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Anthony Pompliano Fears Disastrous Consequences Of Fed Inflation Efforts

Anthony “Pomp” Pompliano of Morgan Creek has recently gone on record to say that the Federal Reserve’s ongoing attempts to keep inflation under control will most likely end with disaster. In the end, this will benefit Bitcoin overall.

The US Economy Will face Problems In The Long Run

As it stands now, the Fed is in the process of completing an annual policy review. While they do this, it’s reported that the Fed is planning to keep interest rates as they are until the inflation rate hits 2%. In a letter made on the 5th of August, 2020, aptly titled “The Wizards of the Federal Reserve,” Pomp went into detail about his opinions about the Fed’s efforts. According to Pomp, the Fed’s attempt to boost inflation will put it on a path that could end in disaster.

As an explanation, Pomp highlighted the near impossibility it is to manipulate the US economy with any form of subtlety, due to its very nature. This issue is only reinforced when you look at the rather lackluster success rate banks have had with inflation targets through the years. These banks have only managed to come within 10%, give or take, of their goals these past ten years.

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Adding To The Problem Instead Of Working Against It

According to Pomp, the worst-case scenario for these events, is the Fed managing to overshoot its inflation target as the economic problems worsen. This would result in the Fed needing to print more stimulus, but at the same time, they wouldn’t be capable of raising interest rates quickly enough to do so.

According to Pomp, this will cause the Fed to increase inflation rates at the very moment it needs to start blunting it. While Pomp himself really doesn’t want this scenario to be likely, he things its likelihood is surprisingly high, at the same time.

Everything But Fiat Is Go-To

As it stands now, Pomp has actively encouraged investors not to hoard cash, as the Fed’s current efforts will lead to the USD going down in value. In July, the ICE US Dollar Index, which measures the USD against six of its major rivals, showed a drop of 3.9% to 93.3 from its previous 97.2

Pomp, as a result of the Fed’s antics, is putting his money on gold, real estate, stocks, and Bitcoin. With its massive volatility levels, Pomp states that Bitcoin will be the one that gains the most out of it, in the long run.

The world is in a strange state of flux, as everyone tries, with varying degrees of success, to combat the rampant pandemic and the economic chaos it’s been wreaking across the globe.

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