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Top Trending Crypto Coins on DEXTools – XBOT, panKUKU, Bitrock

Don’t invest unless prepared to lose all the money you invest. This is a high-risk investment, you shouldn’t expect to be protected if something goes wrong.


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The global stock market is currently trading higher, howbeit, with caution. The dollar also gained a little and oil prices rose. Traders, on the other hand, are looking ahead to earning reports from corporate firms like Amazon and Apple. The jobs report from the US is also due this week. 

Shares in Europe rose modestly following the fall of inflation in the Eurozone this month. It may stem from the fact that most measures responsible for underlying price increases are equally eased. This is a comfortable sign for the European Central Bank while it looks to bring its interest rate cycle to an end. 

But the crypto market has slid into the red zone from the little margin it gained earlier on Monday. The early hours of Monday gave some hope that the crypto market was beginning an uptick. It seems that investors’ aloofness is getting the better part of the market.

The trending cryptos on DEXTools are also dotted with red numbers to show the market’s state.


The XBOT network is working to provide a secure and privacy-oriented platform. This need is becoming the major drive of most crypto projects as more people seek to keep their on-chain transactions private. That is why platforms like Zcash and Monero have gained ground in the privacy space token space.

In XBOT’s ecosystem, the platform says rewards are directly proportional to the number of tokens individual holders have in their custody. According to the plan, holders will get up to 40% of the total transaction fees, as well as 1% of the trading volume. The said rewards are calculated every 2 hours and they can be claimed after 24 hours.

But certain practices may lead to holders forfeiting their revenue shares. These practices include moving over 200 XBOT tokens around every 2 hours. Holders must have at least 50 XBOT tokens in their custody in order to be eligible to receive these rewards. 

Most tokens of this kind rely on the holding power of their community to prevent inflationary pressures. The less they move around, the more value they will have among holders. The network will have to implement a burn mechanism as time goes on. Until then, traders can swing into an accumulation mood but are advised to proceed with caution.

2. panKUKU (KUKU)

The new decentralized exchange, panKUKU is out to serve as a decentralized platform where all user needs will be met. It also has its native token, KUKU, running on the Binance Smart Chain, making it a BEP-20 token.

The most important feature of the KUKU token is that it serves as a utility token on the platform’s e-commerce platform. As a means of settlement there, KUKU is beginning to garner relevance and with time, its utility could spread to other Binance Smart Chain outlets.

Apart from serving as a settlement token, KUKU can also be used for staking on the platform. It is also useful for minting NFT, as well as playing the lottery.

Interestingly, the panKUKU network has a range of other products which include KUKU Swap; this is an automated market maker. Another product is the “Farms” where users can stake LP and position themselves to earn more KUKU. a third product is the “Pools” where users stake KUKU tokens so they can get high KUKU yields. 

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Furthermore, there is the KUKU Lotto which serves as a place for barter lotteries. Importantly, there is the NFT marketplace where NFTs are minted, listed, and sold. Another one like it is the KUKU shop which is an e-commerce platform, and where users can pay with cryptocurrencies.

3. Bitrock (BITROCK)

Bitrock is built on the Ethereum network as a sidechain. It runs on the Proof of Authority. The network requires an almost zero gas fee to run transactions. Bitrock will also have a special multichain decentralized exchange swap aside from having a secure, scalable, and fast infrastructure. 

The decentralized exchange swap will help crypto holders trade their assets directly without needing the native tokens of the decentralized exchanges. They will neither have to hold the native tokens of the decentralized exchange nor pay gas fees in those tokens. All of these can be done via Bitrock’s native multichain decentralized exchange. Any gas fee that comes up can be equalized from other blockchains and paid with BITROCK.

Multichain access and interoperability are some of the latest innovations many blockchains are working on. The ability of any network to communicate and transact with others really sets it apart and shows it is ready for business in the web3 world.

4. BetBot (BBOT)

Another exciting project coming from the web3 arena is BetBot and its native token, BBOT. the project is bringing the thrill of sports betting directly to people’s Telegram apps. Essentially, it is a crypto and casino in one wrap. It promises to come with new fun games every day with a lot of prizes for winners.

BetBot is for users who always want to take a shot at big things and see if they can hit it big. It offers users an opportunity to participate in a big draw every week. The way to be part of this is for users to hold BBOT tokens and they simply become eligible.

For those seeking to earn higher prizes, there is a premium lottery for them to enter once every week. But it goes strictly to those who hold 0.1% and more.

BetBot will also redistribute profits made to stakers every week. In fact, the more users stake, the bigger they earn.

5. Pepechain Token (PC)

The Pepechain is an Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible protocol that utilizes PEPE as its gas token. The network has an ultra-fast transaction speed and high scalability functions. Resolving these two problems of the blockchain puts any crypto asset directly in line to be a top trending crypto.

The Pepechain is also used to facilitate the interoperability of smart contracts and decentralized apps. It also makes sure that the process of their integration is as seamless as it can be.

The network goes further to make sure that it supports immutability and security. Thus, all users’ assets are firmly secured. The rich consensus platform Pepechain is built on helps to ensure this.

Since it embraces interoperability, the Pepechain makes it possible to easily communicate with other chains. It, then, places an important role in fostering an inclusive and closely connected blockchain network.

While it is designed to be a scalable and self-sustaining network, there is a total supply of 420.69 trillion PC tokens. PC and PEPE are the two lead tokens of the Pepechain network. PC is the governance token that enables holders to participate in decision-making. PEPE, on the other hand, is just used for gas fees.

Investors are welcome to join the network in building the future of decentralized finance as it sees it. It also aims to launch a new dispensation of blockchain innovations.

What Might Be The Next Top Trending Crypto?

The crypto market is still buzzing over the wonder that is Wall Street Memes. The project is now close to $19 million to become one of the fastest-growing presales this year. Investors are trooping into it as it shows signs that it is going to be the next trending crypto and for a long time at that. They look forward to it providing yields as high as 200x.

In the midst of the struggle to find such promising projects, Wall Street Memes combines memes culture with finance humor. The move is driving investment into the project as it provides an atmosphere of ease in the midst of financial chaos.

Wall Street Memes have received attention from influencers in the space. People like Elon Musk have endorsed it and it helped the project to gain more traction. The billionaire has been making comments randomly on memes from the project. It usually sparks discussion and speculation that he is about to adopt it in some way.

The moves around Wall Street Memes inspire more investors and build their confidence. You too should join them.

Visit Wall Street Memes.

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