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Most Trending Cryptocurrency on Base Chain Now – Roost Coin, Alienbase, Bloomer

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Over the years, the crypto market has seen the emergence of fascinating narratives, the groundbreaking ones being DeFi and Meme coins. However, emerging trends in the industry include AI and Real World Asset tokenization (RWA). 

More recently, investors have seen a rising confluence of narratives creating new waves of winning projects in the market. Moreover, the top-performing cryptocurrencies on the Base chain comprise assets with narratives spanning a range of crypto sectors. With the success of the Meme coin narrative, we now see many projects with Meme themes and utility. 

Most Trending Cryptocurrency on Base Chain 

The WienerAI project is a newcomer to the space. It sports a Sausage Doge mascot, which depicts its meme culture. The project also offers trading bot services to crypto traders. It recently launched the presale offering of its WAI token. Further details of the project and its presale are covered below. 

1. Roost Coin (ROOST)

Roost Coin (ROOST)–a rooster-themed meme coin—has captured the attention of crypto enthusiasts with its remarkable performance. Over the past month, ROOST has seen an incredible 2003% increase in value. However, it remained 80% below its all-time high of $0.07905 just two months ago.

Currently, ROOST is priced at $0.01664. In the last 24 hours, its price has risen by 9.88%, reflecting renewed interest among traders. Despite this short-term boost, the token has experienced a significant decline of 31.34% over the past week.

ROOST Price Chart

Furthermore, ROOST is primarily traded on centralized crypto exchanges. The most popular platform for buying and selling this coin is On, the most active trading pair is ROOST/USDT, with a 24-hour trading volume of $62,150.61. This indicates vigorous trading activity and liquidity for the token on this exchange.

In addition to, ROOST is available on well-known exchanges such as MEXC and Bitget. These platforms provide additional options for traders buying or selling Roost Coin.

In summary, while Roost Coin has made impressive gains recently, it is still far from its previous highs. The token’s performance in the coming weeks will be crucial to watch, especially considering the volatility in its price. For now, traders can access ROOST on several centralized exchanges, with being the most active market for this coin.

2. Alienbase (ALB)

Alienbase, a decentralized exchange (DEX), is making waves in digital finance. Known for its focus on innovation, security, and user-centricity, Alienbase is designed for seasoned crypto traders and newcomers to decentralized finance (DeFi).

Alienbase prioritizes a seamless and intuitive trading experience. The platform ensures that every interaction, from token swaps to liquidity provision, is smooth and hassle-free. Its attractive and robust design makes it easy for users to navigate and complete transactions.

ALB Price Chart

Community engagement is central to Alienbase’s operations. The platform offers community token incentives, empowering communities and fostering growth. Additionally, Alienbase allows the creation of custom LP farms with combined reward programs, providing a space for communities to thrive in the DeFi space.

Recently, the price of AlienBase (ALB) has seen notable growth. Currently priced at $0.04233, ALB has experienced a 14.20% increase in the last 24 hours and a 7.09% rise over the past seven days. With a circulating supply of 100 million ALB, the token’s market cap is $4,358,473.

However, AlienBase is outperforming the global cryptocurrency market, which has declined 4.70% over the same period. It also outperforms other similar Base Ecosystem cryptocurrencies, which have not shown any growth.

Moreover, trading activity for ALB has surged. The trading volume in the last 24 hours reached $113,859, a 221.90% increase from the previous day. This significant rise in market activity signals growing interest and confidence in Alienbase.

3. Bloomer (BLOOM)

Bloomer (BLOOM), a token on the Base network, is showing impressive performance. In the last 24 hours, the price of BLOOM has skyrocketed by 129.01%. Over the past week, the price has increased by 45.17%. This significant price rise indicates growing confidence and interest in the token.

Meanwhile, BLOOM can be traded on various decentralized exchanges, with Uniswap V3 (Base) being the most popular platform for buying and trading it. On Uniswap V3, the most active trading pair is BLOOM/WETH, which has seen a trading volume of $11,233.23 in the last 24 hours. This activity level makes it a focal point for traders looking to engage with BLOOM.

BLOOM Price Chart

Moreover, the trading volume for BLOOM has surged dramatically. The 24-hour trading volume reached $11,233.23 in the past day, representing an impressive 864.60% increase from the previous day. This sharp rise in trading activity signals a growing engagement and interest in the market, suggesting that more traders are recognizing the potential of BLOOM.

In conclusion, Bloomer’s recent price increases and the significant rise in trading volume highlight its potential within the Base network. As more traders and investors show interest, BLOOM is positioned to continue its upward trajectory. For those looking to trade BLOOM, Uniswap V3 (Base) remains the top exchange for active trading.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending  Crypto

WienerAI joined the ranks of the million-dollar presale project after it crossed the $5 million target. However, investors who have yet to participate in the presale offering of the WAI token have a short time to take advantage of the current discount. 

The project focuses on providing Bot trading services to traders on Telegram. It equally blends these services with the community-driven asset it offers to investors, the WAI token. 

At the time of writing, investors still have the chance to purchase the WAI token at a discounted price before the presale closes. More importantly, WAI holders who purchased the token through the presale program would have a chance to stake it and earn 181% APY.

The information gathered from the project’s presale website reveals that over 62% of WAI tokens are staked on the platform, and the reward has crossed the 2.1 billion token mark so far. The growing number of staked tokens indicates that the token would launch with a substantially low circulating volume. 

Thus, early investors can capitalize on the launch pump for increased token value and strong fundamentals. The project’s utility end also positions the WAI token for long-term value gains.

As the platform’s popularity increases, so does the demand for the underlying token. Investors can find further details of the project and how to participate in the ongoing presale offering of the WAI token on the project’s website.

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