$2.5 Million Going Towards Coronavirus-Fighting Groups via BitMEX Operator

Crypto Exchange BitMEX Holds 0.18% of Bitcoins in Circulation

A parent company of the BitMEX cryptocurrency exchange will be putting $2.5 million into groups looking to stand against coronavirus.

This operator is HDR Global Trading Limited, and they’re calling this grant the COVID-19 Response Fund.

“COVID-19 is an unprecedented crisis which demands a global, coordinated response. Businesses have a vital role to play in efforts to slow the spread of the virus, mitigate its impact and save lives, and we’re keen to contribute however we can,” reads a release from the group.

They’ll be providing these funds to the Gates Philanthropy Partners, the Nuclear Threat Initiative, OpenMined, and Our World in Data.

Speaking on the matter is Arthur Hayes, the CEO and Co-Founder of HDR Global Trading Limited:

“We are committed to thoughtful grantmaking and ensuring that our actions during the COVID-19 crisis can make the biggest impact now and in the future. We have therefore decided to make grants totalling US$2.5 million to four organisations that are making a tangible difference in tackling COVID-19 as well as mitigating global catastrophic biological risks.”

The group believes that as a fintech company, philanthropy is the best way for them to contribute to stopping this pandemic. Interestingly, the United States government has recently included fintech in its coronavirus relief program, as InsideBitcoins has previously reported on.

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