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Yuan Pay Crypto Review 2021 – Is the crypto platform worth your money?

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

A new crypto token known as the e-Yuan has gone viral in the last few months. This is after a report emerged suggesting that the government of China backs it.

The crypto is issued by Yuan Pay Group, a payment processing company with over 20 years of industry experience. This company was allegedly contracted by the government of China to develop state-controlled crypto.

The e-Yuan private sale is in progress with a target of $1.5 billion. Investors who buy this token during the private sale will reportedly reap big in the public sale. An investment of $250 only today may supposedly grow to $1.2 million in the next few months.

But is Yuan Pay App legit? We have done the due diligence for you and prepared this Yuan Pay Group review to help you decide.

yuan pay group review

Yuan Pay Crypto Review Summary

The ongoing private sale of the e-Yuan is attracting a lot of media attention. Rumour has it that China backs this crypto.

In 2018, China banned all cryptocurrencies and announced that it would be introducing state-controlled crypto. A lot of media outlets are reporting that the e-Yuan is the state-backed crypto. Chinese state officials have given a hint of launching the state-backed crypto.

However, they are yet to release an official statement recognizing Yuan Pay Group as its implementing partner. Yuan Pay Group is a well-known payment processing company, and therefore it’s unlikely that they can lie.

Like all other cryptocurrencies, the e-Yuan will go through the private sale and the public sale. The private sale is ongoing and has already raised over $1 billion out of the target $1.5 billion. Investors who get an investment slot in the private sale will reportedly enjoy insane profits on the public sale.

The e-Yuan is currently selling at $10 per coin. You need to invest at least $250 for ten e-Yuan coins. The e-Yuan is expected to rise to a whopping $50,000 during the public sale. This means that the $250 investment will be worth $1.25 million.

China is a world leader when it comes to payment technologies adoption. The e-Yuan is likely to become the favourite payment method in China. This will make it more popular than bitcoin. Visit the Yuan Pay Group website through the link below to learn more about the private sale.

What is Yuan Pay Group App?

The Yuan Pay App is a mobile app issued by Yuan Pay Group to help you manage your e-Yuan wallet. You can also monitor your wallet through the highly intuitive Yuan Pay Group web platform.

However, the Yuan Pay App is the most popular. It allows users to perform all functions on their wallets, yuan pay group eyuanincluding exchanging their e-Yuan holdings with crypto or fiat. However, this function is currently inactive. It will be activated as soon as the public sale is open.

You will need to hold your e-Yuan coins until the public sale. As mentioned earlier, the e-Yuan is selling at $10 per coin during the private sale. The price is expected to rise to as high as $50,000 during the public sale.

When this happens, private sale investors will earn crazy profits. A small investment of $250 today will reportedly grow to $1.25 during the public sale. The e-Yuan is expected to hit $100k per coin by 2022.

This means that investors who hold their e-Yuan past the public sale may reportedly earn up to $5 million in the next few years.

Yuan Pay Group explains the concept behind the e-Yuan in its white paper, which can be downloaded from its website. According to the white paper, there will be over 700 million regular e-Yuan users in China alone.

The e-Yuan is anticipated to also rank high in global markets and take over bitcoin as the most popular crypto.  Analysts are predicting that bitcoin will hit $100k by 2022 and hence it will remain a strong competitor of the e-Yuan.

Is Yuan Pay App a scam – Expert Viewpoint!

We have put Yuan Pay App under the microscope to determine whether the government of China backs it. As mentioned earlier, Yuan Pay Group is a reputable global provider of e-payment solutions.

It’s therefore unlikely that this company would promote a scam. Yuan Pay Group has experience working with governments having implemented various e-payment solutions in Europe, Asia and Africa.

This Chinese company has also worked with the government of China on other projects. It’s highly likely that the e-Yuan crypto project is state-backed and the government of China has chosen Yuan Pay Group to implement it.

yuan pay members and visitors

As mentioned earlier, state officials have given hints of a potential partnership with Yuan Pay Group to provide a crypto payment solution for the people of China.

Another important mark of the Yuan Pay App legitimacy is its comprehensive white paper. The white paper discusses all the aspects of the digital coin and its implementation plan. There are hundreds of expert reviews discussing the technical aspects of the e-Yuan coin.

The e-Yuan private sale is ongoing and has raised $800 million out of the $1.5 billion target. You can still participate in the private sale by investing at least $250. The opportunity may not last, and it’s therefore important that you act now. Follow the steps below to invest.

Sign up for free on Yuan Pay Group website

Visit Yuan Pay Group website by clicking here and registering for free. You will need to confirm contact details and create a strong password.

Click next to be matched with the broker designated to handle transactions on behalf of Yuan Pay Group. You will need to provide additional identifying information and verify ID with the broker.

ID verification is an investment regulatory requirement that must be observed by all institutions handling deposits from the public. Yuan Pay Group has a reputation for handling clients’ information in strict confidentiality. 

Deposit a minimum of $250 through the broker

You need to invest at least $250 to participate in the ongoing Yuan Pay Group private sale. The e-Yuan is valued at $10, and therefore, an investment of $250 translates to 25 coins.

As mentioned previously, the value of e-Yuan is expected to go up to $50,000 during the public sale. Yuan Pay Group predicts that the public sale will start in July next year. 

This implies that those who get a chance to invest $250 today may earn up to $1.25 million by next year. You can invest more, but given the limited slots, you may not be allowed to invest more than $1000.

You can buy e-Yuan through any debit and credit card, wire transfer, e-wallets such as Skrill, and some crypto wallets.

Receive your e-Yuan coins in your Yuan Pay App wallet

You will receive your e-Yuan coins in your wallet after deposit. You can manage your wallet on the web through the highly intuitive Yuan Group web platform.

The web platform is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari. It’s accessible on mobile and desktop devices. You can install the HTML5 web version in your mobile devices as a hybrid app.

Yua nPay Group also provides a native iOS/Android mobile app. The app comes with all features of the web-trader. You must be a registered user to download this app. 

As mentioned earlier, investors should hold their e-Yuan coins until the public sale. The price of e-Yuan is expected to shoot to the stars in the coming months. Investors who commit the minimum $250 may grow their investment to about $2.25 million by July next year.

Yuan Pay Group review: The Verdict!

We find Yuan Pay to be a worthy investment for anyone looking for a fast way to grow their money. Thisyuan pay group benefits project is reportedly backed by the government of China and is therefore completely stable.

Yuan Pay Group is an experienced payment processing company. The company has reportedly been contracted by China to build state-backed crypto. In May 2020, the company launched a coin known as the e-Yuan. 

This crypto will reportedly become the official crypto payment method for China. Yuan Pay Group is already raising money in a private sale. You can participate in the sale by clicking the link below and depositing at least USD250 through the assigned broker.

A deposit of USD250 may reportedly turn you into a millionaire in` the next few months. The e-Yuan value is expected to go through the roof in the coming months during the public sale. You can learn more by visiting the Yuan Pay Group website through the link below.


Is Yuan Pay App legit?

We have done rigorous testing on the e-Yuan project and concluded that it’s legit. The Yuan Pay Group is a reputable company with years of experience in the payment processing arena. There is also substantial evidence indicating that this is the official state-backed crypto for China.

How much should I invest in the e-Yuan private sale?

You can invest up to $10,000, but the minimum amount is $250. The private sale is nearing an end, and hence investors may not be allowed to invest more than $1k.

How do I register with Yuan Pay App?

Visit Yuan Pay Group website and sign up a free account. You will be assigned to a broker and required to verify ID and deposit the minimum capital with them. After depositing, you will receive a link in your email with instructions on setting up an e-Yuan wallet.