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DraftKings NFT Marketplace Expansion with NFLPA Partnership

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DraftKings NFT Marketplace
DraftKings NFT Marketplace

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Crypto is going mainstream! With the National Football League embracing these digital currencies, it is evident that cryptos are in for the long run when it comes to the world of eSports and online gaming.

The NFLPA has partnered with online sports betting giant DraftKings, and the two have recently announced their latest developments to explore NFT marketplaces for blockchain innovations.

DraftKings NFT marketplace

DraftKings recently launched an online marketplace with Tom Brady NFTs, giving fans a chance to purchase one of the NFL’s most popular quarterbacks.

In this NFT marketplace, digital collectibles can be traded in exchange for their in-game money extensions. With the in-game money extension now on board, many different users are expected to come forth with various interests. The system is straightforward with only little knowledge required of any user information.

Initializing a DraftKings account will allow you to be able to use the DraftKings marketplace as well. Cross-selling the user will also be done because the purchasing power is connected to the DraftKings account.

DraftKings NFT & NFLPA Partnership

DraftKings made the deal to provide licensing for players’ names, images, and other likeness rights are part of their introduction of player cards. They announced that they will use the licensing rights to an upcoming fantasy-style game based on a user playing other users using tokens purchased for specific players.

The format of the tokenized ecosystem will be similar to that of the European NFT platform Sorare. Earlier this month, the venture also announced their plans to enter American sports markets with the launch of Pro Football Acme.

NFL careers also extend to sports-related ventures, with the likes of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. They have recently partnered with Dapper Labs to create a new trading venue based on NBA Top Shot plans. In the coming months, the NFL All Day Bitcoin platform is going to be launched.

This year, the NFL is pulling out all the stops to create an experience by releasing collections of teams specific NFTs. They will be tying tickets purchased for select football games to collectibles, creating a hard-to-find, unique experience.

NFLPA has officially partnered with OneTeam Partners as their media business channel. The NFLPA (National Football League Players Association) and OneTeam are progressive collaborators in the development of next-generation products, including those that are built on the ever-exciting blockchain.

DraftKings has also announced its new digital collectibles partnership with the NFLPA recently. Beth Beiriger, Senior Vice President of Product Operations for DraftKings said “These partnerships will allow us to introduce these next-generation products to the masses while offering football fans more ways than ever to engage with their favorite sport.”

Fantasy sports sites such as DraftKings have been told they can operate within regulations to launch a US-wide platform, following the announcement that regulations for games companies using blockchain technologies would be released next year.

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