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VeChain’s VeriArti to launch beta version of the Vulcan Marketplace

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VeChain [VET]
VeChain [VET]

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VeriArt, a VeChain-based marketplace, recently announced plans to launch its Vulcan Marketplace’s beta. The move is currently scheduled for August 6th, which is in three days. Alongside Vulcan itself, VeriArti will also launch 10 NFTs.

What is Vulcan Marketplace going to be like?

As some may already know, Vulcan is imagined to be a major hub for dApps. It will act as a marketplace, as well as a website where various updates will be posted and discussed.

It will also be the place where dApp creators will be able to create their own digital tokens. However, Vulcan will not need cryptos in order to create dApps. There will also be no transaction fees, or gas, such is the case with Ethereum.

It will simply act as a user-friendly place for anyone with the idea that they feel might be worth exploring and giving it shape.

Vulcan made this possible by creating API keys that each dApp will use. Each of the keys is unique, and it will allow for differentiation between different projects, based on the tokens.

Anyone who might be interested in joining the upcoming marketplace early can make the first step towards it by linking their Comet portfolio. This early on, there are only four artists that will be a part of the beta version. Not much else is known, but more information will arrive following the launch.

Vulcan itself started testing less than a month ago, around July 10th. The Vulcan Forged CEO stated that this is a big milestone for the VeChain ecosystem, as well as the platform itself. Lastly, the CEO also stated that any NFT in VeChainThor ecosystem will be eligible for purchase, sale, transfers, or auctions.

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