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HarryPotterTrumpHomerSimpson777Inu Price Prediction: HPTHS777I Crashes 22% – Next Big Meme Coin Collapse?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

HarryPotterTrumpHomerSimpson777INU Price Prediction: HPTHSI Drops 36% - Meme Coins Losing Traction?
HarryPotterTrumpHomerSimpson777INU Price Prediction: HPTHSI Drops 36% - Meme Coins Losing Traction?

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HarryPotterTrumpHomerSimpson777Inu (HPTHS777) is a new entrant in the crypto space that utilizes Ethereum’s technology. In contrast with the ongoing meme frenzy, this token has significantly declined in the past few days.

But the coin saw significant gains, with its price growing by over 85% to $0.0051. However, this rally was short-lived as HPTHS777 has nosedived nearly 38% and now trades at $0.002241.

Furthermore, its overall trading volume has also diminished by over 20%, amounting to $849,000. Given this notable price decline, whether it will rejoin the meme season and attract more investors to boost its value remains to be seen.

HarryPotterTrumpHomerSimpson777Inu Slips Off All-time High – Will It Recover?

HPTHS777Inu price is 71% down from its all-time high of $0.00868504, recorded on August 20, 2023.

Launched a little over a week ago, HPTHS777Inu still battles to gain investor confidence, as many still need to learn about the project’s reliability.


From the chart above, HPTHS777Inu’s price has been steadily declining since three days ago, following a massive spike that took the token to $0.0102.

Notably, a bullish rebound often follows after a token’s price drops to a significant bottom. This indicates that traders will wait for HPTHS777Inu to locate its base to buy the dip. This will signal bullish sentiment and increase demand, creating room for recovery.

Technically, the coin oscillates inside the ‘Channel Down’ chart pattern, implying a bearish market sentiment. This means two downward-sloping trendlines bound the coin’s price movements. 

However, while this shows a bearish sentiment, a breakout above the upper trendline could signal a potential reversal or change.

At the moment, technical indicators are signaling negative market behavior. HPTHS777Inu’s RSI is below 50, suggesting weak buying pressure. Moreover, its price is below the moving average, with the MACD below the signal line, confirming the bearish momentum present in the market.

Considering this analysis, Traders and investors should exercise caution as HPTHS777Inu may record more downturns in the coming days until the bulls regain momentum. 

HarryPotterTrumpHomerSimpson777Inu Building Momentum as More Holders Join Ecosystem

Reports show HPTHS777Inu has amassed more than 2000 holders, reflecting the growing interest and community engagement. This achievement indicates increasing support from investors and supporters who believe in the coin’s potential.

Moreover, increased holders suggest a wider distribution and reduced influence from a few large holders, potentially enhancing market stability. It also signifies heightened market liquidity as more participants buy and sell.

As the coin gains traction and popularity, its value can increase, leading to potential profits for those who got in early. In addition, early holders can acquire their “LAMBOS” when the price skyrockets, as the coin has 10x potential.

1M Tokens Out Of Circulation

In a significant development, the project announced that over 1 million tokens have been removed from circulation today.

This burning activity will have several positive effects on the coin’s performance. If more than 1 million tokens are burned, it can contribute to a sense of scarcity, potentially leading to increased demand as the available supply becomes scarce.

Also, token burns can attract the attention of investors, traders, and the wider cryptocurrency community. This renewed interest can lead to increased trading volume and liquidity.

Meanwhile, investors should note that the outcomes depend on market conditions and project credibility.

yPredict Worthy Alternative?

Amid the roller-coaster performance and newness of HPTHS777Inu, yPredict presents a reliable choice for investors seeking higher returns.

The yPredict is an AI-powered crypto project that hopes to revolutionize the “crypto prediction” model. Also, yPredict utilizes blockchain technology to provide a transparent and easy-access prediction market for traders and newbies.

It utilizes smart contracts to enable users to establish and join prediction markets across diverse finance, politics, and sports sectors. It grants users the ability to partake in decentralized prediction trading. 

Moreover, yPredict introduces a unique function named “Social Trading,” permitting users to monitor and mirror the transactions performed by proficient traders on the platform.

To ensure a reasonable token value as the active holder grows, the YPRED token supply is capped at 100 million. The ongoing presale offers tokens at $0.1, with a $0.12 listing price, amassing over $3.5 million. 

The project integrates a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) governing model listings, fostering transparency and equity. 

YPRED holders can participate in decision-making through voting. Meanwhile, implementing the DOA Governance mechanism will enable yPredict to maintain high analytical standards on the platform.

This improvement is desirable to traders, investors, and fellow developers seeking a dependable and credible marketplace.

The future undoubtedly belongs to AI, as evidenced by substantial investments in this technology. However, investors can participate in the presale by buying the coin at a lower rate before the public release. Interested investors can buy YPRED tokens from the project website using ETH, MATIC, or a bank card.

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