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Canadian NFT Marketplace “Edenloop” Launches NFT Search Engine

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Edenloop, a Canadian-based non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, has successfully launched its blockchain-based NFT search engine “Block Loop” that will carry out full-fledged business as an NFT portal site.

On July 30, Justin Hur, the CEO of Edenloop, confirmed launching a new blockchain-based software search engine for non-fungible tokens. The new NFT feature will operate as an NFT portal site. The top executive remarked:

“We perceived users need fast, comprehensive, and large-scope search engine to maximize NFT value. Edenloop’s launching of the block loop search engine will bring many changes in the market”.

Launched in 2013, Edenloop is an NFT exchange that embodies the true decentralization of the Web for information. Edenloop is renowned for protecting the right and interests of digital artists and the copyright of their creations.

Edenloop has introduced a blockchain-based search engine dubbed “Block Loop.” The new NFT option, which resembles Google We Crawling technology, will serve as a truly decentralized search engine. Block Loop will leverage blockchain technology to check the centralized transaction on giant NFT marketplaces and NFTs issued by foundations around the globe.



How Does Block Loop Work?

Block Loop leverages its incorporated technology to import the Metadata of NFTs into the blockchain. The NFT feature randomly fetches NFT information using Loop Tag and authenticates it using an algorithm of the Edenloop platform. The duplicated transaction values are then classified and stored in each database.

Block Loop also uses snippet technology to explore various data, including token ID, content address, and the type of NFT, fitting the intention of the search. Snippet tech minimizes the time required to find NFT information on the portal to provide keyword search ranking services. As a result, the new tech improves and maintains the quality of the optimized platform through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) technology.

Advantages of Block Loop

Block Loop will feature a collection of advantages. The new NFT search engine will protect intellectual property rights through the Edenloop platform security system and provide users with high scalability and opportunities through the real economy and Metaverse services.

Block Loop will also feature self-providing security and revenue generation opportunities to enable preferential services for users to secure diversity. Moreover, The NFT search engine offers users reduced transaction fees.


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