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Coinbase Gearing For IPO, Only SEC Can Stop It

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coinbase offices
coinbase offices

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Coinbase stands as one of the largest crypto exchanges the world has to offer, with the exchange itself based in the US. Now, however, it seems that the crypto exchange is gearing towards being publicly listed within the United States, and the only thing preventing it is the green-light it must get from the SEC. There’s a lot that rides on this IPO being given the go-ahead. For crypto overall, it stands to thrust the crypto industry into a more mainstream spotlight.

Great Potential Looming

It comes as no surprise when someone says that Coinbase is one of the most prominent faces of the crypto industry, at large. The crypto exchange itself is worth $8 billion, and all of that could potentially fall into the public market if it gets the green light. That’s a lot of money changing hands, and a lot of focus put on its namesake focus: Cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase is a heavyweight all-round, but in North America, it’s all the more true. Should Coinbase gain a public listing within a significant US stock exchange, the potential to boost crypto awareness as a whole is extreme. Alongside this, it could improve the public perception of cryptocurrencies, as well, as most of the open see it only through the lens of shifty scams being pushed towards them.

SEC Stands To Accept Crypto With Green Light

It’s almost cyclical in how the crypto industry as a whole has been trying to push into the mainstream, with Bitcoin ETFs being at the forefront of its traditional financial market push. However, the SEC has consistently been against crypto at large within the US, especially so with Bitcoin. This case is no exception, with Coinbase needing the green light of the SEC to go public.

NYDIG Receives $190 Million For Bitcoin Fund

Should Coinbase get the green light, there’s a lot more significance to the move than just a new increase in exposure. The SEC needs to recognize the importance of crypto if they give it the go-ahead. Coinbase has a massive amount of pull in the crypto industry, and the SEC allowing it to go public means that the SEC gives it some credibility, if only on a circumstantial basis. It opens a lot of doors, and creates a more legitimate viewpoint of crypto

Rumours Of Direct Listing Over IPO

As it stands now, the New York Times have given their report on this as well. However, the NYT seems convinced that Coinbase will opt for a direct listing instead of the traditional IPO, citing sources close to the matter at hand. Whatever it may be, the biggest hurdle to overcome is the SEC. Once they’re through that, everything else will be hard work, but not in such an extreme

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