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Whales are Predicting This Cryptocurrency to Explode 100x by 2023

Cryptocurrency to Explode 100x
Cryptocurrency to Explode 100x

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Presales of cryptocurrencies have raised millions of dollars during the entire year of 2022. An excellent illustration of this is Dash 2 Trade. In addition, with the presale for Dash 2 Trade winding down and the CEX listing approved, investors should anticipate a sharp increase in value from hereon. 

The Presale of D2T tokens is almost over, but there is still time to get in on the action and get some for $0.0533 each. In 2023, now is the time to invest in this fantastic crypto analytics platform by visiting

Investors have started investing in D2T tokens, which is the currency used to enter the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem, bringing the total amount raised to $10 million.

On January 11th, D2T gets listed on a regulated exchange for the first time. The cryptocurrency venture has secured listing agreements with Changelly, Lbank, and BitMart.

More on Dash 2 Trade and How It Works

Due to the crypto market crisis brought on by Terra Labs and FTX’s questionable practices, investors are now much more selective in their cryptocurrency investments. Both inexperienced and seasoned investors alike seek resources that might help them choose the finest ventures to back. 

The purpose of Dash 2 Trade is to facilitate trading by providing traders with real-time information on the most recent projects and the means to put that information into action in a short amount of time. 

Some of the most well-known cryptocurrency exchanges today don’t offer the same level of market insight or trading tools as this publication does.

You may track whale behavior and benefit from it with the help of Dash 2 Trade’s on-chain statistics and other tools. Further, it provides social indicators, which allow you to anticipate market shifts by tracking what’s popular on social media.

In addition, you may take use of the Trading Competitions, Trading API integration, and a Strategy Builder and Backtester tools to further simplify your trading experience. The modern, user-friendly interface will have buttons for all of these functions. 

When Dash 2 Trade comes out in the market in in 2023, its interface and features will undoubtedly trigger a surge in demand and price.

Backed By High Utility Token

The Dash 2 Trade network has a native token D2T which has a lot of utility. Due to their useful features, the tokens are a wise investment now in anticipation of their price increase in 2023. It’s an ERC-20 token, and the greatest part is that buying and selling D2T coins on exchanges doesn’t incur any tax liability.

D2T tokens are required for access to the Dash 2 Trade dashboard and all of its unique features. Since it is computationally expensive to operate over several tokens, the cutting-edge tools on the platform, like the strategy Backtester, require D2T tokens as payment. This is why D2T is considered the superior token by industry insiders.

Update on Dashboard Beta Phase

The beta version of Dash 2 Trade’s interface is scheduled for release within the first quarter of 2023. Investors will probably be able to test out the D2T dashboard before the token officially trades on exchanges.

With the launch of the portal, users will be able to track their cryptocurrency projects and gain a deeper knowledge of their tokens through the utilization of social analytics, presale scores, and individualized watch lists. The sophisticated indicators on exchanges and automated trading system in the dashboard make chart analysis accessible to users of all skill levels. 

Presale to End before Schedule

Presale for Dash 2 Trade was supposed to include 9 phases, a $40 million hard cap, and 665 million tokens. As a direct response to the demise of FTX and the growing need among crypto investors for foolproof methods of protecting themselves from fraud, the creators of Dash 2 Trade have chosen to launch the protocol considerably earlier than expected.

There will be a total of $13.42 million available during the presale, and only 262.5 million D2T tokens will be available. Pre-sale tokens will not have a waiting time before they can be used. In its current, concluding phase, there is very little time remaining for investors to acquire tokens. 

Major CEX Listing Will Propel the Dash 2 Trade Price to the Moon

According to the company’s initial plan, Dash 2 Trade was supposed to begin its CEX/DEX listing campaign in the first quarter of 2023. With all the excitement around D2T, however, big platforms are making the effort to list the coin.

To begin, D2T will soon be listed on CEX LBank, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world. BitMart confirmed D2T’s inclusion after LBank’s first statement. As with LBank, BitMart is a popular cryptocurrency exchange that attracts millions of weekly users.

The leading decentralized exchange in the world, Uniswap which is also a DEX exchange, will also be listing Dash 2 Trade. Uniswap is an Ethereum-based platform that facilitates the trading of ERC-20 tokens on more than 800 different exchanges.

D2T’s price should increase as a result of these three major listings since they will provide the cryptocurrency with a flood of new buyers. Beginners will find it less daunting to trade on LBank and BitMart thanks to their fiat currency entry points.

The future of Dash 2 Trade will be significantly affected by these listings, perhaps leading to further listings within the first quarter of 2023.

Final Word — Is the Timing Right to Invest in Dash 2 Trade?

Dash 2 Trade is off to a great start since it has been developed in collaboration with Learn 2 Trade, a community of 70,000 traders of which presently 40,000 are active.

Now is a perfect time to invest in D2T, since both BitMart and LBank want to list it after the presale is complete. Keeping in mind D2T’s great potential, investors should feel secure after hearing about its CEX IPO.

Also with the beta scheduled to release in 2023, the demonstration will provide much-needed context for potential backers. To have such a huge product nearly ready to launch before the presale has even concluded is a remarkable feat.

In addition to fully actionable curated signals, the dashboard will also include auto-trading, social trading, trading tournaments, backtesting, and much more. The project was able to advance product development before the beginning of the presale because of the VC seed money it had previously secured. 

Twenty days remain, and less than a quarter of tokens are still accessible to the public, yet the presale has already raised about $10 million.

The Dash 2 Trade smart contract code has been thoroughly audited by SolidProof, and the team’s validity has been verified by CoinSniper. Before its price shoots up in 2023, invest in this crypto by paying a visit to

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