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Biggest Crypto Gainers Today – December 20

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Find out which cryptocurrencies currently rule the market by reading on. The top gainers on December 20, 2022, included XDC, GMX, D2T, FGHT, and TARO. Watching these top performers can help you choose where to invest your hard-earned money in the best way, whether you are an experienced trader or you are just getting started. Examining the causes of the most recent increase in the prices of these particular cryptocurrencies will help us predict what the future may hold.

XDC Network (XDC)

XDC Network

Hummingbot, a Calif. open-source DeFi business software system, recently launched a 12-week feasibility mining campaign for XDC on well-known crypto exchanges and KuCoin. This XDC-based campaign started on Tuesday. For the XDC Network to bring together big communities and provide liquidity, this was a crucial step, naturally helping its price move upwards.

The token combinations XDC/USDT and XDC/ETH are supported by this XDC-based campaign as acceptable submissions. Users can take part in this campaign by setting up a fully automated XDC mining bot and adding a KuCoin or exchange account. A comprehensive set of instructions has been posted on the XDC Member forum. Due to all these advancements, XDC has more exposure, which has led to more investors becoming part of its ecosystem as a whole.

This is most likely what is driving XDC’s price increase and upward trend. The token’s price has increased from $0.021 to $0.025 even over a weekly time frame, which goes the show the strength that the project has been featuring not just today, but in the past couple of days.


In recent months, the cost of GMX (GMX) has risen, and in December, that trend continued. The coin’s price recently rose to a high of $60, marking its highest level since Oct 5 of this year. From its lowest point this year, GMX has increased by more than 147%.

gmx exchange AVAX whale profit

However, there are several reasons behind its significant upward surge. Everything has worked to increase the value of GMX, from positive comments from prominent players in the cryptocurrency industry to the overwhelmingly high level of public interest in decentralized funding (DeFi).

Despite the improving optimism in the cryptocurrency market, the recent increases in the GMX currency look to be declining for the day. The cause is still unclear, though. GMX, in contrast, is a platform that is not controlled by a single individual and is decentralized. Additionally, it is an open platform that welcomes user additions. It was built based on Arbitrum as well as Avalanche, which makes its transactions extremely rapid and affordable.

The overall TVL in GMX has risen to an all-time peak of around $1 billion, according to statistics acquired by DeFi Llama. Decentralized marketplaces like GMX were quite well-known as a result of the failure of FTX, a significant centralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Dash 2 Trade (D2T)

A project which has been gaining high demand and may be looking for a further increase in value too, is Dash 2 Trade. It is made to help investors deal with cryptocurrency trading options better. It also gives consumers a tactical advantage for traversing the cryptocurrency business by offering several technical indicators, enhanced on-chain data, as well as trading strategies.

Buy Dash 2 Trade

Users will have real-time access to social data, on-chain analytics, as well as presale market data because of their special grading system. Due to the currency’s quick delivery of crucial crypto trading indicators, investors have stayed with it. Due to the high demand for the D2T token during the presale, reputable exchanges are prepared to list it shortly after launch, and they anticipate a sizeable daily volume of trade once the token goes live.

The project has a hard cap of $13.4 million as of the date of this writing, of which some $10 million has currently been reached. It is truly admirable that the market has experienced such incredible development.

FightOut (FGHT)

FightOut is one of the top move-to-earn crypto services that has had tremendous growth since its original announcement. Pre-sale access for its native FGHT currency has begun, and demand has been quite high. The FGHT cryptocurrency is given as a prize to athletes who improve their fitness. Using the platform’s app, they may receive personalized workouts and perform them with in-depth tutorial videos provided by well-known trainers. The workouts are meant to help athletes improve their strength, cardio, endurance, and technique as they get ready for boxing as well as MMA.

Buy FightOut tokens

REPS is given to users or athletes when they complete their workouts. REPS may be used in the FightOut app to pay for goods, private coaching sessions, and more. Additionally, the REPS rewards program hopes to inspire individuals to improve their general fitness. There are soft limitations on how many REPS a user may gain from strength, cardiovascular, endurance, and technical sessions. A person will therefore get the greatest REPS by performing exercises in the following categories:

Users of FightOut also get an NFT avatar to help them get fitter. In the FightOut metaverse, this avatar can be utilized to take part in leagues, competitions, and virtual fights. It’s also a great way for the FightOut network to highlight fitness improvements. Since the cryptocurrency presale now offers a 50% incentive for early buyers, demand has risen even higher.

RobotEra (TARO)

RobotEra Best Proof of Stake token

RobotEra wants to provide players with more exciting gameplay mechanics and income prospects than the well-known project Decentraland. In contrast to player-versus-player competitions, RobotEra gives players additional chances to earn prizes as they explore and attempt to fix Taro’s ruin.

The local currency in RobotEra is called TARO. Although owners of the crypto money can wager to acquire more units, the token will be used within the game to purchase and sell NFTs. Similar to the other presale ventures listed above, this asset is now up for sale on the website and has been building a sizable community. The token is growing in terms of demand considerably, and may be looking at some massive gains in the upcoming days.

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FightOut token
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