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Bitcoin Whale Donates 8 BTC to Julian Assange — Andrew Tate Appears To Take Credit

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Julian Assange
Julian Assange

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A Bitcoin whale has donated 8.07 BTC to cover the $520,000 travel expenses owed by recently-released Wikileaks founder Julian Assange.

Assange had to take a chartered flight home because he was not permitted to fly commercial airlines, according to an emergency appeal by Assange’s wife. Assange is obligated to pay $520,000 to the Australian government for the cost of the flight, the appeal said.

Julian Assange Was An Early BTC Supporter

The BTC whale donation is the largest of the total 8.2 BTC that has been sent to the funding campaign so far. An additional $376,000 in fiat donations have also been made, comfortably clearing the funding goal.

“Assange will therefore arrive in Australia debt free thanks in large part to the generosity of a single Bitcoin whale,” Altana Digital Currency Fund CIO Alistair Milne said in a June 26 X post.

The crypto community’s backing of Assange stems partly from his support of Bitcoin during its early stages, with WikiLeaks becoming one of the first organizations to accept BTC in 2011.

Many in the crypto community believe that WikiLeaks’ acceptance of the pioneering digital currency was a landmark development that helped paved the way for BTC’s acceptance.

Others in the crypto community also think of Assange as a hero for leaking classified documents that revealed human rights violations in the US.  

Is Andrew Tate The BTC Whale?

Members of the crypto community are trying to uncover who was behind the generous donation made to Assange. Speculation that Andrew Tate was the one behind the BTC transaction started to grow after the controversial social media personality commented on the donation in an X post with a gift box emoji.

Crypto community members have stepped forward urging him to “prove it by signing a message with the private key.”

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