Brock Pierce Taps Akon as Chief Strategist for 2020 White House Run 

The Democrat and Republican Parties — along with their respective candidates, Joe Biden and Donald Trump — ae headlining the upcoming General Elections. However, two pro-crypto figures have joined forces to throw their hat into the ring.

Yesterday, Chaddar reported that Senegalese-American singer and crypto entrepreneur Akon would join Brock Pierce’s presidential campaign. 

Breaking the Dem-GOP Duopoly 

Pierce announced his intention to run for President last month. He told news site Cointelegraph that his strategy was more of preventing the leading candidates than to win the election. Pierce says his missiong is to game the electoral college to block Biden and Trump from securing victories.

“If a third party such as myself were to win a single state, it becomes possible that no one wins the election. If a third party such as again, ourselves, were to win three states, it becomes likely that no one wins the election,” he said in part.

United States law states that a presidential candidate will have to win at least 270 out of 538 electoral college votes to win the election. Less-populated states carry fewer votes than their highly-populated counterparts. So, a candidate could take an entire state and its electoral votes by winning the most votes.

Many have called the system rigged, pointing out that President Trump “won” the 2016 elections with 304 electoral college votes. This was despite having about three million fewer votes than his opponent, former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. 

If no party wins the majority of the electoral votes, state delegations in the House of Representatives will vote on the three candidates with the most votes. Pierce hopes to reach this stage at the very least.

Cheddar reported that Akon would serve as Pierce’s Chief Strategist and work closely to ensure that the latter ends up in the White House. The duo already has an uphill task, as Pierce announced his candidacy after the filing deadline had passed in states like Indiana, North Carolina, and New Mexico.

Akon’s Exploits Inspired Pierce Pick

Speaking on why he chose Akon, Pierce pointed to his many accomplishments in Africa — both in business and philanthropy. Pierce was referring chiefly to Akon City, the tech and financial hotspot that the Grammy-nominated singer plans to build in his home country of Senegal. Akon has touted the project for over a year now, and he made some significant progress with it in 2020.

In June, U.S.-based engineering firm KE International awarded the singer a $6 billion contract to build the city. Per an official announcement, KE managed to secure $4 billion in initial funding from investors. The funds will cover the first two phases of Akon City and its construction.

The first phase of the city’s development is expected to be completed by the end of 2023. At that point, the complex will reportedly include residences, a mall, hotels, a police station, an advanced waste facility, a solar power plans, utilities, and a campus. The second phase will run until 2029, and it will deliver an entire city powered by the Akoin cryptocurrency.

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