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IMPT Presale Raises more than $12 Million — Should You Invest?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

IMPT Presale Raises $12 Million
IMPT Presale Raises $12 Million

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Early investors and eco-conscious crypto users have shown strong support for IMPT, making it on track to raise $12 million in its presale and become the most eco-friendly cryptocurrency in 2022. 

IMPT’s innovative approach to carbon credit trading seeks to make the market more accessible and transparent, normalizing environmentally conscious choices.

More well-known companies, such as and Samsung, have joined the project’s affiliate network on the project’s major e-commerce platform, which enables carbon credits trading. This choice will certainly increase public enthusiasm for IMPT, which will hasten the ICO’s presale phase.

IMPT Revolutionizing the Concept of Carbon Credit

Many fraudsters have, for a long time, cast a negative light on carbon offsetting, which has led to a negative public perception. The carbon credits industry is rife with fraud, from double selling to counterfeit credits. The reason for this is the trade’s gatekeeping, which hides its full significance.

Carbon credits are a type of emission allowance for greenhouse gases. If the owner doesn’t plan to utilize the permit, they can sell or exchange it. 

However, major corporations and other groups have maintained hegemonic dominance over the purchase and sale of carbon credits. They have been evasive to the average citizen. 

With IMPT, regular people may now take part in the selling of carbon credits, a hitherto inaccessible market. 

The heart of the IMPT ecosystem is a marketplace where ESG enterprises may promote their products and services online. 

The IMPT app will provide users access to this mall. When users make purchases from participating businesses, the platform gives them IMPT tokens as an expression of gratitude towards their contribution of benefitting nature. 

The IMPT token may be traded in exchange for carbon credits, which the customer can use to make further purchases. The resulting carbon credits can be resold. Customers who choose out of selling their carbon credits and instead retire them will get a unique work of NFT art. 

What Is Pumping IMPT’s Price?

Pre-sale cryptocurrencies, especially those with phases that let investors participate at different times; have been quite popular in 2022. Being a presale token is one factor that has helped IMPT rise in value, but there are several other factors which are helping IMPT’s value pump.

Some of them are:

Energy Efficient In Nature

Industry leaders and others working in the NFT field have long questioned the technology’s potential impact on the environment. It was due to Ethereum before the integration. But now that Ethereum has adopted Proof-of-Stake and become a more energy-efficient cryptocurrency as a result of the merger, IMPT has excellent growth prospects. 

The Practice of Carbon Offsetting Is a New

Although the concept of carbon offsetting has indeed been known since the 1980s, it didn’t really take off until the early 2010s. When scientific communities banded together with uncontestable facts, industries took notice. The carbon offset market has grown by 128% since the beginning of the new period of ESG enterprises. By 2050, it may have multiplied by 50 times.

Utility-Based NFT’s

In the wake of the crypto winter NFT demand plummeted by over 100%. People began calling for NFTs based on utilities as the fortunes of NFT heavyweights like BAYC and others began to dwindle. Tokenizing carbon credits as NFTs is one-way IMPT helps this possibility forward. 

IMPT Almost raised $12 million

IMPT is rapidly approaching the $12 million mark. Now is a great moment to join the presale and get in on the ground floor as one IMPT token is priced at approximately $0.023. However, after it passes through stage two and into a higher level or a crypto initial DEX offering (IDO), its value will grow.

Those interested in participating in this environmentally friendly cryptocurrency initiative may do so right now by visiting the official website, linking their wallet, and purchasing the cryptocurrency. To learn more about the procedure, visit IMPT’s website.

IMPT Affiliate Program Adds Over 25,000 Brands So Far

The availability of ESG brands and customers may be considered the engine that drives the ecosystem. With a two-pronged strategy, IMPT aims to be one of the most long-lived digital currencies. Since ESG brands are available, consumers can confidently purchase eco-friendly items that do less harm to the planet. Second, IMPT tokens may be traded for carbon credits and sold back to the market to businesses that are actively working to reduce their carbon footprint. 

This connection will lead you to a directory of the participating businesses. Major tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon have joined IMPT as their affiliate network, joining a roster that also includes many smaller businesses that are racing the clock to improve their ESG ratings. 

With additional partners like Samsung and, clients will have more alternatives when the platform launches. In light of the positive attention this platform has received, its debut is likely to occur quickly.

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