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2 New Crypto Presale Projects To Watch As Market Slumps – New Cryptos Launching Soon

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

op 2 Crypto Presale Projects To Watch As Market Slumps – New Cryptos Launching Soon
op 2 Crypto Presale Projects To Watch As Market Slumps – New Cryptos Launching Soon

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A highly effective strategy in times of crypto market decline involves participating in recently launched pre-ICO or ‘pre-sale’ initiatives to purchase tokens at a discount.

Engaging with these early-stage projects not only allows investors to access tokens at favorable rates but also offers a unique opportunity to support emerging blockchain ventures.

By carefully researching and selecting pre-ICO or ‘pre-sale’ initiatives with strong potential, individuals can position themselves for potential long-term gains as these projects mature and gain traction in the crypto landscape.

Wall Street Memes (WSM)

Joining the 2023 meme coin trend, Wall Street Memes has introduced its $WSM token presale. Renowned for NFTs and boasting a substantial online following, this project leverages community support as it enters the crypto space. Notably, prominent figures, including Elon Musk, have engaged with Wall Street Memes’ content.

The $WSM token sale commenced on May 26 and has already raised over $27 million. The presale is concluding by the end of September, offering a limited-time opportunity.

Rooted in internet memes, Wall Street Memes, with its token staking feature, aims to establish $WSM as a potential contender in the meme coin sector and offers avenues for passive income with an impressive 75% annual percentage yield (APY).

As an ERC-20 token with a 2 billion total supply, half of the tokens are designated for the presale, while the remainder goes to community rewards and exchange liquidity, emphasizing its community-centric approach.

Post-presale, Wall Street Memes intends to list the token on tier-one exchanges, providing a final opportunity to acquire $WSM at $0.0337 per token. To celebrate the $WSM crypto presale launch, the team is conducting a $50,000 airdrop, split among five winners.

Multiple entries can be earned by following Wall Street Memes on social media channels. For those interested, see our guide on how to buy $WSM token here.

Sonik Coin (SONIK)

The next best crypto presale project, Sonik Coin, is closing its presale in less than 24 hours, offering early access to a meme coin with staking rewards. The presale has raised around $1.3 million and attracted substantial token contributions to its staking pool.

Sonik Coin positions itself as the first ‘stake-2-speed’ meme cryptocurrency, aiming for a rapid ascent to a $100 million market cap. In its current presale phase, $SONIK is priced at just $0.000014 per token, with a maximum supply of 299,792,458,000, a nod to the speed of light.

The presale allocates 50% of the token supply, allowing new investors to acquire tokens at a reasonable rate. Additionally, presale participants can directly purchase and stake $SONIK on the staking platform, with a minimum staking period of seven days.

Over four years, 40% of the total token supply will be gradually released through staking. Sonik Coin prioritizes security, having submitted its smart contract for auditing, with the report set to be published on the website soon.

The presale imposes a hard cap of $2,098,547, after which $SONIK will be listed on the Uniswap decentralized exchange. Given $SONIK’s potential use cases, it may strive towards a $100 million valuation following the exchange listing. Take part in the $SONIK presale at


Participating in presales offers investors a chance to enter a high potential crypto venture at its inception. This early involvement not only grants access to tokens at reduced rates but also unlocks additional advantages, including opportunities for staking rewards and community-based incentives.

The video above offers a comprehensive insight into two crypto presales, particularly relevant during market downturns. For more crypto-related content, consider subscribing to the creator’s YouTube channel.

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