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Arbitrum Odyssey To Offer More Reward System To Users

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DeFi enthusiasts will be offered the opportunity to claim exclusive non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as the community-driven interoperability initiative Odyssey draws closer. According to reports, the Arbitrum Odyssey will go live on June 21, 2022.

Based on the statement from Arbitrum, the will be different Ethereum-based solutions on display, which will be used to bridge the value of Arbitrum. This will come up within its first phase, titled “Bridge Week.” The developers commended the community for their patience while the Arbitrum gets all the updates and features it needs to launch.

“We know you arbinauts have been very excited to venture into the unknown with us, and we’re very eager to have you aboard!” they noted.

Bridge Solutions Bring Practical Benefits

The project’s space engineers also provided an update regarding the upcoming launch and what the community should be expecting.

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Some of the cutting-edge Ethereum-based solutions that have joined Arbitrum as technical partners include deBridge, HashFlow, Hop Protocol, and Celer.

DeFi enthusiasts will also benefit immensely from the new solution, especially those that will be using the bridge. The developers noted that those that will utilize the bridge with the most wallets bridging into Arbitrum will be qualified for NFT airdrop.

DeFi enthusiasts will be able to use bridge solutions; those that ended up using the bridge that had the most wallets bridging into Arbitrum will be eligible for an NFT airdrop. Users that bridge ETH to Arbitrum via the cross-bridge within a week will also be qualified for NFT at the end of the week.

Arbitrum holds a 50% share of all L2s’ TVL.

Additionally, the protocol has shown to be the most significant second-layer solution for ETH dApps. According to the statistics shared by the L2Beat project, the protocol still controls 50.68% of the TVL of all mainstream platforms.

Arbitrum Odyssey is an ecological experience reward system developed by Arbitrum, Ethereum’s extension program. It allows users to easily interact with the ecological protocol put in place by the reward system. The program gives users a series of rewards when they can complete tasks on the platform.

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