Dan Holdings to Launch Coins App in Africa

Dan Holdings, a firm with a focus on cryptocurrency, blockchain, and other emerging technologies, has launched what it calls Coins App in six different countries in Africa: Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Nigeria, and Senegal, a press release notes.

This application is one of the first ones to exist within what is called the Dan Holdings Blockchain Ecosystem. It’s meant to exist as “a digital wallet that allows people to make payments across the globe and exchange cryptocurrencies with ease within a safe and technology-driven infrastructure,” and has been in a beta that tested with over 1000 people.

From here, over the next month, the application will launch in many other markets around the world, such as the USA, Mexico, and the Middle East. It plans to make cryptocurrency purchases more accessible by allowing users to buy things with Bitcoin and other assets the wallet supports.

As of now, it supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, NGN Coin, and Dollar Coin, the release states. Of course, this will expand over time, and users can process transactions via bank transfer, debit or credit cards, and cryptocurrency as well. Also, there are no fees for transactions made within the platform.

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