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Best New Initial Crypto Offering This December

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Best New Initial Crypto Offering
Best New Initial Crypto Offering

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2022 has been a good year for presale cryptocurrencies. And as we get closer to dropping the curtain on this year, there is a best new initial coin offering this December. It is IMPT, the greenest cryptocurrency of this year. This crypto quickly garnered the community’s attention with its unique approach to carbon credits trading and is now heading to multiple cryptocurrency exchanges.

IMPT Presale Crosses $13.5 million Target

IMPT has proven to be one of the most successful crypto presales this year. Gaining the crowd’s attention quickly after launch, this eco-friendly crypto started clearing its presale milestone quickly. And at the time of writing, this token has raised more than $13.5 million. It is no easy feat for a cryptocurrency to achieve, considering the current bearish market conditions.

This immensely successful presale is ending on 11th December 2022, way ahead of schedule — which has been a common theme with most presale cryptocurrencies that we have covered this year.

To the unfamiliar, IMPT (short for IMPACT) is a green cryptocurrency initiative aiming to make sustainable business decisions part of people’s daily lives. At the center of this ecosystem exist a unique marketplace with upwards of 25,000 brands onboarded, including Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, and These brands aim to leverage this platform to move towards their ESG goals in a meaningful way.

What Makes IMPT the Best New Initial Crypto Offering This Year

Carbon offsetting has become a crucial part of an economy aiming to become more sustainable toward its development goals. However, traditional carbon credits trading has two underlying issues. One, fraudulent acts like double selling and overcounting plague it. And secondly, it is not inclusive — keeping ordinary people become a part of it.

That’s what IMPT aims to fix by introducing a unique shopping platform that onboards thousands of ESG brands. These brands can then use IMPT as a platform to sell eco-friendly products to customers, who, in return for interacting with the platform, earn IMPT tokens. After accumulating enough IMPT tokens, people can exchange them for tokenized carbon credits. These carbon credits can then be sold to the brands or retired by the customers.

Selling carbon credits to the onboarded brands is a good way to make monetary gains. But returning the credits also has its perks. IMPT’s official whitepaper states that retiring carbon credits will reward customers with NFT artworks.

In addition to offering this bi-directional benefit, IMPT also uses a portion of the proceeds to promote and make room for ESG activities.

These aspects have allowed IMPT to become one of the best IEO cryptos to be introduced this year. People have responded to the need for a crypto asset with a robust use case that puts the environment at the forefront, and IMPT fits the bill.

But in addition to its utility, IMPT token is an ERC-20 token built on the Ethereum blockchain that, post mere, has become one of the most sustainable cryptocurrencies in the market.

If you still want to know the importance of this event, check out this video from Jacob Crypto Bury, a crypto trading analyst who has followed IMPT from the beginning.

IMPT Coming to Three Exchanges — Starting with Uniswap

IMPT will start trading on a DEX, Uniswap, starting from 14th December. After getting listed on the decentralized exchange, IMPT will land on LBank and Changelly.

IMPT coming to Uniswap

LBank has quickly become one of the biggest centralized cryptocurrency exchanges with its appreciation for novel cryptocurrencies with unique use cases. Changelly Pro, on the other hand, is preferred by a cryptocurrency community that wants to swap cryptos without any KYC burdens.

Early Movers Must Rush Towards This Closing Window

With the last date of presale drawing close, early movers only have a day over a week to invest. In order to buy, investors must visit the official website and connect their crypto wallets with USDT or ETH.

That said, IMPT has chosen to be inclusive to all. People venturing into the crypto space for the first time can also buy it using credit or debit cards.

IMPT launched in early October 2022 at a price of $0.018 per crypto. The token’s unique use case and ESG-centric approach cleared the first stage of the presale quickly. At the time of writing, investors can buy this token at $0.023.

The original aim of this project was to sell out before 31st January. However, the crowd’s reaction and the faster-than-expected development of the IMPT application have prompted founders to launch it on exchanges ahead of time.

As a result, the remaining presale tokens will be burned, and the sold tokens will be locked for 12 months.

Will IMPT be the Biggest Cryptocurrency of 2023?

The success of the IMPT presale has people believing that IMPT may be the best crypto investment of 2023. And according to many experts, it might be true.

Blockchain technology has solutions to most modern problems the world faces today, and environmental issues are no different. However, it is the first that a project has been so bullish about making green contributions to inclusive. Not only is it trying to put ESG brands and people on the same page, but it is doing so in a way that benefits both parties.

While its performance on trading charts remains to be seen, if the experts are to be believed, it might reach 20x or more by 2023.

Gain access to such possible gains by taking part in the presale by visiting

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