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Whales are Predicting This Cryptocurrency to Explode 100x by 2023

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.

Cryptocurrency to Explode
Cryptocurrency to Explode

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2022 has been the year for utility-centric cryptos that are answering people’s need for cryptocurrencies that have more value than just being another “financial instrument”. Dash2Trade is one such example since it has successfully raised over $10.5 million, and whales believe that the cryptocurrency could be headed for a potential 10x once it gets listed on exchanges. But wait, there’s more to it than listing gains. 

Dash 2 Trade is a great crypto intel platform that aims to make it easy for all types of traders to analyze the cryptocurrency market. It aims to make the services affordable, making itself the “Bloomberg terminal of crypto” that’s accessible to just about everyone. If you are interested in the presale, visit today.

How Does D2T Works And Why Investors Need It 

The recent crisis brought about by FTX’s questionable practices has raised a wave of skepticism among investors, making cryptocurrency investments more thorough than it previously was. Experienced traders, as well as beginners, rely on software that helps them select cryptocurrencies for investment, and D2T is just the solution for everyone. 

D2T uses sophisticated algorithms that enable it to access and process data, which can further provide real-time information on the projects they’re searching for. This level of sophistication and ease is absent in most crypto exchanges and trading platforms, making D2T an ideal choice for investors willing to base their trades on analytical information. 

Among other things, portfolio tracking is a feature on the platform that enables users to track portfolios and trades of whales, and since whales are so interested in the platform given the fact that the platform has raised over $400k in under 24 hours, users can study from the investing patterns of a lot of whales before investing. 

In addition to this, the platform also has a trading bot that can automatically execute trades without having to make them manually. This will also help traders maintain a portfolio with certain specifications without constant manual intervention. 

What’s more? The user interface on the platform will be super friendly, especially comfortable for beginners, without any compromise on the details. It will also display the social media metrics of a crypto project, to help gauge the community engagement a project has achieved. 

D2T will charge its users through a subscription model that’ll involve three tiers, each suitable to a user’s needs and convenience. 

What Makes Dash2Trade Stand Out 

Dash2Trade is different from a lot of traditional platforms in several ways since it integrates a lot of features that are quite new to the crypto trading ecosystem. Here are a few that are noteworthy. 

On-Chain Analysis: D2T provides users with on-chain analysis features such as well as a set of other indicators which can help track market sentiment, and the price movement of a cryptocurrency in real-time. 

Auto-trading: D2T users will be able to automate their trade by linking orders to their broker’s API and get a review of how these automated trading strategies are performing. So, not only does this eliminate the need to make manual trades, but also brings to notice anything wrong with a trading strategy. 

Presale Notifications: Investors are constantly on their toes for finding the next investment opportunities and given the recent line of successful presales, it can be fair to conclude that these presales make one of the best trading opportunities in crypto trading. D2T has a feature where it will notify users of any upcoming presales as well as provide a rating system that’ll help identify the legitimacy of a crypto project. 

Subscriptions: Considering that every investor has different needs from a platform, D2T will be available in three subscription models, each with a different set of features. The bottom tier will start at 400 D2T a month, while the premium one will cost 1000 D2T tokens. 

D2T Token: D2T tokens are integral to the Dash2Trade ecosystem and have a lot of utility on the platform. Users need to own and transact in these tokens to gain access to the platform such as the subscription as well as other specific features that are paid for independently. D2T quite literally powers the Dash2Trade platform and is therefore a superior token when compared to other crypto platform tokens in the market. 

D2T Presale- Too Late To Invest? 

The D2T presale was supposed to continue for a lot longer, however, the recent FTX event has created a need for a reliable platform that can help investors with their trading decisions. The platform will now sell fewer tokens, in fewer stages than previously planned. 

Initially, the project had the plan to sell 665 million tokens in 9 presales while now, they will be selling 262.5 over 4 presales. Once the platform is up and running, it will be easier for investors to detect scams and stay away from risky projects. 

D2T will be concluding their presale in 11 days and they’ve raised over 81% of its target goal for the presale. The D2T token is available to purchase for $0.0533 and the first CEX launch for the token will go live on Jan 11, 2023. Going by the prediction of many whales, the token is likely to explode and give investors a return of up to 100x. 

By integrating highly advanced tools supported by AI, D2T promises to change the landscape of crypto trading, making it one of the best crypto projects to invest in right now. Visit the official Dash 2 Trade website and read the whitepaper if you want to know more about it – but don’t tarry any longer, the presale is going fast and the next year is going to be big for this crypto.

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