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Lumi Wallet Adds Bitcoin-to-Fiat Withdrawal via Credit Card

Lumi Wallet, a software-only cryptocurrency wallet, has recently added the ability to withdraw Bitcoin held within the software to a credit card.

Withdrawals will have a transaction fee attached, though the group notes that initial transactions will see a discount for a short period. Lumi Wallet also notes that those who sell cryptocurrency from their wallet will see no fees for a couple of weeks as well.

As of now, the Lumi Wallet is available on iOS and Android. Those interested in the project can check out its website or its Twitter for updates.

Cryptocurrency wallets remain the safest way to store these digital assets, though there is a wide variety of options for interested holders.

However, the process of storing and sending cryptocurrencies can be confusing for newcomers – something the industry is slowly addressing over time.

For example, Coinbase recently announced it would finally allow the sending of assets via usernames, rather than the long, 64 digit hexadecimal code required for most cryptocurrency wallets.

Hardware wallets are generally seen as the safest way of storing cryptocurrencies, though even those are subject to hacking and other threats should they be exposed.

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