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Best Crypto Launches to Invest In Early in 2023

As the crypto space is becoming more and more prevalent, there has been a significant rise in new crypto launches every single day. While this adds more competition and value to the domain, it also comes out lucrative for early investors to purchase assets at a lower price and expect a higher upside.

That said, we have compiled a list of the top new crypto launches with better utility following a background check and what the platform offers. We have also talked about how you can find new crypto launches and all the necessary information you need while seeking a new crypto platform.

The Best New Crypto Launches to Watch – Top List

Here’s a quick overview of the most promising new crypto launches this year:

  • FightOut (FGHT) – High Potential Project with an Innovative Product
  • Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – Most Recent Crypto Launch with Massive Potential
  • C+Charge (CCHG) – Emerging Crypto That Democratizes Carbon Credit Market
  • RobotEra (TARO)- A Metaverse Crypto Project
  • STEPN (GMT) – A Web3 Lifestyle App That Offers Move-to-Earn Rewards
  • Metaplex (MPLX) – Platform to Create and Launch NFT Collection
  • Point Network (POINT) – World’s First Real Web3 Architecture

Reviewing the Highest Potential Crypto Launches

We review the best upcoming crypto launches of 2023 and explained their utility and other benefits in detail below:

FightOut (FGHT) – High Potential Project with an Innovative Product

FightOut presale

FightOut is an M2E project, that has garnered interest from a major chunk of the investing citizenry at the moment. The project which is set in the fitness domain has not only managed to deliver its promise of an innovative product but also seems to be enticing investors with the chance of massive returns. Announced recently, FightOut has been gaining traction for an app that essentially replicates an actual gym and the benefits it provides.

Think of a personal trainer to help you out with your workouts, who pays you for simply doing exercises or moving. This is exactly what FightOut is all about. It also features an NFT avatar which develops in terms of strength depending on the number of workout sessions or miles a user moves. After a point, this NFT avatar can be used to battle against other players for rewards in the form of crypto.

The project is currently in its presale phase and is doing surprisingly well despite the current market conditions. There has been a substantial increase in the number of members within the community, and this is reflected in the funds being raised as well. Within just a couple of days, the project has managed to raise well over $2 million and continues to grow in demand.

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Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) – Most Recent Crypto Launch with Massive Potential

Meta Masters Guild is a crypto project that should be on the list of every crypto investor, beginner, or expert alike. The recently introduced project has been able to grab the attention of crypto investors and gaming enthusiasts with its unique approach towards Play 2 Earn (P2E) and the hunger to develop mobile games that are very high in quality.

Meta Masters day trading crypto

At the centre of Meta Masters Guild is its native token, MEMAG. The token is integral for the entire project, as it enables to stake their tokens, make in-game purchases and loads more. The total supply of the tokens stands at 1 billion, of which 35% are available during the Presale of the token. It has become the fastest-growing Play-to-earn guild of 2023, making it the perfect opportunity for investors to get into.

Meta Masters Guild buy on Uniswap Best Crypto STO

Currently, in its presale phase, Meta Masters Guild has been gaining popularity for being one of the most in-demand tokens at the moment. Infact, it sold more than $40,000 worth of MEMAG tokens within just minutes of its presales inception. This commendable achievement was appreciated by a huge chunk of the community as well. Soon after the presale, the crypto project is bound to get listed for its CEX listing, with many other updates and rollouts for its audience, including some new game titles.

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C+Charge (CCHG) – Emerging Crypto That Democratizes Carbon Credit Market

C+Charge is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer (P2P) payment system that is developed specifically for EV charging stations. Through this system, users can pay to charge their EV with the help of a C+Charge utility token and earn carbon credits in their digital wallet. The payment system of C+Charge is powered by its utility token, which is used to settle every charge.

If an EV owner or driver makes use of the C+Charge app to pay for a charge at one of the associated C+Charge stations, $GNT tokens would be given to them from the transaction fees generated during the charge. Holders of tokens will also receive pro-rata portions of transaction fees as carbon credits.

With the help of a crypto wallet provided through the C+Charge app, the owner of the charging station saves a good chunk of money by not having to utilize a point-of-sale system. Token holders will stand the opportunity to get carbon credits through “reflections,” and they, along with EV drivers, would be allowed to make use of the carbon credits, which have initially been kept aside for large corporations.

The native token of this platform is $CCHG, whose presale is currently going on. As of now, one could purchase for a discounted value of 0.013 USDT. In the remaining stages of the presale, the price of these tokens will increase; in the following phase, they will cost 0.0165 USDT, and a lot more in the latter stages. Investors should consider purchasing these tokens soon before their price increases in the later stages of the presale.

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Your capital is at risk.


RobotEra lets players own and control a piece of the Metaverse. This Metaverse is adding unique utilities that will set it apart from competitors. Players become robots and cultivate their own piece of property in the RobotEra Metaverse, making friends and accumulating resources.

Invest Early in RoboTera Crypto


The RobotEra ecosystem uses the TARO token as cash in the sandbox-style Metaverse. Anyone may join the RobotEra presale by spending USDT or ETH on their website. As the presale continues, the team will allow investors to use debit and credit cards through fiat onramp partners to participate.

Since this is considered one of the best crypto launches of the year, the presale price of TARO currently at 0.02 USDT and the chances are very high that this very price will get more expensive with each passing stage during the presale. 

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STEPN (GMT) – A Web3 Lifestyle app That Offers Move-to-Earn Rewards

STEPN is a web3 lifestyle app that is built with its own GameFi and Social-Fi elements. The platform aims to motivate people to have a healthy lifestyle with its move-to-earn mobile app, which is available on both Apple Store and Google Play Store.


It is one of the world’s first projects that effectively implemented the move-to-earn concept and completed four projects out of 500+ at the Solana Ignition Hackathon.

The move-to-earn mobile app allows users to earn in-game currencies for physical activities such as walking, jogging, or running outdoors. Users just need to equip themselves with NFT sneakers and start physical activities to earn in-game currency.

STEPN focuses on fighting climate change and bridging the gap between the public and Web 3.0. They also donate their profit to increase sustainability through burning carbon credits.

The platform has two types of tokens:

  • GMT (Green Metaverse Token) – It is a game utility token that can be earned with daily movement and has an unlimited supply.
  • GST (Green Satoshi token) – The supply of this token is set to halve every three years. Users would have to burn GMT tokens to complete in-game milestones to upgrade and mint new sneakers. Additionally, GMT tokens can also be used for governance and staking purposes.

Stepn NFT

The project launched its own decentralized exchange called DOOAR, which allows users to earn rewards by depositing tokens into liquidity pools. Furthermore, it also offers a decentralized wallet built into the game and supports three chains – SOL, BNB, and ETH.

According to Coinmarketcap, the GMT token has a market cap of approximately $250 million as of early 2023. Investors can buy the token on leading exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, etc. Several developments like stage 2 decentralized wallet and social-Fi systems are under progress within the STEPN ecosystem.

Investors can check out the STEPN Telegram channel for additional information and the latest updates.

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Metaplex (MPLX) – PLatform to Create and Launch NFT Collections

Metaplex is the most recently launched decentralized protocol that makes the process of creating and using NFTs and other digital assets on the Solana ecosystem. The platform is a collection of tools and smart contracts that simplify the process of creating and launching NFTs.

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Initially, the project focused on supporting the arts and entertainment industry. But now, they have expanded to support all the NFT use cases that add value to the community. Recently on October 7, 2022, the platform started the waitlist to get access to their Creator Studio. It offers no-code tools which make it easy for anyone to create, sell, and manage NFTs on Solana.

The Creator Studio allows users to create different types of digital assets – 1/1 art, open and limited editions, and generative collections. Without any coding experience or external web hosting, anyone can create art and mint their NFT collections using their Creator Studio.

Metaplex - New Crypto Launch

According to a recent roadmap report, over 100,000 builders and creators are using Metaplex to create, distribute, and monetize their work without barriers or gatekeepers.

The MPLX token is listed on leading exchanges such as FTX, KuCoin, Huobi, Ascendex, and Bybit. Users can buy the tokens on any of these platforms, where the token is valued at $0.15. Considering the constant NFT hype, MPLX is a new cryptocurrency to watch for long-term investments.

The platform also allows MPLX token holders to participate in the Metaplex DAO. You can visit their social media channels or website for further information and updates.

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Point Network (POINT) – World’s First Real Web3 Architecture

Point Network is a collection of software tools that aim to decentralize major components of the modern internet. The platform aims to expedite the process of building a complete decentralized infrastructure for Web3.0.


Unlike other crypto projects that failed to achieve full decentralization, Point network implements this idea with two major components – decentralized storage and decentralized browser. The platform is developing complete ‘decentralized storage’ where the POINT would be the native utility token for micropayments for using the decentralized internet.

Point Network is also developing a web3.0 browser called ‘Point browser’, which is only able to open decentralized websites and content instead of centralized websites like Google or Microsoft. The platform’s approach enables users to access decentralized websites, emails and social media, DAOs, and decentralized instant messaging.


Point network supports content creators and developers and enables them to insert dApp widgets right on their social media profiles alongside the posts, in the sidebars, etc. Audiences who visit the creator’s profile will be able to view the NFTs, browse collections, and even buy them right from the creator’s decentralized social media profiles.

POINT tokens have a limited supply, and the presale was successfully completed in September 2022 with a starting price of $0.35, which went up to $0.40 by the end of the sale. Investors can buy POINT tokens on the MEXC exchange.

How to Find the New Crypto Coin Launches?

There are a few ways investors can find out about new crypto launches. Some of them are listed below:


Joining in events is a great way of finding out about new crypto launches even before the majority of the people out there. Also, there is a high chance that such crypto events are covered by industry veterans who are highly knowledgeable about crypto projects. Hence, one should not miss out on events to access such profound information from experts.

Even though such events come with a price tag (entry fees), it may be worth it in the end. You can find out about upcoming events on platforms like CoinMarketCap and CoinDesk.

ICO Calendar

ICO Calendars are another great way to scout new crypto launches because of the fact that they are free to access. Popular platforms like CoinMarketCap list upcoming, ongoing, and completed crypto projects. Other well-known platforms that investors can check are CoinGecko, Cointelegraph, and Coincodex.

Investors can find all the relevant information about upcoming crypto ICOs on such websites. However, it is recommended that to do your due diligence before investing your money into any project.


Presale events are also announced on crypto news publications and popular websites. By following these platforms, you will know about the upcoming presale events and the details of how to participate in them. Presales are another great way of looking for new crypto launches, as the coins with successful presale events also perform well after their listing on exchanges.

Is Investing in Newly Launched Crypto a Good Idea?

Investing in new cryptocurrencies is beneficial in the long term if a project is selected only after thorough research and understanding of its features and benefits. It is essential to DYOR and always choose projects with proper documentation, transparent details of its roadmap, the team behind the project, and other necessary details.

By investing in projects with future growth potential, investors can increase their chances of winning rewards and making profits.

New Crypto Launches – Conclusion

No doubt that early crypto projects are one of the most lucrative ways for early investors to earn high rewards. By conducting the proper research and the right investment strategies, they can make hefty returns on their investments.

That said, our top picks for promising crypto launches are MEMAG which is set to launch in the coming weeks, with a low hard cap in its presale of $4.75 million which should be hit in Q1 2023, and move to earn project FightOut which launches in April 2023.

Fight Out (FGHT) - Newest Move to Earn Project


FightOut token
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  • Early Stage Presale Live Now
  • Earn Free Crypto & Meet Fitness Goals
  • LBank Labs Project
  • Partnered with Transak, Block Media
  • Staking Rewards & Bonuses
FightOut token


Which is the best newly launched crypto?

The best new crypto launches we reviewed above include five presale tokens, i.e. their presale has begun and their launch onto exchanges is imminent in the coming weeks. Those include FightOut and Meta Masters Guild, in the move to earn and play to earn sectors.

What is the newest upcoming crypto?

FightOut is one of the newest upcoming cryptos that is set to shake the crypto space. Investors can expect high returns because of its better utility.