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Pepe 2.0 Price Prediction – PEPE 2.0 Growth Potential in 2023

The memecoin mania emerged shortly after the arrival of the PEPE coin, which led to many investors making triple-digit gains within a short period of time. But as many were left holding the bag at peaks or weren’t aware of this token, Pepe 2.0 claims to be an asset to help those reclaim their chances of generating massive short-term profits.

Much like its predecessor, Pepe 2.0 doesn’t focus on utility but rather on its virality. It has already created a thriving community on Twitter and has surpassed $7.1 million in terms of market capitalization. Furthermore, Dextools show a recent increase in its value.

Does that mean Pepe 2.0 will be able to bring gains to investors in the long term? Or will it retread the steps of its predecessor, correcting massively after a massive pump? This Pepe 2.0 price prediction will analyze these factors to assess this memecoin’s long-term potential.

PEPE 2.0 Price Prediction

Here is our price prediction for PEPE 2.0 for this and the coming years.


Since the crypto community is once again in the throes of the memecoin mania, Pepe 2.0’s potential to grow this year still remains. Pepe 2.0 gained the community’s attraction shortly after going live on Uniswap and gained more than $40 million in market capitalization within a few days.

At the time of writing however Pepe 2.0 is in a corrective phase and is highly volatile – as the recent Pepe 2.0 price chart below illustrates.

Pepe 2.0 price chart

Update – September 2023 Pepe 2.0 price chart via DEXTools

While there was a minor retrace after that, it didn’t stick for long. Dextools show that there is a constant increase in the Pepe 2.0 price, indicating that the bulls are strongly supporting this memecoin. If this persists, Pepe 2.0 can reach $0.0000004 by the end of 2023.


There is no reason to believe that the memecoin mania of this year will continue as we go into 2024. But that will depend on how powerful of a community Pepe 2.0 is able to create. If it can, we may see this second iteration of the PEPE token going up in 2024. However, much of that is left to chance. PEPE 2.0 must show some utility if it aims to keep the community’s interest alive and well next year as well. If that happens, it may reach $0.0000000443.

2025 and Beyond

Provided that Pepe 2.0 doesn’t dissolve into obscurity in 2024, and people’s interest in the best memecoins is still alive and well in 2025, the token can grow. But that would require this token to have a strong roadmap. However, that’s far from the token’s current state, as the only thing that the token has right now is an interactive website. That said, if Pepe 2.0 is able to maintain its market cap above $100 million in 2025, it can be in the same league as other memecoins such as Dogelon Mars. Based on these factors, the token can potentially reach $0.000002 in 2025.

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What is Pepe 2.0?

Pepe 2.0 is a memecoin, which is the second iteration of the biggest memecoin hit of this year – Pepe. Launched on 27th June 2023, the token took the crypto market by storm by creating one green candle after another and reaching an above $40 million market capitalization in just a couple of days.

What is Pepe 2.0

Much like its predecessor, Pepe 2.0 has no utility. What it does have, however, is the viral factor. That is part of the reason this token has gained a lot of attention from crypto enthusiasts within a short period of time.

According to its explanation on Dextools. Pepe 2.0 is a token created to correct the mistakes made during the launch of Pepe. Back then, certain investors were blacklisted. However, that did not stop Pepe from doing its billion-dollar run. Pepe 2.0 is attempting to do the same, albeit in a more inclusive manner.

Pepe 2.0’s official website states that Pepe 2.0 is not an upgrade but a revolution powered by cutting-edge advancements and awe-inspiring innovations. While the exact nature of this innovation is not known, there are some Pepe 2.0 NFTs planned.

These NFTs are said to provide a unique and immersive experience to collectors and enthusiasts.

The team behind Pepe 2.0 is constantly interacting with the community via its Twitter spaces. And from the looks of it, the community is looking forward to what Pepe 2.0 has to bring.

The token’s rapid surge caused it to get noticed by major cryptocurrency exchanges. And at press time, it is available for purchase on Kucoin, Poloniex,, MEXC, Bitmart, DigiFinex, Bitget, and LBank.

Check out our guides on how to buy PEPE2.0 and how to buy PEPE.

Pepe 2.0 Price Analysis and Profit Potential

Pepe 2.0 doesn’t hide why it was launched. It simply states that it wants to do an encore of the success that Pepe was able to attain during its launch. Therefore, we can use predict how Pepe 2.0 would perform by taking its previous version – Pepe – as the benchmark.

Pepe price chart

Pepe emerged out of nowhere, creating what is now known as the memecoin mania. The token was able to climb by 83000%, reaching 1 billion market capitalization – the fastest ever to do it in 2023 – and was soon listed on the likes of Binance.

Part of the reason for its success was people’s renewed interest in Bitcoin and the desire to curb the effects of crypto winter. And as FOMO drove most of the later purchases for Pepe, the correction that later happened was expected.

After Pepe 2.0 launched, it seemed to follow the same trends. However, times are different now. Many tokens have emerged in the memecoin space – all trying to replicate Pepe’s success.

That meant Pepe 2.0’s rise wasn’t as explosive as Pepe’s. However, that has allowed this token to stay on its growth trajectory for a bit longer.

After reaching $0.00000012 within days of being launched, Pepe 2.0 experienced a retrace till the $0.00000003 mark. But the community rallied, engineering a bounce and pushing it past the $0.0000002 mark before a retrace.

In short, this token was able to do 10x twice within a short amount of time. You can find more details in this analysis by Jacob Crypto Bury.

Part of the reason for this persistent growth is constant social media posts and even Twitter spaces in which the devs have discussed the future potential of this token.

Pepe 2.0 also lost its Twitter handle at one point. And the recent reclaiming of that handle has also helped fuel Pepe 2.0’s growth.

Update – The token has now been painting many red candles. Pepe 2.0’s price has fallen to $0.000000042 according to the latest charts.

For real-time updates on crypto prices, we recommend AltIndex, which also tracks stocks.

Is Pepe 2.0 a Good Investment?

Pepe 2.0 says that it aims to help those make gains who lost their chance in the last memecoin mania. It takes cues from popular memecoins and engages with the community via social media posts. So far, the way that the community has responded to these posts has been a success – and you can see it in the current level of traction Pepe 2.0 received early on.

While Pepe 2.0 price predictions may have flipped bearish after its recent correction, its initial bull run returned exponential gains – almost 45,000%.

However, that doesn’t necessarily say anything about Pepe 2.0’s long-term potential. The token still has no utility. And since there is no whitepaper. we can’t say anything about its long-term plans.

That said, considering the current timing of this memecoin, it can be a good short-term investment. Alternatively, you can check out our list of crypto presales for better investment opportunities, including new token Meme Kombat.

Memecoins are often best treated as a short term trade, getting in and out early.

What are the Benefits of Pepe 2.0?

Considering the current ecosystem, there are currently three benefits to investing in Pepe 2.0.

People’s Interest in Memecoins

There has been an onslaught of memecoins after the arrival of Pepe. All of them have had varying degrees of success. Although they all have witnessed massive retraces after reaching peaks, the extreme greed index is still driving the memecoin market.

In these cases, investors often have a limited window to make massive gains. Pepe 2.0 is doing the same. However, considering that Pepe 2.0 was able to 10x twice, it means that there could be more to this token than meets the eye. We recommend that readers watch the Twitter spaces closely as the developers are talking about some innovative stuff surrounding Pepe 2.0.

These factors can positively influence the Pepe 2.0 price.

Massive Growth Potential Within a Short Term

While Bitcoin’s recent rise above the $30k mark has spelled good news for the crypto market, most investors are staying away from high-cap tokens. Retail investors would find it a better deal to invest in cheap crypto assets like Memecoins that could bring exponential gains within a short time. For such investors, Pepe 2.0 is a good investment option.

Pepe 2.0 NFTs

Pepe 2.0 has also launched its own series of NFTs. These are randomly generated artworks based on Pepe 2.0’s imagery with a yellow toad and varying traits.

Simple Tokenomics 

Pepe 2.0 has a simple tokenomics. There are 420.69 trillion tokens in total, and they all carry a 1% tax on buying and selling.

Pepe 2.0 Social Media Handles

Pepe 2.0 is active on social media platforms. The team is constantly communicating with the followers. To keep up to date with this team, follow the below social media channels.

  1. Twitter
  2. Telegram

However, it is important to note that many copycat channels have emerged to capitalize on the sudden success of Pepe 2.0. Only use the links provided above to check out the project.

How to Buy Pepe 2.0?

Follow the steps below to buy Pepe 2.0:

  1. Go to Uniswap
  2. Select Pepe 2.0
  3. Enter the number of ETH you want to exchange for the token
  4. Make the swap

If you can’t see Pepe 2.0, use the wallet address – 0xfb66321d7c674995dfcc2cb67a30bc978dc862ad.

Alternatively, you can go to Dextools and buy the token after assessing its price performance.

Alternatives to Pepe 2.0

While Pepe 2.0 is planning to do an encore, in retrospect, a retrace might set in soon. That is why it is better to invest in tokens that are currently available as presales and have a better chance to make gains for users.

Alternatives to Pepe 2.0

While Pepe 2.0 is planning to do an encore, in retrospect, a retrace might set in soon. That is why it is better to invest in tokens that are currently available as presales and have a better chance to make gains for users.

XRP20 Token

A good alternative to Pepe 2.0 is a presale that uses the Ethereum network to launch new versions of existing coins and tokens. These new cryptocurrencies are typically not related to originals in anything but the name, such as XRP20, which has no connection to Ripple or the XRP ecosystem.

Even so, this ERC-20 token launched on Ethereum’s network to reignite the passion of the XRP army, and offer a token at a lower price than the original XRP at its lowest point. More than that, XRP20 will be able to offer features such as staking, which the original XRP doesn’t have.


The project has a total supply of 100 billion XRP20 tokens, and it is offering 40% (40 billion) in a presale. Another 40 billion will be used for staking rewards, while 10% will go to DEX Liquidity, and the final 10% will be burned.

Interested parties can go to the official website and participate in the presale.

Buy XRP20 Coin

Pepe 2.0 Price Prediction – The Verdict

The crypto community is still entrenched in the memecoin mania. And considering that Bitcoin has now found stable ground above the $30k mark, people’s trust in the crypto economy is high. The release of Pepe 2.0 at such a time spell good news for most.

Pepe 2.0 launched on Uniswap and quickly rose by 10x (1100%) within a few hours, and after some retrace, it grew again by 1600%.

While the token has no utility, it has been able to gain significant traction in the market thanks to its social media presence. And the recent Twitter spaces reveal many plans that will come to light in the coming days.

However, we still don’t think that this token has any long-term prospects. The current market has revealed that the profits memecoins generate dissolve after a few days. Therefore, we recommend only moving forward with investing in Pepe 2.0 if it aligns with your investment goals.

Meanwhile, the best alternative to Pepe 2.0 would be Wall Street Memes and Evil Pepe Coin. The latter has been recently introduced as a presale and is leveraging Pepe The Frog’s imagery to gain traction in the initial funding round.

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What is Pepe 2.0?

Pepe 2.0 is a memecoin and according to the makers, is the second iteration of Pepe. This token is designed to give investors a second chance to make gains from the memecoin mania and recapture $1 billion market capitalization.

How up can Pepe 2.0 is 2023?

Pepe 2.0 went up by 1000% after its launch at the end of June 2023. It has suffered some retrace but has once again started go up. If the momentum is maintained, Pepe 2.0 can reach $0.0000004 by the end of 2023.

Is Pepe 2.0 a good investment?

Pepe 2.0 is a memecoin meant to capitalize on the current memecoin mania. It doesn't have any utility, but it has a strong community. So, it might be a good investment for a short-term. Long-term investors, however, must look for alternatives.