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6 Crypto Presales That May Pump 10x on Launch

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Best Presale Crypto about to explode
Best Presale Crypto about to explode

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While still in the planning stages, some cryptocurrency projects sell tokens to potential investors. The term “pre-sale” describes this phase that occurs before the “initial coin offering” (ICO).

These are advantageous for both investors and developers, particularly if the project is successful and gains widespread acceptance.

Pre-sales of cryptocurrencies serve as platforms for crowdfunding by giving project creators the money they need to finish their work. It provides an opportunity for investors to purchase a cryptocurrency before it enters the market and increases in value.

It aids in the promotion of developers’ products and the dissemination of information about their ventures. When the ICO launches, the event is key in attracting investors.

Cryptocurrencies are a newer investment option, and as such, the market is less mature than more “conventional” asset classes like stocks and bonds. Since this is the case, the cryptocurrency industry is constantly seeing the introduction of novel and interesting initiatives, all vying for a piece of the pie now dominated by Bitcoin and Ethereum.

This article provides a comprehensive analysis of the top 6 crypto presale to invest in for 2022.

6 Top Crypto Presale For 2022

1. Battle Infinity

Presale financing for the NFT game platform Battle Infinity has surpassed its soft cap, generating $650,000 in only 8 days. As a gaming ecosystem, Battle Infinity offers a variety of player-versus-player (PvP) war games in a virtual arena called “The Battle Arena,” which is part of the larger Metaverse.

You may play, fight, and fully immerse yourself in the Battle Infinity environment. You may do all of these things and more in a virtual setting by visiting the Battle Arena.

Through the use of the metaverse and the blockchain, Battle Infinity creates a decentralised gaming experience where players and developers alike may take full control of their virtual assets inside a trustworthy and immutable environment. Battle Infinity offers its players a risk-free, boundless, and immersive experience.

Battle Infinity Presale

The $IBAT token, which is the native BEP-20 token for the Battle Infinity platform, is used to power the whole ecosystem. There will be a total of 10 billion $IBAT tokens in circulation, with 2 billion set aside for early backers. In addition to serving as a prize for competent play, $IBAT may be staked in the ‘Global Staking Pool,’ spent on digital billboard advertising, and bought with other cryptocurrencies.

Battle Infinity’s promising road plan makes it a strong contender for the title of greatest crypto presale of the year.

There will be frequent updates posted to the Battle Infinity Telegram channel, and plans for a PancakeSwap listing, dApp Alpha, and item shop debut are all outlined in this roadmap. In fact, the development team is so ambitious that they are thinking forward to the possibility of marketing to celebrities and selling NFT property.

Steps to Buy IBAT at Presale:

Step 1: Installing Crypto Wallet:

The most liked wallets for newcomers that are compatible with Binance Smart Chain are MetaMask and Trust Wallet. 30 million cryptocurrency investors use MetaMask to store their coins, DeFi coins, NFTs, and other Web3 assets. The official MetaMask website,, offers a wallet for the Chrome web browser.

Step 2: Purchasing Binance Coin:

Binance Coin (BNB), the native token of the Binance exchange, is often used for crypto swaps on the Binance Smart Chain; here, the BNB purchased will be switched for IBAT at a later date.

Your best bet is to purchase BNB on one of the several cryptocurrency exchanges included in our comprehensive buying guide. Send the BNB to your new MetaMask wallet address.

Step 3: Linking Crypto Wallet to BSC:

MetaMask connects by default to Ethereum and to use the Binance Smart chain, you must change this setting. After installing MetaMask, go to the wallet’s settings by clicking “Add Network”.

Step 4: Register Your Payment Method:

To participate in the preorder of Battle Infinity, go to the dashboard and choose “Connect Wallet” in the upper right corner. Simply choose MetaMask from the resulting menu. On October 10, 2022, the Battle Infinity pre-order period will finish after 90 days. Each IBAT token may be purchased with 1 BNB.

Step 5: Purchase IBAT:

After successfully connecting, your wallet’s status will be shown in the input areas lower down the page. Put in the precise number of Binance Coins (BNB) you want to exchange, or the number of IBAT you wish to purchase.

When you change one input field, the other one refreshes itself. The ‘Buy IBAT’ button should be used when one is ready to make an IBAT purchase. If you were recommended, please provide the wallet address of your referring buddy. Consumers may become affiliates and earn IBAT tokens by recommending the token to other buyers.

Step 6: Address for the Contract of Importing IBAT Tokens:

In order to access your newly acquired IBAT tokens in your wallet, you must give MetaMask the contract address for this new token by selecting “Import Tokens” and entering the IBAT contract address. You may also find this URL on the Battle Infinity presale control panel.

Visit IBAT Pre-sale Now

Your Capital is at risk

2. Lucky Block v2

Lucky Block is one of the most promising new cryptocurrencies as it is backed by a strong mission. At the beginning of 2022, it emerged as one of the finest crypto presales due to its alluring promise of frequent prize drawings for its subscribers. Lucky Block’s platform is hosted on Binance’s Smart Chain (BSC), making it completely decentralised and eliminating regional barriers to entry.

Although Lucky Block has already completed its pre-sale months back, the 2nd version of LuckyBlock or Lucky Block v2 is going to be on pre-sale in the coming time.

Unlike version one, it will be launched on Centralized exchanges and will be more suitable for day trading and speculation. It is expected to be listed on many Centralized exchanges going forward, so the token prices are expected to see an uptick.

Buy Lucky block

Overall, Lucky Block is one of the finest cryptocurrencies to purchase for less than $1 due to its low price and high value. In the past, several lotteries used to keep the money from tickets sold rather than giving it to the winners.

Consequently, the players were receiving poor value. Lucky Block, on the other hand, improved players’ prospects by channeling a greater share of revenue towards jackpot payouts. It regularly organizes interesting events, and more info about those can be taken from the official website.

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Your Capital is at risk

3. CrimeCoin

Some cryptos come with unique use cases and philosophy and CrimeCoin is one of them.

As per CoinSniper, this coin represents the ‘most popular crime bosses in the US’ along with the Criminal Justice Events.

It should be bought by anyone interested in memes, learning about the crime bosses and anyone interested in knowing more about US history.

Crimecoin crypto presale

The best thing about the Pre-sale is that it is KYC verified on, which is a big deal.

The pre-sale of this token started in June and is set to end on 15th September, 2022. As of now, 51% of the presale is filled and minimum contribution to participate is 0.1 BNB, and the maximum being 1 BNB.

The project has received 23000+ votes on Coinsniper as of now and it is expected the token may see a significant price uptick on its launch.

4. EstateX

This cryptocurrency was designed to improve the efficiency of the property market by facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers. This one will allow you to collaborate with other users on the site to get a stake in a property. Lots of people are interested in the EstateX token, a cryptocurrency that was just released.

More than 5,800 people have followed their Twitter account because of its focus on real estate. Shortly, people will be able to buy and sell these property portions. Also with an expected 1.5 trillion euros in 2024, the “tokenized” real estate market seems promising.

estateX crypto presale

The $ESX Token is the backbone of the EstateX Economy, serving as a universal utility token for a broad variety of applications. They are changing the future of real estate investment and speeding up the release of the EstateX Solution, and the $ESX Token Presale is your chance to get in on the ground floor of this revolution.

A small quantity of $ESX Tokens will be made accessible to the community at a reduced price before their anticipated Exchange Listing later this year. You may only participate in the $ESX Token Presale if you are on the whitelist.

5. Neki

If you’re a cat person and believe that year 2023 is the year of ‘cats’, then this community token named Neki is for you.

As per the official website, its mission is to become the biggest crypto community for cat fans and crypto enthusiasts.

The name Neki loosely translates to ‘Good fortune and Happiness’, and it is hoped the token will bring these values into the life of a Neki Holder.

In the future, the team will also bring merchandise and Neki NFTs to support the project. The NFT will be available on Opensea and only 500 NFTs will be minted during Q4 of 2022.

Neki Presale

The team is also launching the stylish Neki Keychain QR wallets that come with contactless NFT payments and can be connected with the Neki App via Bluetooth for easy, secure and ultra-fast payments.

Many features of the wallet are described on the website and can be checked out by clicking here.

Talking about the tokenomics part, the team believes in a fair launch and presale process, so there won’t be any preferential tokens, no venture capital, and it will come with a limited supply of 10 million tokens.

Regarding the safety and security part, the launch is designed keeping these two factors in mind. Neki’s contract is also audited by Coin App and Solidproof. At last, the team is also KYC verified by InterFi.

The presale of Neki tokens will start on 22 July, 2022 and it is expected that the token will see an uptick in price because of the unique idea and community creation initiative by Neki team.

6. Leshy Inu

Leshy Inu is one of the year’s most successful cryptocurrency pre-sales. Leshy Inu hopes to cash in on the viral popularity of Shiba Inu coins by appealing to buyers of the same brand.

It is a token based on the BEP-20 protocol, and aims to capitalise on the large ‘Inu’ token community while also providing useful features. Swapping, staking, farming, and referrals are just some of the DeFi features included into the Leshy Inu platform.

Leshy Inu’s native token, $LES, is used for these services. There will be a total of 10 trillion tokens in circulation, but 90% of them will be destroyed by burning, making $LES a deflationary asset. Investors may still participate in the current presale of the $LES tokens on the Leshy Inu website.

Leshy Inu presale worth buying

Three percent of all token purchases will be given to charity once the Leshy Inu ecosystem is live, and half a percent of the entire supply will be airdropped to other holders. Lastly, the development strategy for Leshy Inu includes intriguing ambitions including a lottery and a special NFT collection.

Participants in the $LES Token ecosystem are incentivized to earn tokens safely and securely thanks to revenue sharing through the traditional AMM model, introduced by the LeshyInu protocol. As all new features are set to appear on their next project, it offers a stage for trading, staking, farming, referring, and winning.

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Your Capital is at risk

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