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Watchdog Capital Launches Securities Offering Platform

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Watchdog Capital, a ” U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission registered broker-dealer and a member of FINRA,” has launched a securities offering platform, a press release notes.

The group, which is a big fan of cryptocurrencies as well as more traditional assets, realizes the potential blockchain has for the world. This new platform ensures that “issuers of securities to post their offerings and list their offerings for sale and allows investors to invest in those offerings,” and that this fundraising is “compatible with a variety of securities including startups to mature businesses and in industries ranging from technology and blockchain financial services to retail, gaming, real estate, and other industries.”

The platform will exist as a space for investors and issues to work together to achieve their own goals. Companies can attract more investors, and those investors can find more projects to profit off.

Speaking on the matter is Bruce Fenton, a registered member with Watchdog Capital, who said:

“Changes in the securities markets as well as developments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, DeFi and securities tokens are accelerating. There is convergence with the established securities industry and new decentralized technologies. Venture capital, investment banking and crowdfunding are also undergoing transformation. There is a great need for capital and business formation in the United States and many new securities structures, business models and business plans are emerging as the world is changing.”

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