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New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – SNPIT TOKEN, Pomerium, Pepe Unchained

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TON’s partnership with Telegram has paved the way for several “play-to-earn” projects, making cryptocurrency more accessible to a broader audience. Prominent projects such as Notcoin (NOT) have been launched on the TON network, highlighting the growing momentum towards widespread cryptocurrency adoption. Concurrently, Hong Kong is piloting China’s digital Yuan, signaling an increasing acceptance of digital currencies.

Investors seek information on new cryptocurrency launches, listings, and presales, given this positive market outlook. This article aims to provide a comprehensive list of these tokens, catering to the needs of keen investors.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

SNPIT introduces a novel concept in the Game-Fi space by leveraging Camera NFTs and smartphone cameras. Meanwhile, Pomerium, a Web3 game studio, develops independent games with original content. 

Early presale results indicate strong demand, with PEPU tokens priced at $0.0081939 each, suggesting both affordability and growth potential. So far, the presale has raised over $1.7 million, with only one day left until the next price increase. In contrast, Bitcoin’s new token standard, ‘Runes,’ faces a significant transaction decline.


SNPIT introduces a novel concept in the Game-Fi space by leveraging Camera NFTs and smartphone cameras. This creates a photo-taking reward system. The platform aims to bridge the gap between entertainment and profit through its intuitive and user-friendly design, thus making it accessible to individuals unfamiliar with Game-Fi.

SNPIT’s primary feature is its Game-Fi platform. Here, users utilize camera NFTs to capture valuable photographs. The reward system revolves around SNPIT POINTS (STP), which users earn for photos. STP can enhance camera performance, purchase items, or be exchanged for SNPIT TOKEN (SNPT). This functions as a cryptocurrency within the SNPIT app. Consequently, this platform encourages users to explore and capture the world’s beauty, promoting a deeper appreciation for nature and cultural heritage.

SNPT Price Chart

Pictier is a distinct mobile app that allows users to stack and connect photos taken at different times or seasons. These photos are then added to a map. Unlike typical social media, Pictier does not support any form of communication. This sets it apart by focusing solely on photo documentation and exploration.

Moreover, SNPIT has formed strategic collaborations to bolster its presence in the blockchain and game-fi sectors. Notable partnerships include AstarNetwork and SonovaNFT, which aim to push the boundaries of blockchain technology. Additionally, SNPIT has partnered with IndiGG DAO, the world’s largest Web3 gaming DAO. This partnership targets the Indian market and merges gaming and lifestyle experiences.

After a successful launch in Japan, SNPIT has expanded its reach to global markets. Innovative features and strategic partnerships support this move, positioning SNPIT as a transformative player in the intersection of photography and blockchain technology.

In conclusion, SNPIT’s approach to integrating Camera NFTs into a Game-Fi platform offers a unique blend of fun and profitability. Its focus on environmental awareness and cultural heritage, coupled with strategic partnerships, sets it apart in the evolving blockchain and Game-Fi landscape.

2. Pomerium (PMG)

Pomerium is a Web3 game studio that develops independent games with original content. In addition to game development, Pomerium offers Web3 utility service tools that interact with its games and provide publishing services. The company’s primary goal is building a sustainable token economy. Pomerium aims to enhance the Web3 gaming experience by integrating various fragmented utilities within its ecosystem. The studio’s ecosystem token, PMG, is utilized within this system and can be acquired through Guardians.

Pomerium’s mobile-oriented approach makes its games accessible to a broad audience, including Web2 and Web3 gamers. This focus on mobile devices allows for shorter development times than PC and AAA games. Consequently, it enables the rapid release of multiple games. This strategy supports the growth of its ecosystem with $PMG and $PMR tokens.

PMR Price Chart

Furthermore, Pomerium aims to create a lasting impact in the gaming industry by developing original IP content. Historical examples from successful game companies like ‘Clash of Clans,’ ‘Angry Birds,’ and ‘League of Legends demonstrate the value of establishing and sharing a game world with users. These companies expanded their content into various media, including movies and merchandise. Pomerium seeks to replicate this success within the growing play-to-earn (P2E) environment.

Moreover, Pomerium Guardians, the studio’s data verification protocol, plays a crucial role in verifying all activities within the Pomerium ecosystem. This includes verifying off-chain game data. Not all game data is stored on-chain due to privacy and practicality concerns. Therefore, essential data is processed off-chain to enhance the user experience. Pomerium Guardians ensures transparency and prevents negligent management by verifying this off-chain data.

Pomerium has established several strategic partnerships to strengthen its position in the Web3 gaming industry. These collaborations include ZeatOfficial, an on-chain credential game social platform that enhances the gaming experience. It allows users to find, talk, share, and play in an immersive environment. 

Another partner, QuestN_com, is a do-to-earn platform where projects fund a quest-based liquidity pool. OWNED, powered by @gounixgaming, is a gaming platform that provides a safe space for discovering Web3 games. Furthermore, the partnership with FirstPlayApp aims to create a unique and engaging gaming environment.

In summary, Pomerium is a significant player in the Web3 gaming space. The studio focuses on mobile accessibility, original content, and strategic partnerships, which enhances its ecosystem and broadens users’ gaming experience.

3. Pepe Unchained ($PEPU)

Pepe Unchained stands out in the crowded memecoin market by presenting itself as an advanced version of the original Pepe project. This token functions as a Layer 2 solution on the Ethereum Network, aiming to improve transaction efficiency with faster speeds and lower costs. 

Unique in its approach, it is the first Pepe-themed token to create its blockchain infrastructure. The project’s narrative portrays Pepe breaking free from the limitations of traditional Layer 1 constraints. Thus, this emphasizes a technological evolution designed to appeal to investors seeking innovation and efficiency in crypto.

Moreover, the distribution of Pepe Unchained’s 8 billion PEPU tokens reflects a carefully planned roadmap for sustainable growth. Notably, 20% of the tokens are allocated for presale and another 20% for marketing, prioritizing initial momentum and investor engagement. 

Furthermore, 10% is allocated to liquidity, project finance, and chain operations to ensure stability and trading liquidity. A significant 30% is reserved for staking, highlighting the project’s focus on encouraging long-term investor participation.

The staking feature offers an impressive APY of 1139%, attracting investors interested in passive income. 

Early presale results indicate strong demand, with PEPU tokens priced at $0.0081939 each, suggesting both affordability and growth potential. So far, the presale has raised over $1.7 million, with one day left until the next price increase. Investors can purchase PEPU tokens using ETH, USDT, or BNB, although staking returns are available only for ETH and USDT transactions. 

Including bank cards as a payment method also enhances accessibility for potential investors. Pepe Unchained’s roadmap outlines incremental growth stages post-presale, anticipating value appreciation as milestones are reached. Overall, Pepe Unchained presents a compelling case for those interested in the memecoin market, combining innovative technology with strategic planning to attract diverse investors.

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