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How to make money online – Top 20 FAST Methods for 2021

With all the excitement around cryptocurrency, you can be sure that a lot of people have made money online by trading Bitcoin, or by buying even a small fraction of it.

However true the statement above may be, there used to be life on the web before cryptocurrencies and alternative ways to make money online.

This guide below will introduce you many ways to make spare money every month using a range of methods: cryptocurrency, trading, surveys, trials and more!

Make Money Fast with Copy Trading

One of the best ways to make money online is by making your money work for you. Trading allows you to do that by trading with Stocks, Forex, Assets and of course, Cryptocurrencies. Though it’s recommended you have prior knowledge to trading to be able to make some decent amount of profit, there are some trading platforms online like ZuluTrade that allow you to ‘Copy’ the results of other investors who are performing well.

CopyTrade or Mirror Trade is a feature implemented by ZuluTrade that allows their users to copy the trends of another user. This feat is also known as Social Trading, and it’s one of the biggest things that made trading accessible to everyone.

To create an account with ZuluTrade is simple, and you can start trading within 5 minutes.

Trading with Trading Robots

If you want to get started trading to make money online, but you’re still not sure you want to invest it yourself, then you can try trading with trading bots. Trading bots have been lurking around the web for a long time, but they were made popular with Bitcoin Robots. The first Bitcoin Robot to come about was The Bitcoin Code, a software that promised to crack the bitcoin code and make their users daily profit.

Although Trading bots seem like a short solution to make money online, there have been recent scams involving celebrities and one of these trading bots called Bitcoin Revolution. Nothing was guaranteed, as it all seemed to be scammers using the platforms name to attract traffic to their scam bot.

Although these platforms are not all 100% sure, some of them are legit and are guaranteed to make daily profit like Bitcoin Profit and Bitcoin Evolution. If trading bots on cryptocurrency is not your cup of tea, you can then try the trading software that allows you to trade Cannabis Stocks. Weed Millionaire is one of those bots, and it’s been very popular with the recent regulations allowing cannabis consumption.

You can create an account for free with Weed Millionaire. It’s quick and easy, and usually takes no longer than 10 minutes to set it up. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

Create an account

The first step to begin trading with Weed Millionaire is creating an account. It’s easy and simple. All you need to do is access the homepage, and fill in the details. You will need to fill in the form with your First and last name, e-mail address and phone number. Don’t forget to choose a password.

Deposit the initial amount (recommended $250 USD)

The software is free to use, and you even have a demo account in the platform to use. To start trading cannabis stocks with a broker, however, you will need to make an initial deposit. We recommend $250 USD to begin with.

You can make an initial investment with Credit and Debit cards, with the Master, Visa and Amex flags, and use alternative payment methods like Neteller. Unfortunately they do not take PayPal, but you can choose any of the other methods described.

Start auto-trading

Once all of the prior steps have been fulfilled, and you have familiarised yourself with the Weed Millionaire platform, all that’s left is let the robot run on its own, and collect your profits. Remember though, there’s high volatility when trading stocks so make sure to withdraw all your profits on a daily basis.

Matched Betting

Matched betting is a betting method that allows you to make risk-free betting by using the free bets and bonuses that bookmakers offer as promotions. The reason why it’s risk free is because you will bet against yourself.

These websites offer you additional money to bet as an incentive. So, for instance, if you make an initial deposit with Ladbrokes of £10, they will release a bonus for you to use on another bet. You can’t, however, withdraw that bonus until you place the trades. That money is only to be used as a bonus to bet on other bets.

It sounds complicated and sounds like a daunting task, but it’s actually very simple. Let’s use football as an example. Let’s say you bet for X team to win, and you bet £10 on it. You need to make the initial bet to release the cash bonus on other bets. Now the trick is to just check other websites that offer a lot of bonus as well and register an account there, make a deposit and release the bonus.

The reason why we say it’s risk free, is because you will create an account on another one of these betting websites that has the same team playing at the same time, deposit £10 on that other website, and then bet against your own bet. By doing that, it means you will not lose your own money because win or lose, you will win your own bet back.

You can make a lot of money with this method, but it just takes a long time, effort, and book-keeping (you will have to create several accounts).

Online surveys

Surveys are one of the oldest methods to make an additional stream of revenue online. This method has proven to be effective, and one of the most sought after for newcomers in the make money online business.

The Surveys vary from products and brands looking to reach out to their customers, or just companies that collect data of a specific niche.

The best websites for Online Surveys are GlobalTestMarket, and SwagBucks.

Watch videos

Watching videos online is another great way to make money effortless. It’s not about watching videos on YouTube, but rather platforms and website that pay you for watching videos. These videos usually vary from all sorts of themes like sports, news, and themed videos.

The only negative thing about these platforms is that you usually need a minimum amount of earnings to withdraw from your account. Platforms that offer these videos to make money online are the previously mentioned Swagbucks, Inbox dollars and QuikRewards.

Make a Website

Having a website to blog or to keep as a diary is also a great way to generate content and get paid for that! Let’s put it this way: By documenting a subject or providing valuable content to a targeted audience, or people with interests in what you have to share is today one of the best days of making money online. The best platform to make a website is on WordPress. It’s very user-friendly and cheap to use.

Social Media

If you spend a lot of time updating your status on Facebook, taking photos on Instagram or tweeting the news, heads up because you could actually be paid for doing that.

Digital influencers are people who manage their social media accounts and publish content related to other people whose interests are similar. Social influencers are handsomely paid by advertisers to engage with their targeted audience.

A few tips and things to consider: These platforms are good for communicating and linking people to their interests in common. If you can find a way to do that effectively, then you could be sitting in a gold mine and not even know about it!


Just like social media and influencers, you can earn money online by creating videos and content for Youtube. Statistics say that as the years go by, people are more focused in using videos as their first alternative to engage with brands.

Being a Youtuber is such a big thing, that it become a sought after profession amongst Millennials. Many Youtubers become celebrities over night by creating videos.

The way you monetise videos on Youtube is based on views and advertisement placed inside your videos. So next time you watch a video on Youtube, and you have that annoying 5 seconds advertisement before your video begins, keep in mind that it’s actually helping the person who created the content to keep creating more videos.

Write an eBook

Have you ever read online that every man and woman should have the topic ‘Write a book’ on their bucket list, or things to do before you reach a certain age? Well, by writing an e-book you can kill two birds with one stone. You can clear that check-mark and even earn an extra buck while doing so!

Writing an e-book is not an easy task and it takes a lot of work and inspiration, but if you got that in place, all you need to do is upload it once you’re done to a platform like Wattpad.


Selling products online is another great way to make money online! A very famous method is using eBay. Their website is so big, that you can buy and sell all ranges of products. You can even find full business’ for sale in their categories. There is a trick that is one of the oldest ones in the book for that. On eBay, most charity shops buy objects and goods that are second hand or used and sell it back for a higher price. Because some of these items are on auction, you can usually find a good deal and sell it back again.

If you also have some items or clothes you want to sell yourself, then you can do so on eBay.

Affiliate marketing

So if you’ve got a blog all set up, or if you are that kind of person whose writing gets to other people, you should try to make money online with Affiliate marketing. This is actually one of the best ways to make money online in today’s age, since there are offers for literally everything.

The niches are many, and you can find anything from Hair Loss, to well… Cryptocurrencies.

The best websites that offer these affiliate offers are CrakRevenue and OGads.

For cryptocurrencies, there are also a few affiliate programs. The way they work is having users go through your platform or website and create an account. Once they make their first purchase or deposit, you will activate the commission for the referral. The best affiliate programs for cryptocurrencies are with Coinmama, Coinbase and Binance.

Freelance work

Freelancing Websites

If you have any notion about how to write, if your area of expertise is in a subject, or if you can write in a different language, then this is one of the best ways to make money online. Websites like Fiverr, Konker or People Per Hour are websites where you can submit a service you’re good at and sell it for cash.

Private Tutoring

This is one of the easiest ways to make money online. If you’ve got a subject you’re very good at, know an additional language, or if you are very crafty or artsy, you can teach it back to someone and make an additional income out of this.


If one of your strong points is additional languages spoken, you might consider doing translation as an additional part of your income. Although Google and other search engines have made this job rather obsolete by providing free translation support, not everything is in the same sense as it should be. Some expression in English, might not be the same when translated to Spanish by those websites. It’s always good to have someone whose proficiency in a specific language is spot on.


A lot of blogs, social media accounts and authoritative websites have a strong need for pictures taken in High Definition. This is a great way to make money online. If you have a camera that takes photos in HD or great image quality, then this gig might be for you. With the technology advancing faster as the days go by, you can even use your phone to take more than decent pictures that can be used and sold to other users.

Websites that have a portfolio and an image directory are websites like Shutterstock and Etsy. They have the “Royalty Free” section, but also have the option to sell your pictures to other users.

Odd Jobs

Drug Trials and tests

If you came all the way down here expecting a paragraph talking about drugs, legalisation of marijuana, weed or cannabis, then you’re thinking the wrong kind of drug trial.

There are many researches being done on new medication by doctors and med students. These researches can be highly lucrative to someone who’s looking to make a quick buck online. Although this is not necessarily a way to make money online, it starts with the registration online.

These researches are needed by pharmaceutical companies so that new drugs can be tested on actual human beings before being offered to everyone.

Don’t think you’ll be treated as a guinea pig, because that’s not what happens at all! These drugs have been through many other tests and trials before going to one of the last steps which consists in human trial for reactions or negative symptoms before being cleared. They should pose no risks or threats.

The websites that offer these ‘tests for hire’ are Covance and Trial 4 Us.

Movie Extras

Have you ever felt like you could participate in a movie, but just never really had the focus and determination to study full time and be an actor? Well you can still be placed inside movies as a movie extra. By creating a profile on one of these websites, you can be inserted on their database and soon be called in for trials. To be called for those, you just need to match a certain criteria required by the cast.

There are many more methods to make money online than the ones we’ve listed below, and if we were to list all of them, the list would be too long and nearly endless.

The trick is to work efficiently and make sure that you are investing your time in the correct manner.

Remember, your most important asset is time.

Do you know any additional methods to make money online? Share with us on the comment section

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