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10+ Most Undervalued Cryptocurrency Projects to Invest In

With so many cryptocurrencies in the market, it’s tough to scavenge for credible projects that show huge potential. While mainstream cryptocurrencies make for safe investments, they don’t offer exponential returns. Low market cap projects, on the other hand, aren’t all as trustworthy. Many are nothing but scams.

Investors looking for promising projects that could potentially deliver higher returns can consider the crypto projects we’ve mentioned below; avoiding the trouble of researching for hours trying to find the next big cryptocurrencies. We’ve covered the top cryptocurrencies we think are highly undervalued.

Most Undervalued Cryptocurrency Tokens to Buy 2023 – Top List

  • FightOut – Most Undervalued Crypto on Presale in the Move to Earn Niche
  • Meta Masters Guild – Recently Launched High Potential Crypto with an Undervalued Token
  • C+Charge – Eco Friendly Crypto Project Rewarding Carbon Credits to EV Drivers
  • RobotEra – Most Undervalued Metaverse Crypto Project
  • Calvaria – High Potential P2E Game With An Undervalued Token
  • XRP – Best Popular Undervalued Cryptocurrency Available on Exchanges
  • Cardano – Peer-Reviewed Decentralized Blockchain Better Than Ethereum
  • Decentraland – Best Undervalued Metaverse Platform
  • Polygon – Undervalued Crypto Project With High Potential And Strong Credibility
  • PancakeSwap – Decentralised Exchange Enabling Permissionless Trading
  • Algorand – Most Effective Blockchain Network

Reviewing the Most Undervalued Crypto Projects

Here’s a full rundown on all the undervalued crypto tokens mentioned above:

FightOut – Most Undervalued Crypto on Presale in the Move to Earn Niche

Finding a crypto project that is undervalued and has the potential to shoot up in price in the upcoming days or weeks can be rather difficult. However, there are only a few names that can actually pop up on this list. One of them is definitely FightOut. Based on the fitness domain, the project may well be one of the top gainers in the upcoming days or weeks.

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FightOut aims to focus on bringing Web2 and Web3 components together, by essentially marking the use of crypto and NFTs as a thing that is commonly known between users within and outside of the crypto community alone. There are several interesting features within the ecosystem, including a completely metaverse integrated NFT avatar that users can grow by working out in real life. After the NFT avatar develops to a particular level, they can be used by the owner to fight against other players for exciting rewards.

Currently in the presale phase, FightOut has to potential to be one of the most successful options that one will come across during a market condition like this. This is evident by the fact that FightOut managed to raise upwards of $2 million within just days of the inception of its presale. The FGHT token, is currently a highly undervalued asset with a surging demand, and surely a choice that you shouldn’t overlook.

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Meta Masters Guild – Recently Launched High Potential Crypto with an Undervalued Token

The Meta Masters Guild is one of the most underrated cryptocurrency projects that has recently come to light after its presale launch. To understand the concept behind Meta Masters Guild, one needs to understand the offering they have in place. Meta Masters Guild is the fastest-growing play-to-earn guild of 2023 and is working towards revolutionizing how people perceive Play 2 Earn (P2E) and utilize it.

meta masters

It is the world’s first mobile-focused Web 3 gaming guild, and building high-quality, blockchain-integrated mobile games that will eventually form a decentralized gaming ecosystem, allowing the members to earn rewards as a token of their contribution towards the ecosystem. They are building an ecosystem that puts the ‘fun part’ of gaming at the forefront. While creating games that are interactive and have a fun gameplay experience, they are also focusing on the sustainability of the entire mechanism.

The project is community-focused and the opinions and feedback given by the community members and players are utilized to create an experience that helps them improve. Currently, Meta Masters Guild is in its presale phase, which is being carried out in 7 phases. The demand for its native token MEMAG is skyrocketing, as the project is gaining more popularity day by day. 

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C+Charge – Eco Friendly Crypto Project Rewarding Carbon Credits to EV Drivers

These days, there is a lot of interest in environmentally friendly cryptocurrency projects, and investors are investing heavily in them. C+Charge, a peer-to-peer payment system built on blockchain, is another name to make its position in the category of environmentally friendly cryptocurrency projects. The goal of this platform is to give carbon credits to EV owners/drivers in exchange for using $CCHG tokens to pay for their vehicles’ charging.

Furthermore, C+Charge gives its users a centralized application that offers a number of advantages, including the possibility to see the charging stations that the platform supports, store tokens in their personal digital wallets for cryptocurrencies, and track carbon credits in real-time, among other things. The network will withdraw these tokens from its circle of circulation once the user has paid for charging using $CCHG tokens in order to ensure steady demand for the tokens among the cryptocurrency community.

Users of C+Charge will be given the option to make NFTs of all carbon credits which they have collected through various means. This feature will further enhance the utility of this project in the eyes of crypto enthusiasts who are aiming to invest in environmentally friendly NFTs. The native token of this platform is the $CCHG token.

$CCHG tokens are currently being sold on a presale, where one can get a token for a price of 0.013 USDT. In its second phase, when it would be sold for a higher price of 0.0165 USDT, the token’s price would rise. Because investors are responding well to the presale, it has been able to raise more than $92,000 in a short period of time.

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Your capital is at risk.

RobotEra – Most Undervalued Metaverse Crypto Project

RobotEra Web 3 Cryptocurrency

RobotEra, with its new play-to-earn crypto game, introduces an all-new metaverse experience like the Sandbox metaverse, but better. Players get to be friends with others in the game, complete tasks such as farming and get rewarded for the same with TARO tokens.

In the game, players are identified as Robots, represented by a unique NFT and get to purchase a portion of the land inside the metaverse, where they can improve the infrastructure of the property by making use of the numerous tools provided in the game. Without requiring any knowledge of coding. By creating these in-game assets, players earn rewards in the form of TARO tokens- the native currency of the ecosystem.

TARO is an ERC20 token primarily used to make purchases inside the game, however, it also provides token holders with governance rights that help decide the future development of the project. Along with that, investors can also earn a passive income by choosing to stake their TARO tokens for a specific period.

RobotEra NFT Staking

Investors can choose to become a part of the project by participating in the presale of the TARO token that is currently live. The token can be purchased with either USDT or ETH. Where the token is available to purchase for $0.020 and can be purchased with USDT and ETH. This price is limited to phase one of the presales and is bound to increase once the sale reaches phase two, where the price will increase to $0.025.

At the speed in which investors have been stacking up TARO, it is likely that the presale itself may end before the scheduled presale end date. Currently well over $100,000 has been raised in a matter of days.

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Calvaria – High Potential P2E Game With An Undervalued Token

As of now, the number of crypto games has been increasing immensely. This is surely something that was expected since the genre has been embraced by a huge chunk of the investing citizenry. However, there are only a few projects in the space currently that can boast to be as great as Calvaria when it comes to having an innovative product that features high-quality artwork.

Buy Calvaria

Calvaria is one of the most undervalued projects in the space right now since it is still in its early days. It is an NFT trading card game which explores three major themes. The themes are hosted by what the project calls the Calvaria Universe. These three themes are also based on which each and every NFT character is created in the game. The go by the name Arcilla Divina, Miaquilia and The Void.

Judging by the community strength and interest around the project, it is very likely that Calvaria may gain quite a lot of popularity and value in the upcoming months. RIA, the native token of Calvaria has been created in such a way that utility would be a prime factor whenever someone considers investing in it.

Calvaria successfully completed its presale round – reaching its hard cap ahead of time. The token’s popularity due to its unique approach towards P2E space and not forgetting about non-crypto gamers are the primary reasons behind the success of the presale.

BKEX will become the first exchange to list Calvaria. The P2E token is also poised to be listed on LBank and Uniswap, with the listing date soon to be announced.

BKEX will also be running a seed incubator event for Calvaria that will run parallel to its listing.

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XRP – Best Popular Undervalued Cryptocurrency Available on Exchanges


XRP is the native token of Ripple, the company that defines itself as “open-source, permissionless and decentralized blockchain technology that can settle transactions in three to five seconds.” Ripple is a digital payment network that primarily functions as an exchange for payment settlement.

The XRP token acts as a temporary settlement layer denomination while serving as a mechanism of exchange between two currencies, both fiat and crypto. Ripple has several institutions and banks as their customers, helping them make convenient transactions between different currencies.

Investors who are looking for tokens to invest in that are available to trade on exchanges and don’t want to participate in pre-sales can totally consider XRP to be the optimal investment.


Cardano – Peer Reviewed Decentralized Blockchain Better Than Ethereum

Buy Cardano

Cardano is a proof-of-stake blockchain network considered a better alternative to Proof of Stake cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. It is a peer-reviewed decentralized blockchain protocol that supports transactions at a lower cost, making use of distributed ledger technology & has commendable smart contract infrastructure.

The platform has a range of featureswhich include creation of dApps and protocols, sending funds at an affordable rate, as well as serving as a tool to build smart contracts. The ADA token is used to complete these transactions, and can also be staked to keep the network functional and secure. Investors who’ve staked their tokens earn rewards in the form of ADA for their contribution.

Cardano is also used by agricultural companies to track fresh produce as well as used to store educational credentials on the network.

Owing to all these reasons, Cardano is considered one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, often suggested to be a better alternative to Ethereum.

The ADA token is among the top 10 cryptocurrencies according to market cap and is available to trade at $0.34. The token has a market cap of over $11 billion and continues to be one of the most undervalued cryptocurrencies for years.


Decentraland – Best Undervalued Metaverse Platform

Decentraland is a 3D virtual reality platform that enables users to produce and monetize content, as well as applications on the platform, and is owned by its members, unlike most other mainstream metaverses managed by centralized organizations.


Users can use the platform for leisure as well as business, and the platform enables users to buy a piece of land in Decentraland that can be explored with their digital friends. In addition to that, users can also own NFTs and trade virtual assets inside the metaverse.

Unlike metaverses that are owned and operated under the authority of an organization, where creators and developers have to pay a percentage of their earnings to the organization. Decentraland provides a decentralized metaverse, where users can build and share content while keeping their earnings to themselves.

Although MANA, the official currency of Decentraland is among the most valued cryptocurrencies – making it in the top 40 by market cap- it is still quite undervalued when you consider the potential of the project and the scale it could reach.

The token has performed quite well historically and has attracted big institutional investors such as Greyscale.

Given the current market sentiment, most cryptos have fallen in price and this is a great time to invest in your favorite cryptocurrency at a discount. The token is currently worth around $800 million in terms of marketcap and is expected to increase over the upcoming months.

Polygon – Undervalued Crypto Project With High Potential And Strong Credibility

Polygon Matic

Not all undervalued cryptocurrencies are unpopular, and Polygon’s MATIC is one such example. Although the token ranks 10 in the list of most valued cryptocurrencies, it’s still quite unvalued given the fundamentals and the potential of the project it supports.

Polygon is a Layer 2 scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain that helps solve a bunch of problems presented due to high traffic on the Ethereum network, such as high transaction fees and slower transaction speed.

The polygon network operates parallel to the Ethereum blockchain and is connected with a lot of Ethereum-based projects. The project helps improve scalability & sovereignty issues associated with Ethereum while offering the same security as the parent blockchain.

MATIC is the native currency of Polygon, primarily used to pay transaction fees on the network and provide users with governance rights- where users can vote in deciding the direction of the project. The token can also be staked, and users can earn up to 13.9% APY on their investment when they stake on Binance. WIth such strong fundamentals, it is one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in even if the coin was undervalued as it currently is.

PancakeSwap – Decentralized Exchange Token Enabling Permissionless Trading


PancakeSwap is a decentralized exchange that runs on the BNB chain and unlike most other centralized exchanges, it doesn’t rely on a traditional market model where a seller is required to carry a buy order. Instead, the platform makes use of an automated market maker model where assets are traded permissionless using liquidity pools.

Users can make their assets available for lending by depositing their funds in these liquidity pools and receiving a liquidity provider token in return. Users receive a fee for offering their assets, while users who want to access the Defi platform have to pay a fee from their end.

Decentralized exchanges are becoming increasingly popular with every passing day and PancakeSwap is among the preferred choice of investors. If you believe that decentralized exchanges could be the future of cryptocurrency trading, you should definitely consider investing in the official token of the platform, CAKE.

Algorand – Most Effective Blockchain Network

Blockchains often suffer from a common problem referred to as the Blockchain Trilema- where they struggle to optimize speed, security and decentralization but fail in one regard. For example, blockchains that optimize for speed and decentralization won’t be the most secure, while those that are secure and fast may not be very decentralized. And this limits blockchains from reaching their potential.

Undervalued cryptocurrencies

Algorand is a solution to this problem that is designed to perform best in all these attributes, and what’s even more intriguing is that the blockchain is completely open-source and anyone can build upon it.

The blockchain relies on a Proof of Stake mechanism where rewards are distributed among validators in the form of ALGO tokens, the native cryptocurrency of the network. This community incentivization ensures that the blockchain stays operational and serves efficiently for a variety of use cases.

The platform allows users to host decentralized applications, create new tokens or transfer existing tokens to the Algorand ecosystem. Tokens that don’t have high transaction speeds on their respective blockchains can function much better on the Algorand blockchain.

Considering Algorand is among the few blockchains that can tackle all the issues that limit their functionality, the token is ahead of its competitors and therefore a sound investment without a high entry barrier. The market cap of the token is less than $2 billion, and investors could expect decent returns once the token begins an upward rally.

What makes a cryptocurrency undervalued?

The main component that will be common in every undervalued cryptocurrency is that it will be lower in terms of price even if its product is considerably more valuable. Ideally, if a project delivers its promise perfectly, and still seems to be valued at a price that it was worth during some early stage, then it may be the perfect time to invest. Undervalued cryptocurrencies may not necessarily be small market cap projects. Major products with massive market caps too can be highly undervalued assets.

A very simple method of understanding if a particular crypto is an undervalued gem, would be to compare its market cap to that of its competitors. If as an investor, one feels that the product offered by the respective project is better than that of its contenders, then its market cap or valuation should clearly be higher. If it isn’t, then it is very likely to be an undervalued gem.

While all that’s mentioned above definitely is a way to understand if a project really is undervalued, there are several other indicators to find such cryptos too. Many a time, people mistake large-cap tokens to be overvalued simply because it has a higher price tag. Instead, it is recommended to look at the fundamentals of the project. Is it really making every development mentioned on its roadmap? Are there partnerships, upgrades and other advancements that could contribute to the growth? If the answer to all these questions is yes, while the price remains the same, then that particular crypto may indeed be an undervalued asset.

How To Find Undervalued Cryptos?

Finding undervalued cryptocurrencies depends on the time and investment that the person is interested in allotting to a particular project. As such, there are many ways to filter through several aspects and find undervalued cryptocurrencies. Listed below are some methods to find projects that have the potential to skyrocket in terms of community growth and price-

1. Take advantage of the bear market

The bear market is the only period within the crypto industry where prices may be surprisingly low. Infact, most of them will be at a massive discount, causing several investors to flee from the market, instead of accumulating assets. This paves the way for others to park their funds and gain massive profits in a very short span of time. However, while major cryptocurrencies may be enjoying a steady flow of investments, some cryptocurrencies with excellent use cases may be ignored.

Finding projects with a strong product which isn’t in the limelight can be done with ease by simply surfing through the top 100 projects. It can also be a great idea to keep a watch out for presales and be updated about projects that have backing from big players or strong utility. See our guide to the best crypto winter tokens.

2. Analytical Platforms

High-Quality analytical platforms may be difficult to come across. A project we mentioned in this article- Dash 2 Trade is a recommended option for those looking to find crypto gems in the market. As mentioned in its review, it has the capability to gather accurate and effective information that can be leveraged to make the most out of investments.

At present, there are some other tools too that can be utilized in order to find data on projects that may be undervalued. Projects that are high in terms of engagement and development but have a slow movement in price could be great indicators to look for. Community strength, social media activity and some other aspects can be measured using a good tool like Dash 2 Trade. using such features, an undervalued token can be located and invested in.

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3. Check for investors and features

A huge number of top crypto projects that have grown considerably in the past couple of months would have two things in common. Backing from big investors and features on top-rated crypto websites. Ideally, a feature on top sites could potentially put the project on the map and help it gain more in terms of price. But this may not always be the case, since investors are very likely to skip good projects and look for those that grow due to popularity alone.

Huge companies or cryptocurrency ecosystems backing a particular project can be beneficial for the project as well as its investors. A reputed and established organization will only back a project actively if they are sure that the respective project has promise. It means further collaborations, constant funding and even airdrops or similar perks for investors.

A feature on high-rated websites ultimately means research has gone behind it and the analysts have confirmed the project to be strong at least fundamentally. This is one of the most important factors when looking for an undervalued asset. Thus, both these aspects can be a vital source of information while finding undervalued crypto.

Consider the current market trend and compare it to the project

Market trends can be a smart way of identifying projects that are severely undervalued. The cryptocurrency market always has a particular market trend that it follows. This may change with time or transition to a different version of the same thing. Either way, it makes cryptocurrency projects more appealing to the audience when the crypto is in sync with the trend.

For instance, a project like C+Charge, which is a project based on creating an environmentally suitable ecosystem can be a good choice at a time like this. Investors, celebrities and even government entities have been critical of the blockchain industry for the hazards that several projects pose to the climate and environment. This in turn increases the demand and trend for projects that can infact do something to counter this. C+Charge comes at the right time, with the right product and captures the entire market with its concept.

Such projects may not rise in popularity instantly, but have the capability to shoot up in price eventually. Metaverse, Defi, memecoins etc are some of the most popular trends that the 2021 bull run saw. Every project within these domains had seen an increase in value when their respective categories were popular in the industry.


We took a look at some of the most promising, undervalued cryptocurrencies to invest in this year. Among these, a bunch show great potential, while many are already fulfilling the excitement investors had before the tokens were listed.

Investing in undervalued cryptocurrencies can deliver exponential returns, but investors should do their due diligence before investing their money in any undervalued cryptocurrency coin as all investment carries risk.

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FAQs on Undervalued Cryptos

How to identify an undervalued cryptocurrency?

Keeping an eye on new crypto project launches is the first step towards discovering an undervalued cryptocurrency. Once you’ve found one, you can compare it against similar projects and assess whether the project is better than the other in terms of the value offered. Along with that, the project must have high utility & high potential to eventually deliver exponential returns.

What are the best-undervalued cryptocurrencies right now?

While a lot of cryptocurrencies come out to be great investments, FightOut, Meta Masters Guild, RobotEra, and C+Charge are among the ones that are considered the best, given their future potential. Cryptocurrencies that are undergoing presales in particular could deliver exponential returns once they get listed on exchanges.

Should I invest in undervalued cryptocurrencies?

Yes, undervalued cryptocurrencies that show a lot of promise and offer legitimate utility can be extremely lucrative and help you make exponential gains, unlike mainstream cryptocurrencies. Since the barrier to entry is low, not only can everyone own the token but also own a significant quantity of it which is not possible with other cryptocurrencies that have a higher price like BTC or ETH.