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FinHub Will Host Virtual FinTech Meetups Amid Global Pandemic

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The FinTech industry shall go on, regardless of the current state of things thanks to the global pandemic. To help with this, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission is launching what it calls virtual peer-to-peer meet-ups via its Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology, the group revealed via a statement.

These meetups will ensure that those in various FinTech communities can still meet with one another and share ideas, expanding upon the multiple spaces. This could benefit the blockchain and cryptocurrency industries as well.

“FinHub staff recognizes the present challenges and difficulties with in-person meetings and travel posed by COVID-19.  FinHub staff, nonetheless, continues to be highly interested in meeting with FinTech industry participants to help inform regulatory approaches and engage on particular projects and issues,” the statement notes. “To facilitate ongoing communications, FinHub will host a series of thematically-based virtual P2P meet-ups over the next few months.  During each series, FinHub staff will meet virtually with innovators, entrepreneurs, or firms that wish to discuss issues related to that series’ theme.”

At first, these virtual meetups will relate to regulatory technology, as regulation is one of the most important aspects for those looking to push new technology. Without regulation, many of these ideas could never properly reach the mainstream.

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