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Be One Of The First For To Move in Calvaria, Just 4% of Tokens Left in Presale

Be the first one to move in Calvaria
Be the first one to move in Calvaria

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One of the most popular presales for 2022 is set to expire, and analysts claim that there is a huge profit opportunity with this one.

Investors were drawn to Calvaria from the beginning because of its pitch as a project that could challenge Splinterlands and Gods Unchained with its immersive P2E game.

Only about 200k tokens are left in the presale round, and Calvaria has raised almost $2.87 million in record time.

Let’s examine the reasons for the project’s popularity and the benefits of your participation.

Calvaria will release a F2P version to get widespread adoption and increase the value

The NFT-based P2E cryptocurrency card game called Calvaria centers on unusual underworld creatures that are engaged in a power struggle for the afterlife.

In the game environment, there are three separate cities, as well as each town, features its own NFT figure with special abilities. Once you master these abilities, you may engage in combat with other players to win RIA prizes and profit.

Although you may purchase more expensive “rare” characters, as the game is entirely tactic-based, this does not ensure victory.

There are several P2E cryptocurrency card games available right now, but none of them can compare to Calvaria’s unique plot and cutting-edge gaming mechanics. Because of this, seasoned gamers are certain that it will outperform popular titles like Gods Unchained.

Additionally, the game’s creators produced P2E and F2P (free-to-play) versions.

They hope to entice those who are unfamiliar with cryptocurrencies to participate in the fun and give the game a try without risking any real money.

Not even a cryptocurrency wallet is required!

As a result of the substantial increase in platform users, we may anticipate that this will have a significant effect on the price of RIA tokens.

The presale has very little—about 200k tokens—left, and some listings have been confirmed

The company officially began the RIA token presale three months ago, and it rapidly attracted the interest of investors.

The crypto community and media sources have both warmly embraced it, and so far, there have been only favorable comments. The presale managed to succeed despite the bear market being in full swing when it was first introduced, which just adds weight to its superiority.

Each RIA token had an initial presale price of $0.00100. As the stages progressed, that price increased to the current $0.0325, giving early investors who purchased a batch a 225% return.

But this is just the tip of the profit iceberg. 

Significant centralized exchanges like BKex and LBank, as well as Changelly Pro, have declared they will list RIA, which will cause its value to skyrocket.

According to reports, BKex will list first on January 31 and be joined by LBank 24 hours later.

Additionally, there is speculation in the market that KuCoin will include RIA as well, given that the KuCoin staff has publicly supported the initiative on social media. Aware of that

Being the fourth-largest CEX in the world, KuCoin would almost certainly see positive moves.

About $100,000 Giveaway as well as Participation Instructions

If there is one thing about Calvaria that everyone can agree on, it is that it made it clear to the community right away that the project’s main focus is its players.

Everything on the platform, from the F2P version to the game’s plot, was designed with everyone’s enjoyment in mind.

As a component of the last rollout offer, three gamers will divide a $100,000 payout, which is another significant announcement!

The official website of Calvaria has all the information, including instructions on how to get multiple entries. Just keep in mind that if you would like a chance at winning, you must have a $100 value of RIA coins in your wallet at the time of the top prize draw.

We may anticipate several more entertaining freebies and user prizes after the game’s alpha version become popular in Q2 2023.

Calvaria (RIA) Price Predictions

Calvaria might reach around $0.25 to $0.40 in 2023, according to forecasts.

The performance in this instance will be influenced by how the larger crypto market performs.

According to analysts, 2023 will be a pivotal year for the project. The initiative may break into the eSports industry and appear at one of the most widely watched video game tournaments ever.

The long-term pricing forecasts from Calvaria are just as promising as the short-term ones.

Through the end of 2025, $RIA is expected to trade around $0.60 and $0.70, and around $0.95 & $1.20 by the close of 2030.

In the long run, Calvaria could rank among the projects that non-crypto players utilize the most.

The initiative also intends to launch new features and host events that could drive the price of RIA to absurd levels in the coming years.

Here are some reasons to put money into Calvaria

  1. Calvaria is a component of the expanding crypto-gaming industry. Following the unfavorable initial reviews, crypto games are gaining popularity, and Calvaria will be essential to the growth of gaming in the future.
  1. The free-to-play and pay-to-win games are open to you. Calvaria, as the ideal link between the Web2 and Web3 worlds, provides a Free-to-Play game (accessible as an app) for gamers who are not crypto enthusiasts. The Play-2-Earn video game is accessible to users who desire to explore the metaverse.
  1. Utility. Calvaria is a cryptocurrency project with utility, in contrast to many other initiatives. The game as well as the staking platform for the project delivers terrible incentives.
  1. Potential cost. Calvaria may see severe demand for the coin because of its larger aim of both crypto and non-crypto gamers. The pricing may benefit from this.

Final Words

A team of seasoned professionals, NFT monsters, innovative gameplay, and an immersive P2E game—is there anything Calvaria is not contributing to the conversation?

Calvaria will likely generate up to 50x returns in a short period, according to industry experts, given its wealth of fantastic features as well as the reality that the cryptocurrency market is rapidly rebounding.

You will regret not participating in this final stage of the presale when it was still open if this forecast comes true.

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