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Top Blockchain Certification, Training & Courses for 2021

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Introduced in 2008 with Bitcoin, blockchain technology’s decentralized distributed ledger has been a point of conversation for quite some time in the startup world.

Now, with talk of Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, and more of the world’s leading companies looking into blockchain, it’s becoming something that everyone should get involved with. In fact, since everyone seems interested in the technology nowadays, jobs related to it have been popping up everywhere, and not just in finance, either.

That’s right. Blockchain technology has the potential to disrupt nearly any industry. From gaming to supply chains to development and so much more, this growing space is here to stay.

However, one might struggle with how to get involved in the industry. What sort of jobs does it offer? How do I learn more about blockchain from the developmental side of things? Well, aside from going to college in one of many emerging majors, you can take an online blockchain course. Here are the top blockchain courses for 2019.

The Best Blockchain Courses 2019

Now that you know what makes up a good blockchain course, let’s take a look at the best ones available for you in 2019.


1. Blockchain Certification from State University of New York (Coursera)

This course is based on Ethereum, and should help you develop dApps on that blockchain. It’s a free education that’s broken up into four parts. On top of the previously mentioned parts, it also helps users learn to build smart contracts and other projects within the blockchain network.

It’s an ideal way to learn, not to mention that the project has been put together by experts at the State University of New York and the University of Buffalo. That’s a ton of quality expertise put into a free course.

Students can take the course via Coursera and move from there. It’s ideal for developers looking to work full time or even freelance.


  • Cost: Free
  • Course duration: 16 Hours/4 Hours a Week
  • Certification received: Blockchain Specialization from the State University of New York.
  • Entry requirements: Basic programming is recommended but not necessary.


2. CryptoZombies – Create Your Own Game

CryptoZombies is interesting because it doesn’t approach development in the same way as these other courses do. Instead, it has you develop your own game on the Ethereum blockchain network.

The entire thing is designed around Ethereum’s network and is built for users who have little to no experience coding. Even if you’ve never touched the Solidity language before, the system here will help you understand what you’re doing.

Each lesson is fully interactive and takes place within the platform’s browser. It’s fun to check your progress as well. To do som the course will have you pit your built zombies against other developers. Each week you have a new lesson that adds to the complexity a little more.

Plus, as you progress through development, you gain different, unique zombies that showcase how every single asset on a blockchain is its own thing. As the website describes, CryptoZombies is “half code-school, half MMO crypto-collectible strategy game.” If that isn’t a good pitch for a class, then we don’t know what is!


  • Cost: Free
  • Course duration: As long as you’d like
  • Certification received: None
  • Entry requirements: None

3. Berkeley Blockchain Fundamentals – College Level Blockchain Knowledge

This course is from the Berkeley University of California and was built entirely by the school’s Computer Science department. The course is “a comprehensive survey of core topics in cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, and blockchain technology.”

Mainly, after taking this blockchain course, you’ll think about the world in blockchain. You’ll learn about use case, the pros and cons of working on a blockchain network and understanding the architecture underneath the technology, among other things.

It’s a fantastic base before jumping into any blockchain-related career. The website notes blockchain developer, data analyst, crypto trader, and similar professions as great jumping off points from this course.

There are two courses here, with an average of six weeks for each one. This breaks down into 3-5 hours a week. Upon completion, you’ll receive a Blockchain Fundamentals certificate from Berkeley.


  • Cost: $198
  • Course duration: 3-5 Hours/6 Weeks
  • Certification received: Blockchain Fundamentals Certificate
  • Entry requirements: None

4. Udemy: Ethereum Blockchain Developer – Online Knowledge For Those With A Budget

Udemy is one of the most popular places to find online courses. It only makes sense that its Ethereum Blockchain Developer class is high up on many lists, then.

Through this, you’ll learn how to build blockchains on Ethereum’s Solidity language, learn the ins and outs of smart contracts, understand how to utilize development kits like Truffle and Ethereum Studio, and much more.

It’s presented via 87 different video courses and 13 articles. And, it’s excellent for those who have basic knowledge of languages such as JavaScript. Primarily, you’ll be working with Ethereum at its base level, learning the ins and outs of its technology and emerging with knowledge of how to built decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

After the seven hours worth of content, your knowledge will be tested with a final exam and a certificate of completion. All of the content is accessible on either mobile or your television set – wherever you can access Udemy courses.


  • Cost: $199.99
  • Course duration: 7 Hours
  • Certification received: Certificate of Completion
  • Entry requirements: Basic coding knowledge

5. Princeton University’s Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Technologies Course – Free, In-Depth Information

Straight from Princeton University itself, this course teaches you everything you need to know about Bitcoin, both on a surface and a technical level. It’s an entirely free course and will leave you with the knowledge necessary to work with the world’s first cryptocurrency in any field.

You can start the course whenever you’d like, and take all of it online with deadlines that you control. However, note that while the information is valuable, there isn’t a certificate of completion offered. Instead, you’ll have to prove yourself with your knowledge.

The course takes an average of 18 hours to finish, and it recommends moving forward at 4 hours every week. Again, while you don’t have the certificate of completion, you leave with knowledge from one of the most accredited universities in the United States.


  • Cost: Free
  • Course duration: 18 Hours
  • Certification received: None
  • Entry requirements: None

6. Edureka Blockchain Certification Training – Great For Computer Science Geeks

This Edureka Blockchain Certification Training course is ideal for anyone looking to get into blockchain tech. It focuses on beginners, but having knowledge of Linux and JavaScript will help you along the way.

While the initial focus is on newbies, you’ll graduate from this course with knowledge extending from Bitcoin’s blockchain to Ethereum to mining to Hyperledger and so much more. In fact, the course will even have you build your own blockchain on the MultiChain platform.

Edureka’s course is one of the most fleshed out curriculums on this list, and it comes with a certificate of completion from the company. According to its website, holders of this certificate have gone on to work at Dell, Honeywell, Cisco, and many much companies of note.

As of now, this course has six weeks of lessons from an instructor before working on a hands-on project yourself. For the extra ambitious, there is an accelerated program as well that has users working on a specific project towards the end to test their knowledge.


  • Cost: $399
  • Course duration: Six weeks
  • Certification received: Certificate of Completion
  • Entry requirements: Knowledge of Linux and JavaScript will help

7. Udemy: Build Your Blockchain – Blockchain A-Z – Step By Step Blockchain Development

Another Udemy course, only this one focuses on blockchain technology. It’s incredibly accessible as well, requiring only a high-schoolers level of math understanding. On top of this, each lesson features in-depth support from the team on top of projects that focus on real use cases.

It’s ideal for beginners and is broken up into three tiers. Tier 1 has you build a blockchain, tier 2 has you create a crypto asset, and the third one has you putting together a smart contract. Not only will this project teach you about blockchain, but it will show you how to apply it as well.

Udemy updates this course frequently, and it contains around 14.5 hours of video combined with nine articles and three downloadable resources. It comes with a certificate of completion as well, on top of lifetime access to the course in case you ever need to look back on it.


  • Cost: $199.99
  • Course duration: 14.5 Hours
  • Certification received: Certificate of Completion
  • Entry requirements: High school math and some basic Python

8. The Linux Foundation’s Blockchain for Business – Develop a Business-Focused Ledger

While some other sessions on this list focus on cryptocurrencies as well as blockchain, this course is catered towards the latter. Not only that, but it brings with great knowledge related to Hyperledger.

It’s an ideal space to learn about blockchain regardless of your level of technical knowledge. The Linux Foundation will teach you about global use cases, open source technology, and advanced business blockchain applications. The goal is for students to learn to build blockchain apps in any industry.

The entire thing is free, though you’ll have to pay for a certificate. It’s a 14-week course that requires around 3 to 4 hours a week to pass. While you can go in with little knowledge, it would help to know how to use the command line and have experience with Java and Python.


  • Cost: Free but $99 for Certificate
  • Course duration: 14 Weeks
  • Certification received: Certificate of Completion
  • Entry requirements: Experience with Java and Python helps

9. Simplilearn Blockchain Certification Training Course – Widespread Knowledge For a Price

Undoubtedly the most complex course on this list, Simplilearn’s blockchain certification training course will teach you about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Hyperledger, and even multi-chain platforms.

You’ll use tools like Ganache, Truffle, and MetaMask to help build blockchain apps, and will even create your own private network with smart contracts. It’s a dedicated course that gives you the ability to pick and choose classes as you need them. There are over 40 to pick from, broken up into 11 projects, each with hands-on, sophisticated labs to test your knowledge.

Paired with this is 24/7 support should you ever need it. However, you’ll want to have some knowledge surrounding Linux, Node.js, and JavaScript or you might have a tough time. But, this will give you a complete understanding of blockchain technology and everything it can do for the world.

You can earn your Simplilearn certificate after 85% completion, which is valid for the rest of your life. That and you can apply for a live class or pre-recorded lessons based on your learning style. Overall, this course brings with 50 hours of training for you to master.


  • Cost: $$749/$799
  • Course duration: 50 Hours
  • Certification received: Certificate of Completion
  • Entry requirements: Knowledge of Linux, Node.js, and JavaScript is strongly recommended

10. MIT’s Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application Course – Next Level Business Tactics

Like Simplilearn’s, MIT’s blockchain technologies course is somewhat more complex than the others on this list, despite it being for investors instead of developers.

Not only will this course teach you about blockchain technology, but it will show you how to bring that knowledge into the business world, alongside how it works with artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things. The entire thing is personalized to your learning style and helps you design your own learning plan based on your schedule.

Overall, the course takes six weeks, with each week being its module. Each module takes around 5-8 hours to complete, as the course is accelerated. But, since a lot of it is knowledge-based rather than skill-based, you can start it without extensive coding skills.

You should leave this course with knowledge of all of blockchain’s issues. These include double-spending, the last mile problem, and much more. However, you’ll also know how to work around such issues in the long run.


  • Cost: $3,500
  • Course duration: 6 Weeks
  • Certification received: Certificate of Completion
  • Entry requirements: None

11. Oxford Blockchain Strategy Programme – Hands-On Development Practice

Oxford’s Blockchain Strategy Programme is framed similarly to MIT’s in that it’s business-focused. Additionally, it should leave you with complete knowledge of blockchain technology and how it can change the world.

There is an orientation, and then the class takes place over six weeks with an average of 12-15 hours per week. Note that 75% of those hours are core learning with the rest being hands-on work like group projects. It’s taught by globally-recognized blockchain experts as well.

Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate of attendance alongside access to a network of classmates that are using blockchain technology for business. All of the courses are downloadable, and you can work on them at your own time. But, there are weekly discussions and projects to participate in which should help keep you on track.

Overall, you can approach the course with little to no knowledge beforehand. It serves as a primer and then fleshes out that information in great detail.

  • Cost: $2,617
  • Course duration: 6 Weeks
  • Certification received: Certificate of Attendance from Saïd Business School
  • Entry requirements: None

What is a Blockchain Course?

A blockchain course can consist of many different things. Some teach you how to code and build smart contracts, while others provide a more philosophical understanding of the technology. Then you have courses that focus on the regulation and investment side of things if you’re so inclined. Essentially, every aspect of the industry is covered here.

Usually, these courses are presented in a video format. They’ll involve an expert who teaches the curriculum through a broken-down plan. Moreover, they’ll then test your understanding with quizzes and other forms of examination. Some are designed for beginners, while others cater to intermediate and expert students. Regardless, the best blockchain courses will provide you with the skills and knowledge required to take the job you prefer and excel at it.

What Makes a Good Blockchain Course?

The best blockchain courses will have up-to-date information on the constantly evolving industry. That and it will involve hands-on tests and quizzes to truly challenge what you know and make sure the details have stuck into your brain.

The person in charge will know their industry inside and out and will take great care in keeping their knowledge in-line with other experts in their field, be it the business or development side.

Finally, the best courses will space out their teachings. This is so you have time to digest the information before being tested on it thoroughly. That way, you aren’t rushing through or feeling overwhelmed by the training.

The Different Types of Blockchain Courses

As mentioned, there are multiple types of blockchain course. Let’s break down the different kinds.

➡️Developer focused

A developer focused blockchain course will teach you how to code in a blockchain’s specific language. Some have their own, like Ethereum’s Solidity language, while others adapt existing code languages like Java. You’ll also learn how to develop smart contracts, solve for security solutions, and code for scalability.

➡️Investment focused

An investment or business focused blockchain course won’t talk so much about the development side of things. Instead, it will help you learn what you need to know to start putting money into the industry and bring back a profit. That and it will help you start a successful blockchain-based business, learning how to market it properly alongside bring in the best talent you can afford.

Regardless of course type, each one is presented a little differently. Some are live courses that you must participate in on-time and bring with weekly projects and discussions to finish. Others are entirely self-learn, and you can work on them as you please.

That and despite offering similar knowledge, some courses take much longer than others. There are some that break up into weeks while others throw a ton at you at once. It can be overwhelming, so make sure you have the time before committing to one.

How We Rated These Blockchain Courses

To give you an idea to what we look for when judging whether a blockchain course is worth choosing, we’ve listed the most important factors below.

  • Price
  • Certificate
  • Length of the class
  • Availability
  • Entry Requirements
  • Accessible any time or in set periods


That’s a comprehensive list of some of the best blockchain courses in 2019. Some of them focus more on the development side of things, while others will give you the knowledge to work in the industry from a business or financial perspective.

Either way, do your research and spend some time looking at each one to see if it fits into your schedule. That way, you can get involved in the blockchain industry and disrupt your life before the rest of the world catches up.

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