OneCoin MLM Scheme References Bitcoin To Attract Investors

By Jul 25, 2015 12:00 PM EST

The world of Bitcoin and the digital currency has seen its fair share of scams, Ponzi schemes, and MLM pyramids in recent years. Just a few months ago, HYIP’s seemed to be the “next big thing” in terms of dodgy Bitcoin schemes, but it looks like a certain altcoin is trying the old MLM game once again. OneCoin claims to be a bit of everything, while, in fact, they seem to be selling nothing but hot air.

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OneCoin – A Powerful Opportunity (Or Not?)Bitcoinist_MLM

For those among us who have been using the internet for quite some time now, the saying “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is” has been applicable on more than one occasion. In the case of OneCoin, that same saying comes to mind immediately, because the first sentence on their “Opportunity” page states: “OneCoin provides a once in a lifetime opportunity.”

The page then continues to mention the history of Bitcoin, and how the huge price spike of 2013 was such an important feat in the history of this disruptive digital currency. But have no fear, as this MLM program will allow investors to be “part of the next big winner in digital currency, OneCoin”.

So far, nothing seems out of the ordinary other than some very bold and wild claims, but this is where things get of particular interest. Joining the OneCoin program can only be done through invitation, creating the illusion of being a “select group of elite people”. Furthermore, everyone who joins the “One program” will position themselves “in an unlimited revenue generating program”.

If that isn’t a red flag, the page continues by referring to “OneLife Points”, a sort of online “currency” which apparently has value. The sooner you join the program, the more OneLife Points you will earn, as it is based on “all people who join the One program after you, will earn points for you”. This is the second red flag about this program and its MLM-based aspect.

Wide range of “Products” AvailableBitcoinist_OneCoin

To whet the appetite of potential investors, OneCoin offer various member “packages”. At the basic level, the “Rookie” package comes free of charge, which includes information on OneCoin, an e-book, and the OneCoin development newsletter. However, this package does not secure your position in the company, as that package will cost 30 EUR, which comes with a different e-book.

Package number three-  priced at 100 EUR – is the first level of an education program on cryptocurrency trading, and includes a “certificate” to explore the OneExchange platform. Further packages, priced between 500 EUR and 5,000 EUR – include additional educational courses, yet offer no other notable rewards.

Note from the Author: The e-book “Think and Grow Rich” included in the Rookie package is a 1937 self-help guide written by Napoleon Hill, available for US$0.99 on Kindle. “The Richest Man in Babylon”, included with the 30 EUR package, is a book written in 1926 by George S. Clason, and costs US$1.99 on Kindle.

Disturbing Lack of Information On The Site

Whenever a new financial opportunity comes around the corner, it is always a good idea to do a WHOIS search on the domain name itself. In the case of OneCoin, all domain registrar information is protected by WhoisGuard, revealing absolutely nothing about the alleged company behind this project. Another red flag, raising the total to three already.Bitcoinist_MLM Stop

Finding out more about the team behind OneCoin through the website itself is not yielding many more results. However, four names come up on the News section of the website: Sebastian Greenwood, Michael Mathias, Pehr Karlson and Dr. Ruja Ignatova. Googling either of these names will immediately return a lot of hits with the word “scam” or “MLM” in the title. Red flag number four is a fact.

Last but not least, OneCoin claims to be all about cryptocurrency and being the “next Bitcoin”. First of all, it is not unthinkable there will ever be a digital currency that could potentially dethrone Bitcoin, but OneCoin will definitely not be it. Secondly, on the website itself, there is no information to be found on how to obtain OneCoins themselves, rather than by investing. Apparently, these coins can still be mined, yet no instructions are to be found anywhere.

Compounding the concern is the fact that, even though OneCoin’s MLM program is all about digital currency, they do not accept Bitcoin as a payment method for their products. Only major credit cards are accepted as a payment method according to the website. If you are still keeping count of red flags, we have reached number five by now.

All in all, OneCoin is raising a lot of questions and providing next to no answers. And the answers we can deduct point to OneCoin being a major MLM scheme are an attempt to lure in people with the words “cryptocurrency” and “Bitcoin”. All the while having nothing to do with either by the looks of it. Use this website at your own risk!

What is your opinion on the OneCoin website? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: OneCoin Website

Images courtesy of Shutterstock and OneCoin

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  • Tim Tayshun

    We believe you, Tom. *wink *wink

  • Tim Tayshun

    Silly convicted felon for Ponzi fraud:

  • Thanks for this information. Now I wont be using this anymore. I can also suggest to use
    btcmoneysystem as this one helps me earn and get bitcoins.

  • Tonia

    I am very disappointed with OneCoin. I joined with high hopes and even got 5 people to join me and then after sending my tokens for mining….i discovered that i could not sell them! They came up with the new rule that i can only sell when the company goes public! This was not the information i had at the time i joined. I feel that it is very unfair to mislead people this way.

  • So, did your friend ever get his money back? Note: Its a year later now.

  • kev

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  • Please take photos of these advertisements which they post. Additionally, if you can find any avid Bitcoiners or REAL cryptocurrency enthusiasts in your area, I’m SURE they would be happy to attend, record, disrupt and then post those videos to YouTube, which is the guerilla tactic many in the community are beginning to employ.

    Such activism has lead to YouTube BANNING their main OneLife account for villain of their Terms of Service DISK and SCAM Policies.

    Such activism will surely cause the slowdown of new recruits (VICTIMS) and eventual collapsecollapsethe system, which constantly requires new investor funds coming in to pay off existing investors.

  • ACK

    This is sick!

    They hold like a small seminar probably every week from now and then, started recruiting people by posting an ad on newspaper, the fact that majority of the people here in Bali are not very well informed about this is an advantage for them as they didn’t go and check or did any research but let themselves be blinded by the fake hope of getting your money tripled, quadrupled and so on!

  • Probably not, or at least not all of it, or not for awhile. However, please go HERE to tell your story with others, as several have just added:

    Please tell your comment there because law enforcement closely follows stories there.

    Another POSSIBLE place he can go to sell his coins (at a discount) is
    Full Disclosure about that last link: J. Ryan Conley is a defected Onecoiner who has and is involved in several other MLM’s, but is attempting to open an unauthorized public exchange – which I think is hilarious (in a good way) to sell OR buy Onecoins. This will give us some true idea what the ACTUAL open market may be willing to pay for these Ponzi coins. Genius plan, IMHO 😉

  • ACK

    Hi, I’m from Indonesia. i was approached to join OneCoin by one of my friends but at the end I didn’t. I’ve done so many research about this. Little did i know about cryptocurrency. But OneCoin sounds to good to be true to me and I was so suspicious about it. My friend invested almost 8000USD and I am wondering if he’ll ever get his money back.

  • And then he straight cowarded out, TWICE after that even! Once during The Crypto Show and later for an Attorney moderated debate. That makes THREE scheduled events. How could I expect anything else though? In 250 comments he was unable to debunk EVEN ONE of the numerous egregious allegations against the Corrupto Queen “Dr.” ScRud’ja.

  • kschang

    Your lameness hadn’t changed in 9 months, has it? Had any of the facts changed? Had Ruja changed her mind about operating in the US?

  • Ken Labine

    hahahaha 9 months later you want to come chat up again lmao!
    No recent behindMLM blogs for you to comment on?
    So you his cousin? Friend? or you guys a couple?
    Just curious i know you some how related to BehindMLM confirm how!

  • kschang

    Yeah sure, authorities all over Europe are investigating OneCoin, with warnings issued in multiple countries, OneCoin don’t dare set foot in the US except for some rogue recruiters. Arrests in China of recruiters. You guys are not MLM at all. You guys just talk big.

  • kschang

    OneCoin doesn’t operate in the US and are not required to obey KYC.

  • kschang

    Please notice how much are the big recruiters like Kenny here make when they introduce people into signing up. How much *do* you make when you sign people up, Kenny boy?

  • kschang

    We’ve seen how you did “live on air” with Tim last time, and how you harassed KT into listening to you drone for hours.

  • kschang

    So you admit you can’t do math, do you need remedial math hangout?

  • kschang

    Yes, and you’re one of those bloggers who’s been blogging and issuing videos.

  • kschang

    Mr. McMurrain, I believe it’s written somewhere you’ve been extradited from Panama after you ran off with other people’s money. Care to comment on that?

  • kschang

    Too bad you don’t believe real news that BehindMLM reports on. Here’s the ORIGINAL link.

    Thanks for demonstrating your motivated reasoning! Just go back to your echo chamber of bogus good news. Enjoy your juicy steak, Cypher.

  • Aksel Sindre Farstad

    Behind MLM is full of disinformation. Very unserious. Not a source to base information on. Try look at the real business, not on bullshit spread by bloggers.

  • Yes, very smart! Give criminals your KYC info so when this scam implodes finally, which it will, they can also sell your identity on the black market. You Onecoiners are brilliant!!!

  • I’d rather sell drugs than Onecon (I do neither for obvious reasons)

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  • OneCoin

    Anyone who speaks German?

    Is this trough?


    With all this negative hype around OneCoin. Ken why don’t you prove that One Coin is not a Scam. People will only believe information that is trustworthy. What are your success with One Coin? One Coin should show clear and accurate trusting information. From the trading floor and other legal sources.

  • cryptocurrency is auditable by ANYONE who can read code. Having a “blockchain Auditor” is as retarded as having a toilet seat without a hole in it and a third party telling you its no problem to use.

  • 维卡币 = “Onecoin” = “Vicat” / “Vicat Credits” (translated)



    – OVER $30,000,000.00 (usd) IN ASSETS SEIZED!!!!!

    (according to Onecoin’s official website China accounts for +480,000 Member Affiliates [IA’s])


    Onecoin, an illegal MLM pyramid/ Ponzi scheme and FAKE “cryptocurrency,” marketing off of the success and technology of Bitcoin, but actually imposters (“We Are Better Than Bitcoin…”); seems to be nearing the end of its cycle of financial PONZI terror and short 19 month reign of false propaganda and deception. Recent, but unsuspecting “investors” and the elderly, hoping to ride the “new wave of cryptocurrency” success, had been promised exorbitant returns (“ROI: based-on-math”) by a wide network of “Team Leaders” and Founding Members.

    *NOTE: (Onecoin’s alleged “market” operates inside a “closed loop system” in which real-world supply-and-demand are not a factor, and which the Founder and CEO, Mrs. Ruja Ignatova, seemed to simply invent value, and expedite “barometric splits,” coinciding with dips in recruitment and the need for a “push.” This would, subsequently, give a sense of urgency, as well as the false impression of high “returns,” as reflected in the Company’s Backend and fraudulent “exchange,” xcoinx).

    Unfortunately, in addition to the likelihood of suffering broken relationships from bitter friends and family whom they may have innocently recruited, many now involved may lose everything they have invested. An unknown percentage of “real money” is tied up within the Onecoin Independent Affiliates’s Back Office, as well as “representative figures,” and may be inaccessible in “onecoins,” “tokens,” “mandatory accounts,” and even their own “cash accounts” – which the company currently holds all custody of in a centralized capacity.


    Onecoin has finally begun to lose traction due to numerous negative revelations and News of deceptive marketing practices; not to mention mounting criminal investigations (in nearly a dozen countries now). Slowly new investor funds are drying up as the word goes viral and IA customer service and system functionality complaints go unanswered, or worse, ARE DELETED from the Company’s numerous Facebook pages – all signs leading to Onecoin’s own internal collapse.

    Fortunately, less people are likely to sign up, as continued legal pressure from Authorities, as well as investigative reports from Consumer Advocacy “Watch Dog” groups persist. This has recently curtailed recruitment of new and innocent people from purchasing the over-priced and often plagiarized (copy-written) material – parts of which are being illegally re-soldat an incredible mark-up as “Cryptocurrency (*mis)Education Packages” which has been claimed to be their “Product.”

    *for emphasis

    Future prospects hard earned money will be safe from Onecoin’s mal-investment …or at least until the next get-rich-quick, hybrid cryptocurrency scheme pops up.


    Leo Wang

    Apr 28th, 2016 at 9:16 am (Q)

    Hey all,

    I live in China, I am Onecoin China team, I am here confirm u:

    维卡币 = Onecoin = Vicat (Pronounced)

    e.g. Octacoin = 馬克币 = Markcoin (Pronounced)

    Informations that Behind MLM stated above is 100% TRUTH!



    NOTE: The site I linked below says “Onecoin” 29 times, and “Vicat” 79 times (interchangeably) Hit “Translate” button on this link from Onecoin China:





    YiCai are a part of China Business Network and are, according to their website: “China’s largest financial content provider.”


    How’s this for a reliable and reputable News source!

    “ONECOIN IS A SCAM! INVESTORS ARE ABOUT TO BE TAUGHT A PAINFUL LESSON” From the #1 News Media in all of Germany, Der Spiegel!



  • Hi Samuel, I am not a licensed investment counselor, of course, but there are many viable cryptocurrency projects which are very exciting right now, such as Dash, Ethereum, Monero and certainly bitcoin, itself. This July we will see bitcoin’s distribution rate “halved,” something which occurs approximately every four years; a deflationary mechanism within the protocol itself which will lower the mining reward for solving a new block from 25 to 12.5 BTC. This will immediately affect the future scarcity of the coins and is a good argument for an decreased supply with an increased (or at the very least stable) demand.
    In a similar analogy, were the Saudi’s to announce a halving of their oil production we would see drastically increased prices at the pump by Monday. So, while I have no crystal ball, my opinion, if i had to guess, is that bitcoin value should increase to between $650-725 within just the next 3 months, and probably achieve $800-$950 by the end if this year. Again, this is strictly my opinion, but I am making every effort to move a little extra money into BTC every paycheck.

  • samuelhirschi

    thanks for all the information that you are posting, before that, i almost invested on one coin….. tim personaly where dou you think would be a good idea to invest money?

  • I’ve got a better link for you. It’s a brand new video of Grand Wizard Ruja’s PAID cover and ADVERTORIAL in Financial IT magazine. And don’t forget to read all the contents and check out the links 🙂

    Onecoin TRUTH: Financial IT COVER was PAID! The w…:

  • Tudor
  • kschang

    OneCoin warning issued by Austrian authorities:

    Latvian authorities states OneCoin is modelled after a pyramid scheme:

    Norwegian DSA warns against OneCoin scheme

    Ken Labine (one of the commenters a few months back) filibustered a supposed debate, talked by himself for FOUR PLUS HOURS as “opening statement” (his words, not mine) and his opponent couldn’t get a word in edge-wise or else.

    Let this be your guide on what sorts of folks are pimping OneCoin.


    Ken Labine vs Grand Wizard (RE: – The Exchange!?”)



    FORBES “Cover” of Ruja – FACTS DON’T LIE

    The Forbes cover is STILL being pushed as the truth on a main page, but these links finally prove TRUTH:


    QUOTE: “OneCoin / Dr.Ruja Ignatova in Forbes magazine interview In her interview for the May issue of the prestigious magazine Forbes Bulgaria, our founder Dr. Ruja Ignatova introduces OneCoin and discusses the potential of cryptocurrency with regards to security, innovation and profitability. By focusing on the value OneCoin brings to its members, Dr. Ruja Igna…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH – ”


    this is directly from Forbes Bulgaria’s webpage:


    FinancialIT “Cover” of Ruja – FACTS DON’T LIE


    The same as January (true winter edition) 2 pages added (ruja) 2 pages gone (ads)




    ………YOU DECIDE!

    You’re at 30% “**MINED!” next week!! You KNOW what that means?

    DO YOU EXPECT 50,000 (or 150,000 – 500,000??) MERCHANTS?




    Why do the main Onecon Groups disable “likes” and comments?

    What do they have to hide?”)


    But, don’t believe me alone.

    Do your own investigating and fact checking. It’s actually easier than you might think.

  • Osmo Joronen

    I can get you signed up with my team in Finland. Come to my site and get in touch. I am Finnish decent (immigrated as a boy) living in White Rock BC. You are all welcome and we support our team members. We’ll buy for you in Finland and you just send us the money on trust because you are in the diamond team with lots of OneCoin millionaires. Wel’ll teach you whatever you need to know to succeed. I need a team in North America now.
    Your tokens show up immediately.

  • I would ask these questions. Is the commodity that is onecoin a liquid asset? If so then how many exchanges have listed onecoin? Do people buy onecoin because they can use at thousands of online stores or do they buy it because they were convinced it would make them wealthy? If you can answer these questions honestly through your own research then you will discover wether or not this is a MLM ponzi style setup or a legitimate crypto-currency. If you can not answer these questions yourself you will find the adage that “a fool and his money are soon parted” applies to you.

  • Ash

    I have made money from onecoin!! As you can see, most of these are not facts but opinions. Give it a go and see what it does for you. No risk no reward.

    Sign up via my link

  • Alfredo J. Segura Better than the stock market , your investmen gains value over the time plus is becoming the next Legal cryptocurrency , people call it Bitcoin2.1

  • Alexander

    Guys, you’re not that well informed. You said the packages offer nothing but e-books. Well, that’s not true. They offer tokens you use to actually mine for OneCoins.

    You said there is no information on how to obtain the OneCoins. Well, so how come that I was able to mine for OneCoin (and done this for more than a year), how come I actually got OneCoins and how come I can sell OneCoin for Euros? And how is it possible for those Euros to be in my personal bank account now?

    @disqus_c3GfVLp2xv:disqus Why do you say it’s a scam? Cuz you can only trade for 60 EUR/day? Well, you knew that from the beginning. Or if you didn’t, who’s to blame? You don’t invest 2 x 5000 EUR without asking and knowing what to expect.

    And why do you say it “is not working to sell?” Have you uploaded the requested documents under the KYC section of your profile? Are your OneCoins free, or some of them are escrowed? Do you have enough coins? You should have at least 734 coins to be able to sell 11, that is 1,5% of your total free coins. Have you contacted the support staff at OneCoin?

    These are the kind of questions you should ask yourself before shouting out it’s a scam and it doesn’t work.

    As for the author of the text, get informed too. I’m not saying your concerns are not valid. I’m not saying thing could not turn out ugly for OneCoin. But it’s still no excuse for you not to get well informed before writing a piece like that.

  • Viktor Velero


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  • Mirek Maroń

    You can register here can succeed.

  • Jesse Ghostley

    Im in the USA and Onecoin is currently not operating here because of new regulations by the government. I know alot of people wanting to sign up in USA but are unable to at the moment. has rhe latest info on these regulations. If anyone knows how to register people in USA, please reply.

  • Aldus Ferdinand


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  • Wealthy and Healthy

    I invested in OneCoin and currently am making money with it. Personally I think a lot of the buzz is going round that people are worried their opportunity is not as intresting as OneCoin is.

    They pulled 1,4 billion euro’s out of the market, which is huge for a company founded 14 months ago. Intrested, just to take a look at the backoffice

    Sign up via

  • Tudor
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  • Madimetja Shogole

    Hello Ethan,

    Interesting questions there…

    I am really trying to find my way in to this Cryptocurrency field. I hope my question is not too late – in case you got the answers.

    Regarding OneCoin and your questions; what’s you take on this

  • Rebecca

    Email me, I’ll buy your position

  • Ken Labine

    whats this have to do with the fact out of billions we in 10000th wake up o smart one!

  • Ken Labine

    who said it was, stop talking out your ass lets talk like men reach out dont be a computer know it all, put that knowledge live on air lets do this!

  • Ken Labine

    you are so not smart,
    instead of us typing lets do a live hangout 🙂
    Im sure people would love to hear your opionon then read your nonsense 🙂
    I have nothing to hide more then willing to educate you and allow you to try to educate me, when would you like to do this?

  • Michael

    Also so to educate you, website ranking is based on daily traffic to the website, so google and facebook being the largest is not pure long or an accident, it is a result of hard work.

  • Michael

    In this case you are top 4,790,000, because as you say top .001% based on 4.79 billion pages is equal to 4.79 million so it seems to me that you are either ignorant about how the web works or you are just plain delusional. So you know any website site created that are fraudulent and have zero organic traffic are top .001% just so you know. Now to educate you a little bit, 10268 based in 4.79 billion means 2.143632567849687e-4% or .0214% of .0214%

  • Ken Labine

    if you want real infomation reach out 🙂

  • Ken Labine

    please notice the ad space notice the click off spots to go to new blogs, bloggers like this guy do this as there job get there opionon out do it many times a day and sell ad space dont be fooled into thinking the front page of google is research is the farthest thing from! Its bloggers like myself and this guy fighting to be on the front page!

  • Ken Labine

    can you reach out to me on facebook I want to help you get this resolved 🙂

    have you filled out the information in your back office? there is about 4 new boxes we need to complete this has caused hiccup for people on my team too but you just need to simply update your profile…

    Too we were selling tokens before because the coins just started mining trading tokens was just practice in a sense while we waited for more onecoins to mine so we can start trading them as we have… Reach out to me 🙂

  • Ken Labine

    no you see bloggers and people who are lacking information all the time

    Reach out would love to do a live hangout with you we can educate eachother 🙂

  • Ken Labine

    Dont be ignorant Michael, google and facebook fight for the number one spot!
    there are 4.79 billion web pages updated oct 1, 2015 and yes onecoin is in top 10K so yes we are actually in the top .001%

    Google facebook are number 1 and number 2 not top 1%

    Now you know 🙂

  • disqus_R5euJNLvqc

    Hellen, Have you put the necessary KYC (know your customer) paper OneCoin to customer service? Passport, invoice and bank statement? The money is not paid out if you do not know to whom they are paid.

  • Michael

    Not true, It is not ranked top 1% on Alexa, it is ranked 10,268 on global rank. Google, Facebook are top 1%.

  • Hellen

    Hello to everyone ! YES ONECOIN IS A SCAM !

    I invest in Onecoin 1 year ago ! I still tray to get my money back !
    First they say i can sell 1.5 % from my Tokens … now.. they change.. and im able to sell onecoin just for 60 euro/ day. BUT IS NOT WORKING to sell !
    I was crazy to invest 10.000 euro.. and now i can not get my money back !!
    I write to support and nomeboady answer !

  • Ethan, my comment is in response to your claim that, “Googling either of these names will immediately return a lot of hits with the word ‘scam’ or ‘MLM’ in the title. Red flag number four…”, and that the subject of your article, OneCoin, is a “major MLM scheme”. Among the points you list as to why OneCoin is illegitimate, you explicitly cite the mere fact it appears to be an MLM program as a “red flag”, and then label it, not a *pyramid* scheme, but rather an “MLM Scheme”. Then, when you are challenged on this point, you respond, “Regardless if it’s an MLM or a real pyramid scheme, its completely illegitimate to anyone who knows crypto.”

    That’s exactly my point, Ethan. If, in fact, OneCoin is a pyramid scheme, which is illegal, that’s a huge red flag and legitimate point in your claim of illegitimacy. If, however, you’re still going to raise a red flag and make the same claim of illegitimacy “regardless” that it’s an MLM program, which is legal, then you do not understand the legal distinctions between pyramid schemes and MLM programs.

    Having studied the subject, full time, for 25 years, and having served as an expert in as many legal cases, I do understand the distinction. And if OneCoin operates as you have described, then the overall thesis of your article is absolutely correct. It is very likely a PYRAMID scheme – NOT an MLM scheme.

  • Ethan Berk

    So what’s the wallet like?
    And the source for it’s blockchain?
    And is it being traded, or recognized on any crypto trading sites?
    How are the coins mined?
    How many coins are distributed when a block is solved, if there IS a chain?

    I see real coin developers laughing at Ruja all the time because of her “Lack of ability to make a real coin.”

  • Ethan Berk

    Not relevant to the topic at all. Thank you, Len, for defending your industry, but this is mostly pointed at those of us looking to see if this is a legitimate cryptocurrency worth investing in. Regardless if it’s an MLM or a real pyramid scheme, its completely illegitimate to anyone who knows crypto.

  • As Robert has already commented, there are legal, legitimate MLM programs, and there are illegal pyramid schemes. These are two separate and distinct entity classifications. Calling something an “MLM pyramid scheme” (or words to that effect) is like calling someone who was found to be impersonating a police officer an “illegitimate police officer”. He was NO KIND of police officer (not yelling… have to use caps because, here in 2015, Disqus still doesn’t offer basic, fundamental, bold/italics/underline functions – but that’s another criticism).
    Yes, it’s true that a lot of pyramid schemes try to disguise themselves as legal, legitimate MLM programs – because they want to APPEAR legal and legitimate. Once their sheep’s clothing has been removed, and the wool is removed from our eyes, exposing their true colors… sorry, I’ve got a garage full of idioms that I’ve got to unload… why does everyone still insist on referring to them as an “MLM scheme”? Do we still refer to Lance Armstrong as “Seven time Tour de France winner”? Do we still refer to Bernie Madoff as an “investment adviser”?
    Bottom line: A Venn diagram of all MLM programs and all pyramid schemes WILL NOT OVERLAP! (That was yelling).

  • Aksel Sindre Farstad

    Well said. Some BitCoin people really not understand this. OneCoin are bigger and they do not want to see the fact that network marketing is legal and not the same as a pyramide scheme.

  • Aksel Sindre Farstad

    Thanks for wise words Tom. I use to watch your recordings in YouTube and even uploaded a speech of yours into my YouTube channel. I hope you do not mind.

  • Tom McMurrain

    I am a Bitcoin supporter but the BTC community seems to be upset at the fact that OneCoin has actually figured out the “distribution” aspect of building a digital currency community. With over 480,000 members it is already two times larger than the Bitcoin userbase. While you can google scam on any company including Bitcoin – the one thing I have noticed is there are NO substantiated claims on any of the no-name websites that report on OneCoin – it is my opinion that those ‘yellow’ reporting websites are simply leveraging the fact that the search term OneCoin is ranked in the top 1% of the world of website traffic according to – If you are a digital currency advocate you should be finding ways to support Dr. Ruja’s efforts to spread the word of Bitcoin and digital currency.

  • I’m curious if the author knows the difference between MLM and Pyramids? Hint: MLMs are perfectly legal and Pyramids are totally illegal. I’ll do a CMA and say “I am not a lawyer so seek competent legal advice” because the context of the article seems to say MLM itself is a scam which to me seems slanderous. Again, the author should know the difference between a pyramid and a MLM program. They very similar but does the author know what factors would cause the owners of one to go to jail and the owners of others to pay taxes?

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