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PixelPlex Upgrades Website, Platform for Users

Bitcoins worth 15 Million Euros Become New Muse for Finnish Customs
Bitcoins worth 15 Million Euros Become New Muse for Finnish Customs

PixelPlex, the self-described “software development company and blockchain solutions provider,” has revealed it has updated its webpage, an STO Platform, and its development services for its users, according to a press release from the group.

The platform wants to let its users know of these developments, and that “the market for security token offerings is growing and the PixelPlex STO platform intends to help investors manage their transactions and plan ROI,” the release also notes.

PixelPlex’s website will reveal to clients what specific features it provides to its users, as well as how the smart contract/token system works. “They give users a chance to manage minimum and maximum investment limits. Smart contract-based securities represent actual equity shares. Under the conditions specified in smart contracts, tokens can be transferred automatically.”

There’s also talk of the platform’s KYC/AML procedures, as well as other instructions, the release continues.

“PixelPlex team has noticed that creating the security token development services wasn’t their back-end focus because their priority was user experience. The STO platform has an intuitive investor UI, the management is performed via admin and investor dashboard. All the details and transaction history are presented here. The user can set up lock periods for distributed assets, create requests for changing deposit and withdrawal limits, transfer and trade tokenized assets, and generally get all the information about the campaign.”

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