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11 Quick Ways to Earn Free Bitcoin in 2021

Do you know that you can earn free bitcoins?

In fact, there are many quick ways that can help you get free bitcoin. Not many people are aware of these methods so they have to open their wallets first before getting their hands on some bitcoins.

If you’re interested to find legitimate and easy ways to earn free bitcoins, read on to find the top 11 ways to get free bitcoin in 2021.

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    1. Join Bitcoin Casinos – Get FREE Offers of up to 5 BTC Now!

    Right now, there are numerous bitcoin casinos where you can try to increase your crypto assets. Bitcoin casinos are like traditional gambling casinos where you risk your assets in a bid to rake more.  Remember to only use provably fair casinos so you can be sure that the results of the games are entirely random and not manipulated.

    FortuneJack is one of the most recommended bitcoin casinos. When you create your account on FortuneJack, you will get a 5 BTC welcome bonus or its altcoin equivalent as well as 250 free spins. Moreover, it offers 25 no deposit free spins. Check it out now and start earning more bitcoins!

    Don’t forget to visit other awesome bitcoin casino sites such as mBit, CryptoWild and King Billy. They also have generous welcome bonus offers as well as lots of popular casino games.

    Top bitcoin casino sites


    • Lots of bitcoin casinos to choose from
    • Provably fair bitcoin casinos are available


    • Results on some bitcoin casino sites can sometimes be manipulated


    2. Earn Bitcoins on pay-to-click sites – Just click and click to get paid!

    This is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to earn bitcoins. However, you will need to spend a lot of time to get substantial earnings. Nonetheless, you will only need to finish some small tasks and earn a fraction of a coin. On pay-to-click (PTC) sites, you only need to click on an ad to make a few coins.

    Usually, the duration to click is 5 to 20 seconds. On the downside, the revenue is small considering that you can only earn anywhere between 5-40 cents an hour. For 24 hours of work, you will only earn 0.00016 BTC, which translates to about $1.31.

    Top bitcoin pay-to-click sites:


    • Anyone can earn free bitcoins
    • Users only need to do small tasks
    • Creating an account is free
    • No experience required


    • Time-consuming
    • Offers low rewards


    3. Use free bitcoin faucets – Earn up to $1,000 monthly!

    Bitcoin faucets are online apps or websites that offer a reward system to its users who complete simple tasks. Users get paid in Satoshi which is a one-hundred-millionth of a 1 BTC.

    Even though becoming a bitcoin faucet user may not earn you a lot of money, owning a bitcoin faucet is a different story. Nowadays, you can build a crypto faucet very quickly and earn good money by selling ads on your site.

    If you build significant traffic and get reliable advertisers, you can make up to $1000 a month on your site. However, running a faucet is time-consuming. This is because you will have to create your own website, manage users and prevent fraud. Also, when starting, you will need some initial capital to fund the venture.

    Top bitcoin faucet sites


    • Easy to build a bitcoin faucet
    • Free to join a bitcoin faucet site
    • Can help you make $1000 per month


    • Time-consuming


    4. Try Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer Lending – Collect interests in BTC!

    This is an excellent way to increase the value of your bitcoin. It works similarly as real-life lending where you can lend a certain amount of your bitcoins and get them with interest. However, it is worth noting that although it is a good opportunity to make a good return, there are a lot of risks involved.

    While some people may refuse to return your bitcoins, you will have to chase others to get your crypto back. The biggest mistake you can make is to lend to your close associate based on mutual trust. More often than not, it won’t be very easy to get your crypto back or even the interest in full.

    Another option is to lend through lending websites known as peer-to-peer lending platforms. This option is a bit safer because borrowers can publish their loan requirements, and some sites may help you get your crypto back. Also, you can choose to lend small amounts to minimize the risks involved. However, you must be cautious with the website and borrowers you select before lending.

    Choose a website that offers reliable customer care support so you can be sure that you’ll get help from them in case something bad happens.

    Top bitcoin P2P lending sites


    • Works like real-life lending
    • Can help you get some interest
    • Many bitcoin lending sites to choose from


    • Risky


    5. Bitcoin mining – As profitable as gold mining!

    Most people think that the process of mining bitcoins is simple. However, to become a successful bitcoin miner, you will have to invest a lot of time, money and research.

    In order to generate a new bitcoin, your computer will have to add new transactions to the blockchain, which can be extremely extensive. Each discovered block is worth a specific amount of bitcoin. Currently, a single block contains around 25 BTC. Since this is a tedious and costly process, most people join a mining pool where they mine as a group.

    Instead of building your mining farm from zero, you will only need to add your computer power to the pool to start earning bitcoins. This is also a good opportunity to meet people online and learn more about the bitcoin mining technology.

    Top bitcoin mining sites


    • Can help you earn a lot of BTC
    • Mining pools are available


    • Electricity costs can outweigh earnings


    6. Bitcoin day trading – Earn at least $100 daily!

    Bitcoin trading is similar to forex trading in the sense that you’ll also have to buy and sell bitcoins and earn based on short-term fluctuations, You can even use trading robots like Bitcoin Code to do it for you. Many expert day traders can earn at least $100 daily.

    Although Bitcoin CFDs are similar to stock trading, you will not need to buy bitcoins. Instead of buying and selling crypto assets, you will only need to purchase a contract. This helps avoid the hassle of safely keeping the purchased bitcoins.

    Bitcoin binary is another option where you can predict the increase and decrease of bitcoin value and make good profits. This is another form of gambling where you can earn money if you guess the right option and lose money when you make a wrong prediction.

    Top bitcoin trading platforms


    • Similar to forex trading
    • Can help you earn a lot of BTC


    • Risky – loss of capital is very common


    7. Join Bitcoin affiliate programs – Get paid for referrals!

    One of the easiest ways to make money with bitcoin is by participating in affiliate programs. To earn money, you will have to promote certain businesses for free and earn a commission when you bring paying customers.

    Most bitcoin products and services run affiliate programs that you can easily join in and start making money without investing even a cent.  Once you have joined, you will be given a unique link to promote the bitcoin product or service.

    There are so many ways to promote your affiliate link. For instance, you can share it on social media platforms or run an ad campaign on your website. This method can give you a decent income if you promote high-end bitcoin products and services and have a higher conversion rate.

    Top bitcoin affiliate programs


    • It’s free to join affiliate programs
    • Earn commissions per referral


    • Time-consuming
    • Marketing knowledge is required


    8. Accept BTC as payment for your monthly salary – Time to do more freelance work!

    There are firms that use bitcoins as the means of paying wages. So, if you want to start earning in the form of bitcoins instead of fiat currency, you can do freelance or full-time work for such organizations.

    There are numerous recruitment platforms that you can use to search and apply for bitcoin jobs such as BitGigs and Coinality among others. The BigWig platform offers a wide variety of job options to enable you to get the one the suits your needs. On the other hand, Coinality has a unique feature that displays jobs based on locations. This is a great feature if you are looking for short-term and local job projects.

    Top bitcoin job sites


    • Lots of blockchain-related jobs pay in BTC
    • Can use a fraction of the monthly salary for bitcoin trading


    • Not all employers want to pay salaries in BTC


    9. Allow customers to pay in BTC – Crypto enthusiasts will love your store!

    This is one of the simplest ways to earn bitcoins. These days, bitcoins have become a viable mode of payment that can be used on any transaction. However, there are certain requirements you should meet to receive bitcoins.

    First, you need to get a bitcoin wallet from a reputable bitcoin processing provider (PSP). Choose a provider that is affordable with the best features that will suit your needs.

    It is important to note that even though bitcoins transactions are anonymous, a new Bitcoin account is limited to $1,000 worth of transactions per month. To eliminate these limitations, you have to provide your personal information such as a copy of your ID and passport for verification.

    If you run a brick and mortar business, the simplest way to accept bitcoin payment is by issuing a unique QR code that is connected to your bitcoin wallet. Alternatively, you can provide customers with a payment link through email.

    Once you have bitcoins in your account, you can choose to hold it and withdraw it once its price is a bit higher.

    Top bitcoin processing providers


    • Bitcoin processing providers are affordable
    • Can help you get more customers


    • Need to meet specific requirements first


    10. Become a blockchain developer – Earn up to $300,000 yearly!

    Becoming a blockchain developer is another good way to earn bitcoins.

    Many companies and businesses are joining the crypto train. For every company or business that starts to accept bitcoin as a mode of payment, a bitcoin developer job is created.

    You’ll a higher possibility to get hired if you have prior knowledge in computer programming and blockchain technology. The average salary for an experienced and top-level bitcoin developer can be up to $300,000.

    Moreover, due to the rapid advancement of blockchain technology, the demand for bitcoin developers is rising. As the bitcoin technology continues to gain prominence, the need for experienced programmers is likely to increase soon.

    Top blockchain developer jobsites:


    • Lots of available blockchain developer positions
    • Can help you get a high number of BTC per month


    • Not all employers want to pay salaries in BTC


    11. Play no deposit bitcoin games – Get paid while having fun!

    Playing games on your phone and laptop can also help you get free bitcoins.

    Joining bitcoin faucet sites, trying out bitcoin mining, working on bitcoin pay-to-click sites and joining bitcoin affiliate programs are all good ways to get bitcoin without paying anything. However, they are not as enjoyable as playing games.

    While playing no deposit bitcoin games, you can have a great time as well as get some free bitcoins at the end of the day.

    Top bitcoin games


    • Have a great time by playing games
    • Can play games on your phone even while commuting


    • Can take some time to get a good amount of BTC



    Whether you want to do a simple task, accept bitcoin payments, trade bitcoins or become a developer, there are several ways that will help you earn bitcoins.

    Each method discussed above has its pros and cons. Some are easy to do while others require more considerable effort. If you’re serious about wanting to get bitcoins, hesitate no more and try one of the methods now.


    Can I mine bitcoin through my laptop?

    Yes, you can. You can install a mining software on your laptop to speed up the bitcoin mining process.

    Can I mine bitcoin through my phone?

    Yes, you can. Using apps like Crypto Minor or Easy Miner, it will be easy for you to mine bitcoin through your phone. You can also bitcoin mining games for Android.

    Are bitcoin faucets profitable?

    Yes. In fact, you can earn up to $1,000 monthly through bitcoin faucets.

    Are bitcoin casinos legal?

    It depends on your location. Many states in the United States have made bitcoin casino sites legal.

    Are all bitcoin casinos legit?

    Not all bitcoin casinos are licensed to operate in all US states and other countries. When choosing a bitcoin casino, make sure that is legitimate and pays its users.

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