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Blockchain-Based BitVPN Reassures Users of its Data Protection

vpnMentor, the self-described “authority on VPNs and web anonymity,” has recently revealed a report that 7 VPM services have leaked more than 1.2 terabytes of information, a press release notes.

This is interesting, considering these VPN services consider themselves “no-log” which means they shouldn’t record any player data at all. However, the exposed information is made up of millions of user identities, addresses, and more, the release states.

On that note, a decentralized VPN provider, BitVPN, has been reassuring its users that this software does, in fact, protect its user information. Since it’s based on a blockchain, this service guarantees anonymity and info protection.

Speaking on the matter is Steve, the founder of BitVPN, who said:

“Rather than relying too much on the data management policies of the centralized servers being used, users can certainly proactively reorganize data security methods. With decentralized system architecture and layers of data encryption, BitVPN can make protecting personal information from data breaches much easier. The recent leakage put users at risk and exposed the limitations of centralized VPN services. I think the event proved that merging blockchain with well-established technologies is the next step of technology toward an improved privacy protection solution.”

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