the public and justify any proposed ban to curtail its operations against the regular money.


This scenario paints the true picture, which shows the trust and ability of cryptocurrency changing the status quo, both of power structure and financial without much fuss. Although with the introduction of Libra to the crypto space, a negative squeeze on BTC bullish trend has occurred, though shortly.


The second most important factor for the bearish position of cryptocurrencies recently is the influence of regulatory authority, SEC, as a supervisory body on all money-related activities such as cryptos, as it also falls within its jurisdiction. However, more cryptocurrency is being released worldwide into the crypto space through the initial coin offering (ICO). Although with stringent limitations, by barring US residents using SEC, from dealing or participating. These limitations also prevent exchanges from dealing with US residents.
This is the predominant situation of altcoins resulting in a bearish market.

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