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Chimpzee Presale Raises $650K Set To Explode At Launch

Don’t invest unless you’re prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment and you should not expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Chimpzee Presale Raises $650K Set To Explode At Launch
Chimpzee Presale Raises $650K Set To Explode At Launch

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Chimpzee is the next environmentally friendly project that will revolutionize the crypto market and might earn returns of 100x their initial investment. Chimpzee has drawn the interest of lots of investors and crypto fans worldwide, making it acquire an incredible $650k in its CHMPZ coin presale.

What is Chimpzee?

Chimpzee‘s goal is to help people save animals and the environment while also generating passive income. The Chimpzee initiative places a strong emphasis on environmental protection because it follows this philosophy in all of its endeavors.

In doing so, it hopes to raise money and support groups working to save endangered creatures and stop deforestation. The Chimpzee store, the NFT Marketplace, and the Zero Tolerance Game are just a few of the platforms that will be developed as part of the ecosystem to make the vision a reality.

All of these parts work together seamlessly. The Chimpzee Shop acts as the ecosystem’s main marketplace, where CHMPZ tokens may be exchanged for a wide variety of Chimpzee-branded products and services.

The NFT marketplace is the first of its kind and allows users to generate passive incomes through the distribution of a portion of trading fee revenues among the network’s active trading members. Last but not least, the Zero Tolerance Game gives players a fun way to earn CHMPZ coins by meeting several specified requirements.

The project’s guiding principle is, therefore, that nature and the environment must be protected and that immediate action is essential to tackle the current situation of endangered species and forest destruction, which greatly leads to climate change while making passive earnings.

Using the revolutionary potential of Web3 and blockchain technology, Chimpzee is still fighting for Earth right now by building a thriving ecosystem that gives individuals the tools they need to make an impact. See our guide to the greenest cryptos to invest in here.

The Chimpzee ecosystem

Three primary components make up the Chimpzee project, all of which operate together to produce a sustainable ecosystem.


The Chimpzee store, the economic nerve center of the ecosystem, allows users to earn CHMPZ coins by purchasing a wide range of Chimpzee merchandise, and a portion of the earnings goes to charities that work to protect animals and the environment.

Here, the Shop-to-Earn features reward users with CHMPZ coins for making purchases or interacting with the platform’s products or services, these coins can then be exchanged for discounts and other benefits within the ecosystem. Those with a Chimpzee NFT passport can benefit from increased earnings on CHMPZ coins and early access to limited-time offers.


The Chimpzee NFT Market Place is innovative and user-friendly since it will be one of the first marketplaces to distribute a portion of trading fee revenues to all participants. Holding a chimpanzee NFT passport or engaging in active trading on the marketplace entitles users to a percentage of the trading fees produced by the marketplace.


The Zero Tolerance Game serves as Chimpzee’s primary entertainment hub. As players progress through the game, they unlock more ways to earn CHMPZ coins. The game zero tolerance refers to the stance taken by Chimpzee and his army to defend Earth’s plants and animals from mechanized destruction at the hands of humanity.

No amount of harm to the environment or nature can be tolerated under the current conditions. Those that play regularly and log in with their Chimpzee Avatar or NFT Passport will be rewarded with more CHMPZ coins and access to special features.

Presale investors can get up to 300% bonus tokens

The CHMPZ cryptocurrency is the fuel for Chimpzee‘s economy. There are a total of 200 billion CHMPZ coins in circulation, all of which are ERC-20 tokens. Chimpzee is in the process of actively running a presale right now and has raised over $650k. The ongoing stage is selling tokens for a price of $0.00067 each.

After stage 6, the cost will rise to $0.0007 for each token before listing at $0.00185. Chimpzee’s previous tree-planting efforts have been extremely successful, giving participants large bonuses while also having a positive effect on the global environment.

With just over $200,000 left to raise, the recently started Save the Black Jaguar campaign holds even more promise for the welfare of this species. The campaign’s purpose is to aid the Yawanawa people in protecting the Black Jaguar. Investors that take part in the presale’s outstanding opportunity can watch their token holdings increase by a whopping 300%.

Take part in the CHMPZ presale at


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